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									Chairman’s profile
Hugh Sharp recently moved to Bexhill.

He is a former Chief Economic Advisor to Sheffield City Council, following a
career in the civil service.

He has produced challenging papers on the interaction of public transport and
urban regeneration. Hugh says "I was impressed by BRAG’s representations
and am pleased to offer my services in the capacity as Chairman".

Deputy Chairman’s profile
Brian Hord CBE was the founder and first Chairman of BRAG.

A chartered surveyor by training, Brian has a long history of public service. He
has served as a Member of the European Parliament and he was Chairman of
a health authority for six years.

Brian served on the London Regional Passengers' Committee for four years
and was Chairman of Sevenoaks Rail Travellers' Association before moving
to Bexhill.

Secretary’s profile
Andy Black works in the transport industry and is a regular commuter.

Treasurer’s profile
Martin Woodfine had the dubious pleasure of commuting from Hastings to
Croydon for 19 years. Martin acknowledges that many improvements have
been made over recent years, but thinks some are cosmetic and there are
deep-rooted issues still to be addressed.

Research & Inter-Group Liaison officer profile
Ray Chapman moved to Hastings in 2003 and travels by rail often to London,
Cardiff and Paris for work commitments in the Travel & Technology Sector.
Ray has worked in the Travel and Transport Sector since 1989 including roles
at Arriva and The National Express Group. In 2004 Ray graduated with a
Masters in Strategic Marketing Management & Research Analysis at Kingston
University, London Business School. He also has an Advanced Diploma in
Travel, Transport and Tourism (Windsor & Maidenhead). He also has
experience of travelling by train to Hastings by train since the mid 1970s to
visit family and relatives in the area. He is extremely passionate in
encouraging consumer usage of rail services over the motor car, realising the
green credentials to drive responsible travel. Ray is also keen to assist the rail
operator franchises in optimizing their network, to deliver a great service
coupled with achieving profit and revenue, to reinvest back into infrastructure
and make rail an attractive investment. BRAG is pleased to have the benefit
of Ray's experience and expertise as part of our growing team.

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