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					                                               Nov 17th, 2008

     Naming Compounds

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
                 -William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet-
             What is name ?

• NaCl                  • HCl
  (Sodium                 Hydrogen
• CaCl2                   Chloride
  Calsium               • CO2 Carbon
• AlCl3
  (Aluminium            • PCl3
  Chloride)                 phosphorus
•   FeCl3 ( Iron(III)       trichloride
    chloride)           •   Covalents
Ionic compound
             Ionic Compounds
Rules for naming (metal with 1 valence):
•Metal (+ ion) comes 1st, then the nonmetals
•Nonmetals names end in -ide. Example: chloride, iodide,

Try this :
NaCl =
         Sodium Chloride
KI   =
         potassium iodide
        Ionic Compounds
Rules for naming (metals with multiple
   valence) :
 • The valence of the metal is indicated in
   brackets using roman numerals
• E.g. Cu+ is copper(I), Cu2+ is copper(II)
• Numbers refer to valences not to
   numbers of atoms
      Compounds containing
        polyatomic ions
• “Polyatomic ions” are groups of atoms that
  interact as a single unit. (see p77)
• E.g.OH-,SO42- , PO43-
• Naming compounds with polyatomic ions is
  similar to naming other ionic compounds
• You should note that compounds with
  polyatomic ions have names ending in -ate or
  –ite not –ide
• Note that most are negative, except
  ammonium (NH4+)
 Naming covalent compounds
                  • -ide ending, each element has
No. of   prefix     “prefix”
                  • prefix refers to number of atoms-
    1    mono
                    not valence
   2     di
                    N2O4 = dinitrogen tetroxide
   3     tri
                  • Exception: drop mono for first
   4     tetra      element
   5     penta      CO2 = carbon dioxide
   6     hexa     • The first vowel is often dropped
   7     hepta      to avoid the combination of “ao”
   8     octa       or “oo”.
   9     nona       CO = carbon monoxide
   10    deca
                     P4O10= tetraphosphorus
                             decoxide (decaoxide)

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