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                                      Course Syllabus
                      Introduction to SOX and related IT implications
                                 Two and a half day outline

Course Overview:
This introductory course in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) provides an overview of the key
sections of SOX (302 & 404) and focuses on information technology controls over
confidentiality, integrity, and reliability of financial data. You will understand the impact of
SOX on the Internal Audit profession and the roles and responsibility of management and the
audit committee. You will also obtain an understanding of both general IT controls and
application controls related to transaction processing of financial data. Attendees will have the
opportunity to practice using SOX tools. The session also includes a discussion of SOX process
challenges, best practices, and lessons learned.

Who should attend:
Individuals with a vested interest in the successful implementation and compliance with SOX
(voluntary or mandatory) who have a basic understanding of information technology.

Course Outline (19.5 CPE):
SOX Overview
     Objective of SOX
     Key elements of SOX
     Benefits of SOX & SOX objectives
     Whistle-blowing programs and information lines
Internal Audit’s role in SOX
     SOX considerations for Internal Audit’s annual and engagement planning
     SOX project planning, including time commitments and completion timeframes
     SOX tools and software
     Application of COSO and COBIT
     Indicators of fraud and SAS 99 assessment
Information technology and SOX
     IT systems involved in the initiation, authorization, processing, summarization and
        reporting of financial data
     Significant risk identification
     Identifying key controls
     Documenting and testing IT controls (application and general controls)
     Statements on Auditing Standards No. 109 (SAS109) and related IT risks and control
        objectives pertinent to a financial audit.
Corporate Governance
Roles and responsibilities of management, audit committees, & external auditors
SOX Considerations for Government Organizations
     Best practices and voluntary adoption
     OMB A-123:, Management’s responsibility for Internal Controls
     OMB A-133 annual audits linkage to SOX

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