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					My Story
I woke up by the little strands of light falling on my eyes which brought me back to reality, it was
good to be back because my reality was much more intresting and exciting than a dream…

Coming back to reality IT WAS TIME FOR SCHOOL.. it was already 8.30am and within 1hr I should
get to school. You may think why should I need one hour to get to school its just that I need more
than 30min in toilet, Dont get the wrong idea that I have some problem with my bowel movements..
I like to sit in toilet and hear music its not that I like that.. I have no other option if I sit with the
headsets In my ear my dads gonna kill me.. According to him morning was the best time to study
but according to me it was the best time to sleep.

I told you my life was exciting and intresting.. I guess u would be intrested to know why! I don’t
think anybody in the 21st century is gonna say that their lifes better than a dream.. My lifes is near
to perfect.. I think I have all the things which a 17year old boy could wish for! A son of reputed
parents, Two brothers with whom he would die to be together all the time.. and a bunch of friends
with whom he would die laughing.. and above all that a dream girl, one in a million.. to love.. to die
for and for whom its worth living..

You may think what is going to happen this perfect little life.. Anything can happen to anyone
.. Gods grow jealous of this perfection so they add a little misperfection to it! Oops I am getting to
the end.. I might get the story going.. so I was getting ready for school..

Suddenly a meterior fall on earth and its such a disaster.. such a catastrophie the story ENDS!

Just kidding..

As usual I went to toilet and within minutes a calling Alwinnnnn from my dad.. I knew why would
he be calling.. Vipin .. he was ready for school and was waiting for me in my sitout.. OH OHH !! what
would I do I went out with a turkey covering the main parts of my sexual organs and told him that
he may go.. but he told he would wait.. he is my best friend that’s what best friends are for .. ! I don’t
mean that best friends are for waiting .. I mean they do things for others and waiting is one of them!

 After my bath I always think of getting dressed up faster. But unfortunately I don’t have my clothes
in my hand reach.. and because of than vipin would have to wait long..

When I see him he makes an astonishing face and asks “Alwin how come you dressed up within
seconds you are great !!”

He is making fun of me and the bitter thing is that if I reply “I know am great” his reply is going get u
sucked up.. One thing about him always make me think “how come he can be good at arguing?”

Its not that he aint good at anything else.. [to be contd..]

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