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					  International Fair of Products, Equipment, Services and Technology for Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Clinics and Medical Offices

                              Hospitalar 2010: international visits
                         increased 22% and added up to 54 countries

Final data analysis of HOSPITALAR 2010 shows that the fair recorded increase in the number of professional
visitors, particularly from abroad. With a total of 89,000 visits in four days, the general movement was 4% larger
than the 2009 edition. In the international area, however, the presence of buyers was 22% larger, representing 54

With a warmed up market and the high qualification of visitors, the exhibitors also recorded growth in the volume of
immediate business and prospected deals with hospitals, clinics and laboratories from all over Brazil and from
abroad. They were around R$ 5.3 billion, with an increase of 10% over 2009 performance.

The 17th edition of HOSPITALAR Fair and Forum, held from May 25 to 28, in São Paulo, broke its own records.
The event fully occupied the 5 exhibition halls of Expo Center Norte, where 1,250 exhibitors (among which there
were 505 foreign companies), showcased the state-of-the-art in the world in terms of products, equipment and
services for healthcare.

Considered to be the great “thermometer” of the health sector in Brazil, whose total movement represents over 8%
of the GDP, the fair has grown nearly 20% a year over the last three editions. Exhibitors highlight that the
movement of the 2010 edition “was the best of the last few years” and the visitors’ profile was “extremely
professional and representative of the whole healthcare chain”.

Reference event in a market that continues warmed up due to hospitals’ high investments in expansion,
modernization and vertical integration of its activities, HOSPITALAR also works as a business platform for
worldwide suppliers to reach buyers from Latin America. Suffice to say that, among the 15 countries that were
mostly represented by visitors in the last edition, 12 were Latin American: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia,
Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

But the area of influence of the event is much larger, this has been proved by the diversity of visiting countries:
Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, USA, Indonesia, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Saudi
Arabia, Angola, England, Pakistan and many others.

Besides its obvious commercial strength, the HOSPITALAR fair has gained projection over the last few years
thanks to its Management Forum, represented in this edition by nearly 60 joint events. There were conferences,
seminars and sector meetings that attracted elite of thinkers, strategists and managers of the public and private
health, engaged in the presentation and debate of new proposals for the development of the sector and
democratization of health care.

The medical doctor and entrepreneur Waleska Santos, founder and President of HOSPITALAR, affirms that the
event is already consolidated as reference for suppliers, buyers and sector leaders worldwide, which is also result
of a continuous and intensive promotion of the fair in the global market. She also draws attention the excellent
phase Brazil is going through added to the highly positive moment of national health as factors that contribute,
very much, for the increasing success of HOSPITALAR. The growth of Brazilian’s GDP, which is currently one of
the highest in the world, reflects with even more strength in the health sector with notable investments, both in
public and private areas. Besides, the Brazilian industry also consolidates in the worldwide market as a supplier of
quality products. And HOSPITALAR 2010 has shown exactly all this strength of the industry and the services
sector, which continue indicating a strong pace of growth for the next years. It is important to note the
consolidation of the leadership of our health sector in every Latin America country.

What the exhibitors said
Reynaldo Goto, Manager of Strategic Marketing at Siemens, says that the sales demands were much higher than
in 2009. “We were positively surprised by the number of visitors from all Latin America. This fair has also become
reference in the continent.”

Fanem, Brazilian leading manufacturer of neonatology products, finished their participation in HOSPITALAR 2010
with US$ 828 thousand (R$ 1.5 million) in closed deals. “But we expect to reach US$ 2.5 million (R$ 4.5 million) in
sales over the next few months as consequence of the business contacts we’ve made throughout the event”, said
Djalma Rodrigues, Industrial Manager.

Responsible for the organization of the Contemporary Hospital, space that presents new concepts and proposals
for the healthcare market, the entrepreneur Lauro Miquelin (L+M Gets) received over 4 thousand visitors in his
their booth. “We closed 110% more deals during the fair than last edition”, he said.

Two companies that debuted at the fair this year also reported good results: Input Center, from the IT sector,
received about 2,500 clients a day at their booth, “95% with intention of buying”, said the Marketing Manager
Jonas Shartener; as for Karsten, manufacturer of bed and bath from Santa Catarina (Southern region of Brazil), it
brought to the event its line of products for the health market and made contacts with buyers from Argentina, Peru,
Bolivia, India, Germany and France.

Quality and price of the Brazilian production attract buyers
Importers from Egypt and Algeria visiting HOSPITALAR 2010 highlighted that the quality of hospital products
produced in Brazil has improved a lot and is already competitive in the worldwide market.
Ahmed Farouk, Manager of the Egyptian company Medical Technology, came to the fair in search of equipment
for the areas of vascular surgery and cardiology, in addition to products for peripheral interventions, general
surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.

“We have met many companies with good chances of supplying our market. The Brazilian companies have begun
to show a superior quality and have good chances of competing with the European and American prices”.

Seeking physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices, the Director of the Algerian company 2A2 Medicalys, Aichaoui
Abdenour, came for the first time to Brazil for business. He became interested in products from the Brazilian
companies Carci and Ibramed and, after the fair, he would visit their factories to continue the negotiation. The
representative of Carci, Persio de Almeida, said that the company has already sold to the Arab Emirates, Tunisia,
Sudan, Egypt, Jordan and Syria and he believes that the Arab market may bring even more business

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