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					The Vietnam War
Table of Contents
 Introduction
 Task
 Process
 Resources
 Evaluation
 Conclusion
 Teacher   Pages
 The  History Channel is looking for you! The
  History Channel is holding a competition
  for teams of five either journalists and or
  photographers to create a
  commemorative video in honor of the
  Vietnam War.
 This is a challenging contest because as
  most of you know the Vietnam War was a
  very difficult time in our nation’s history.
Intro Cont’d
 Inaddition, very few videos show the
  Vietnam War through the eyes of differing
  perspectives, such as the U.S. soldier, the
  American politician, the anti-war
  protestor, and the Vietnamese. If you
  take on this challenge, your video must
  show all four of the above perspectives
  on the war.
 Without looking at all sides of the story, a
  person cannot judge the true cost of war.
   Your team of America’s finest journalist and
    photographers to create a commemorative
    video of the Vietnam War that show some of
    the key players in the war: American soldiers,
    politicians, anti-war protestors, and the
    Vietnamese people.
   Your video must answer the following
    question: After witnessing the Vietnam War
    through multiple perspectives, was it a war
    worth fighting?
Process: Group Member
 Each   member of your group was selected
  for a specific purpose and to ensure the
  highest level of competition for this
 Each member brings a unique set of gifts
  and talents to the team.
 In order for your team to be successful,
  you must rely on each other’s assets and
  work together!
Process: Group Members
   Each Team will have Five Members
       Member 1: Overall Fact Checker & Production
        Member 2: American soldier expert & Mediator
       Member 3: Politician Expert & Computer
       Member 4: Anti-war Protestor Expert &Creator
       Member 5: Vietnamese Expert &
        Communications Expert
Process: Member 1
   Member 1 Responsibilities:
       After each day of research,
        all other group members
        will submit their daily
        research logs to you.
       You will double check their
        research logs to make sure
        that their information is
        accurate and properly
       At the beginning of each
        work day, you will report
        group progress, questions,
        or problems to me.
Process: Member 2
   Member 2
       Thoroughly research the
        American soldier’s
        experience in Vietnam.
       Complete the American
        soldier’s questions and
        turn in your daily log to
        your Fact Checker and
        Production Leader.
       Mediate any disputes
        among Team members.
Process: Member 3
   Member 3
       Thoroughly research the
        key politicians that
        influenced America’s
        foreign policy in
       Complete the
        Politician’s questions
        and turn in your daily log
        to your Fact Checker
        and Production Leader.
       Trouble Shoot Computer
        Problems for any Team
Process Member
Member 4 Responsibilities:
    Thoroughly research the anti-war
    protestor’s perspective on the
    Vietnam War and how they
    impacted American foreign policy.
    Complete the Anti-war Protestor’s
    questions and turn in your daily log
    to your Fact Checker and
    Production Leader.
    Create or Design the layout for the
    Team’s commemorative Video.
Process: Member 5
   Member 5 Responsibilities:
       Thoroughly research the
        Vietnamese experience
        during the Vietnam War.
       Complete the
        Vietnamese’s questions and
        turn in your daily log to your
        Fact Checker and
        Production Leader.
       Ensure that the all group
        members are
        communicating with one
        another and during video
        production, make sure
        everyone is speaking
        clearly and knows his/her
Process: Background
 Collaboration:
    Before beginning your individual research
     assignments, you need to brainstorm
     information that was learned about the
     Vietnam War.
    Fact Checker/Team Leader: Needs to
     organize this information into a 5Ws Chart
     (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
    This Must be turned in and reviewed before
     moving on to your individual assignments.
Process: Research
   Each Team will have five days for individual
   After each day, Members 2-5 will turn in their
    daily research logs to their Fact Checker, who
    will make sure all information is accurate and
    documented properly.
   Fact Checker, will report the Team’s progress
    to me at the start of each Research Day.
Process: Video Production
 Create   a 20 minute video that illustrates
  the role that each key group played in
  the Vietnam War.
 All group members must be on camera
  with Members 2-5 representing their
  assigned group and Member 1 being the
  host of the show.
     defects.asp This website is part of Virginia governments public
     health. It explains a list of birth defects caused by exposure to
     Agent Orange, so both the Vietnamese and U.S. soldier group
     will be able to use this to describe the effects of that the
     Vietnam War had on those groups.
     ml This website is from PBS. The website provides a variety of
     information for a several of the groups. This particular section
     describes weapons, uniforms, food, etc. for the U.S. soldiers.
     Also, there is a link that could be used by the Vietnamese group
     for the My Lai Massacre.
  This website is funded by an educational
     non-profit group. It provides the antiwar protestor group with
     information about the shooting at Kent State.
Resources Cont’d
     er.htm This website is sponsored by Global Security and it
     provides the politician group with the information about
     Operation Rolling Thunder.
  This
     website provided by the World History Center had its
     information supplied by the VFW Magazine. It will
     students in the U.S. soldier group clear statistics on the
     men who served in the Vietnam war including their race
     and ethnicity.
  This website is provided by Vietnam War
     veterans and they share their letters that they wrote home to their
     families. This will provide the U.S. soldier group with a primary source
     to interpret and understand what it was like to fight in the Vietnam
     War or at least appreciate what these men and women sacrificed.
Resources Cont’d
       m/ This website provides an overview of the
       Vietnam War and is beneficial for all group
       members to use, including the Fact Checker.
       ay/vietnam_interviews.htm This website was put
       together by a Vietnam War veteran who
       conducted interviews with soldiers who were
       serving in Vietnam.
    htm This is an educational website sponsored by
    Spartacus. It contains many interviews of Vietnam
    Veterans and provides readers with contact emails
    for those veterans if you have further questions.
Resources Cont’d
       vietnam.htm This website has an author and is
       sponsored by adopt It contains interviews
       of people who are part of the Vietnamese culture or
       who are experts on Vietnamese people.
     This
       website is current and is sponsored by the Progressive
       America Rising organization. This website provides
       information on the effects of Agent Orange exposure.
 This
    website gives the reader information about President
    Kennedy’s foreign policy in Vietnam. It was an interview
    between Walter Cronkite and President Kennedy.
Resources Cont’d
  This
     website is sponsored by PBS and provides insight on the
     Mai Lai Massacre, which would be useful for both the
     solder and Vietnamese groups.
  This
     website was created by the University of Berkeley
     California and focuses on various anti-war protests that
     took place throughout the duration of the Vietnam War.
     srv/local/2000/vietnam092799.htm This particular website
     is sponsored by the Washington Post. It is an article
     written that describes the anti-war protests causes and
     effects that it had on the country and the war.
Resources Cont’d
     thunder This detailed summary of Operation
     Rolling Thunder is sponsored by the History
     Channel. In addition, it suggests several other key
     topics and links that would be useful to the
     politician group.
     This article discusses the impact that the Pentagon
     Papers had on America after their release.
     This website provides a great overview of many
     major issues that occurred during the Vietnam War
     and would be useful for all groups.
 Be aware that your Research and Video
 will be evaluated separately. The totals
 will be combined for an overall score.

 WebQuest    Research Rubric

 Video   Production Rubric
   Celebrate!! Congratulations, you have
    completed this comprehensive study of the
    Vietnam War. Throughout this experience, you
    have had the opportunity to learn about
    various perspectives of the Vietnam War and
    what these groups contributed to the
    outcome of the war.
   You learned that the decisions made by
    politicians had a direct impact on the U.S.
    soldiers, anti-war protestors, and the
   You learned that tactics used by the soldiers
    had long term effects on the Vietnamese and
    the soldiers themselves, as well as affected the
    opinion of the American people. All of these
    groups impacted one another.
   Hopefully, this assignment has inspired you to
    evaluate the value or necessity of war. There
    are no winners.
    Lastly, I hope you developed an appreciate
    for what the men and women who served and
    I encourage to further research this debacle
    known as the Vietnam War.
Teacher Pages
 Lesson   Plan

 Sample   Daily Research Log

 Sample Research Questions for each key
 group represented in this production

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