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									 Atlanta                                                    M. Agnes Jones Elementary School
School Reform Team 1

Fall Edition                                                                                                  October 8, 2009

                                  “Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence”

                                  Our Principal                  By Melanie Johnson, Instructional Liaison Specialist
                                  Speaks…                       “Help! I’m a busy parent and I want to work with my child at
                                                                home. What should I do?” I have heard so many parents ask
                                                                this same question. The answer is easy. There are many
                                                                things that you can do at home to build on what your child is
                                                                already doing in school. Here are some helpful tips:

Educate, empower and believe is a mantra that we are
committed to accomplishing this year at M. Agnes Jones
Elementary. Our high level of instructing coupled with our
high expectations will empower our students to become
leaders of the world. Yes, each of us must ensure that our
students know that we believe in them and that they can
achieve this immense goal. President Obama spoke to our
students about setting goals.
We are well on our way to achieving this goal. M. Agnes
Jones was recently awarded the honor of being named a
Georgia “No Excuses School.” This means that our children
are held to a high standard of learning and they successfully
meet these standards. This fete would not be possible
without quality teachers, phenomenal students and               Learning Resources at Home
exceptional parents and community.                              Every home has resources (print materials, measuring
                                                                devices, tools and implements of various kinds) that can be
                                                                used to create activities that will further children’s learning in
                                                                language, mathematics, and science. With younger children,
                                                                you can turn regular household chores into opportunities for

                                                                You could ask children to:
                                                                •   read recipes, measure ingredients, compare foods, and
                                                                    learn new words such as names of spices;
                                                                •   sort items of clothing for the laundry according to color,
                                                                    read washing instructions, measure detergent, and time
                                                                    wash cycles;
                                                                •   write shopping lists, compare prices, make change, and
Lastly, we are growing!!!! Due to increased enrollment the          identify and classify food items;
M. Agnes Jones family welcomes Ms. Borman                       •   sort pictures for photo albums, write labels or captions for
(kindergarten), Ms. Rice (second), Ms. Jacob (fourth- not           each photo, and write a newspaper article about a photo;
pictured) and Mrs. Bass our new assistant principal.            •   sort items in a “junk drawer”, label them, and arrange
                                                                    them alphabetically.
The M. Agnes Jones staff wishes a great 2009-2010 school
year for all of our students, parents and community!
Sincerely,                                                      Remember, these are only a few suggestions. Get creative
                                                                and come up with other fun ways to engage your children in
                                                                learning at home!
                                                                     What’s New In Reading Wings?
                                                                     By Gwendolyn Alston, SFA Facilitator

   Making A Difference at MAJ!
   Georgia-Pacific continues to be an important part of our school
   and Georgia-Pacific continues to be an important part of
   our school and community. This
           year, approximately 133 employees from
          throughout the company volunteer, mentor and tutor
          at our school. Students eagerly await their “Buddies”
         each day with assignments in hand for extra support.
         Our Buddies come prepared to teach and mentor our
          3rd – 5th grade students.

                                                                     Wings teachers and students are excited about the new
                                                                     additions to the reading program focusing on increased
                                                                     student engagement and motivation. A new team scoring
                                                                     process gives immediate feedback to students on the how
                                                                     they work as a team. Team members get to record and
                                                                     keep track of their scores on their Team Score Sheet as
                                                                     they work cooperatively to meet their goals. The team goal
                                                                     is a way to improve the students’ in-class behavior and
                                                                     teaches them how to work effectively with a small group.
         Our partnership activities for this year include: our       Students are able to also earn 80, 90 or 100 points for their
         annual trip to the Governor’s mansion, new                  team on the use of comprehension strategies through Think
         computers for the perfect attendance incentive (6),         and Connect and Write On. Teachers are enjoying the
         Job Shadowing at GP, and many, many more!                   addition of web-based tools to help with the management of
          Georgia-Pacific also provides the school with a full-      classroom data and team feedback. They are able to print
          time, on-site technology person to support the             summary reports and certificates for individuals, teams and
          school in their daily computer needs as well as            classes easily. Ms. Quinones’ above level readers are
          publications and communication. GP has been a              proudly displaying their SuperTeam Certificates below. Her
          part of the MAJ family for many years and many             students said recently, “We love reading in this class and
         more to come!”                                              hope Ms. Quinones will teach us all year.”

          The Cascade-Buckhead Links, Inc.                           Understanding Math with Project GRAD
          The Links have developed year long self-                   By Tyrone Hankerson, Project GRAD Math Facilitator
          enhancement and service learning projects with our
          school. Students meet monthly to discuss and take
                                                                     The Project GRAD Mathematics program puts an emphasis
    part in such activities as self-esteem building, public
                                                                     on student discovery, reasoning, and mathematics
    speaking and participate in service learning projects. Our
                                                                     communication. As all of these components come together,
    major projects this year is continuing our work with our
                                                                     mathematical concepts can be better understood and
    adopted school in Haiti and implementing United Nations
                                                                     articulated by our students. With this deeper understanding,
    day. MAJ students look forward to working and learning
                                                                     students also develop a fluency in the facts and procedures
    with these extraordinary role-models.
                                                                     of mathematics. Most importantly, students are prepared to
                                                                     proceed to the next grade level with the confidence and skills
Dogwood City Chapter Links, Inc.                                     necessary to move through the curriculum, with a strong
The Dogwood Chapter of the Links, Inc. continue to share             foundation based upon understanding rather than
their energy, resources and commitment as they serve as              memorization. Furthermore, Project GRAD Mathematics
catalysts for positive change at Jones. We are happy to              instruction incorporates a well articulated algebra strand at
have them join our efforts to curb childhood obesity through         every grade level, to insure students’ preparation for higher
project “Walking Fete”, the Keep It Moving Project, and our          level mathematics courses during high school and beyond.
new breast cancer awareness initiative.                              At M.A. Jones, we are committed to the goals of Project
                                                                     GRAD Mathematics! We are working diligently to provide
Community Churches Support School                                    quality math instruction to each and every student and we
Friendship Baptist, Warren Memorial United Methodist and             welcome your active participation. We know our students
Shiloh Baptist continue to support Jones. They provide               thrive from positive home and school communication.
uniforms, tutoring, supplies and chaperones for trips. We
                                                                     Please feel free to visit the following website for more
are pleased to have these wonderful supporters for our
Book Parade 2009!
By Gigi Miller – Media Specialist                                 News from the P.E.
The media center at M. Agnes
Jones is like the “town square”                                   By, Lance Irvin – Physical Education Teacher
 of a small community. Not only
 is it located at the center of the
                                                                  Attention RAMS!!! The
school physically but, it is also center to many of the school
                                                                   HOPSports interactive
                                                                  youth physical education
                                                                   training progam has arrived
                                                                   to benefit the overall health
                                                                   and wellness of the
                                                                   students. The HOPSports
                                                                  system includes a
                                                                  multimedia cart, projector,
                                                                  sound system, Phillips AED
                                                                   and media center. The HOPSports mission is to improve the
                                                                  activity, health and vitality of America's youth by implementing
                                                                  physical activities with a unique and effective system to
                                                                  encourage movement, educate youth on energy and nutrition
                                                                  and deliver important societal messages in a cost-effective,
                                                                  entertaining, and youth-oriented format! We look forward to
                                                                  enhancing achievement through physical activity. Healthy
                                                                  students + Healthy Staff = Healthy School, which makes a
                                                                  healthier community. This will only enhance achievement!!

The M. Agnes Jones Media Committee recently sponsored
our 1st Annual Book Character Parade for our Accelerated
                                                                     President Obama addresses the
Reader Kickoff. Students were able to choose a book a                nation’s students, MAJ listens!
dress as their favorite character. It was a fun filled activity      By Michael McMillian, Technology Specialist
that got our students excited about reading. Kudos!!, to all
of our teachers, parents and especially the Washington
High Drummers for leading our parade. It would not have
been possible without you. Happy Reading!

 Music Notes
 By Zipporah Taylor, Music Teacher

 The M A J choral music season is
 off to an exciting start. This year over
  fifty students auditioned for the
 thirty-five available spots. The singers
 are currently learning the fundamentals of quality choral         On Tuesday, September 9, 2009, M. Agnes Jones
 singing such as blend, phrasing, and vowel placement. The         Elementary school’s fifth-grade students were visited by local
 chorus is preparing for their upcoming performances at            media to capture footage while they watched President
 Atlantic Station and Georgia Pacific.                             Obama’s national speech encouraging students to stay in
 Congratulations to Mariyah Scholfield for being accepted          school, study and work hard. Reporters from the AJC and TV
 into the Atlanta Public Schools Elementary Honor Chorus.          stations visited the classroom of Ms.Corliss Love and
 Mariyah is a fifth grader in Mrs. Freeland’s class. Stay tuned    interviewed students. When asked how she enjoyed the
 for more exciting news!                                           experience of watching the President and being interviewed
                                                                   by the media, student Winifrid Webb responded, “I enjoyed
                                                                   watching the President because he spoke to us about
                                                                   education and how to reach our goals and I felt scared when I
                                                                   was interviewed by the media. Then my feelings changed
                                                                   because I felt my interview helped others around the world
                                                                   see how the President’s speech affected me.” Our very own
  “Educators nurture the                                           Principal, Mrs. Woolfolk, was interviewed by the AJC and was
  seeds of today so they                                           quoted as saying considering the president’s background and
   may bloom into the                                              success story, his message “was so perfect for this school,”
                                                                   according to the AJC article. “His message to any child is you
   flowers of tomorrow.”                                           can move beyond your challenges and become successful,”
                         - Author Unknown                          she told the AJC.
 “It takes a village to raise a                                          Cont’d

By, The Kindergarten Team
                                                                         The last few weeks we’ve learned about several different
Hats off to the Kindergarten/                                            strategies to help us add. No more fingers! First graders now
Pre-K team for Understanding                                             know that they can use counting on, doubles, doubles plus
 this old adage. This year                                               one, make-a-ten, use a number line, and/or the draw a picture
 kindergarten and pre-k have                                             strategy. Whew! These mathematicians can’t wait to graduate
created our very own village of                                          from college!
classroom all located on the
 same hall. In addition to seeing                                        So, let’s continue the energy and excitement in first grade.
 the beautiful boys and girls, the                                       One thing for sure, it’s never a boring day in the first grade!
 teachers have been able to                                              See you next time…
 utilize the talents and provide support as a unified team. So
kindergarten boys and girls, just remember you always have
more than one pair of eyes watching over you at all times.               Time Flies When We’re Having
Let’s show how well we behave! The kindergarten team knows
the village approach makes for a smoother daily work day, we             FUN!
also know that “One Size Does NOT Fit All” for teaching a                By The Second Grade Team
child. Our goal is to shape and mold our children as they grow
                                                                         Time flies but it hasn’t gotten away from the second graders! We
into productive citizens. We truly believe that “One Teacher
                                                                         have spent the past few weeks discussing and capturing all of
Doesn’t Fit All” and “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”
                                                                         the important moments of our lives by completing personal
We would like to give a warm welcome to Mrs. Johnson and
                                                                         timelines. We invite you stop by our hallway or inside our
Ms. Borman! We are excited to welcome them to our dynamic
                                                                         classrooms to learn more about our marvelous lives. We have
kindergarten team. They are a great addition to the team. Our
                                                                         cheerleaders, football players, dance queens, honor roll
love and thoughts go out to Ms. Martin and Mrs. Arnold as we
                                                                         scholars, and even principal’s list recipients. The teachers are
wish them a speedy recovery. We love you Mrs. Brewer for
                                                                         very impressed by the excitement and engagement that the
always being there when we need you!
                                                                         students displayed during the timeline presentations and
                                                                         throughout the learning day. All of the teachers want to say
                                                                         thank you to all of the students who have committed to reading
                                                                         nightly for 20 minutes and returning their reading response forms
FIRST GRADE ROCKS!                                                       everyday. Second grade teachers are waiting to make the
By, The First Grade Team                                                 school-wide announcement that says, “ALL second grade
The first grade team is excited about the new school year, new           students have returned their reading form for one whole week!”
faces, and new minds. Our theme this year is “First Grade                The teachers have agreed to celebrate by having a cupcake
Rocks!” We chose that theme because in first grade, there is             party on the following Friday. Let’s go second graders…Who is
lots of energy and excitement about learning. The students               willing to step up to the plate? We will see when we check the
have really been excited about Math and Science. They have               reading forms. Second grade teachers would also like to send a
learned some addition strategies and even witnessed a few                warm welcome to our newest addition, Ms. Rice. Ms. Rice is
meatballs falling from the sky! Yikes!                                   very excited to join the Spectacular Second Grade Team, here
                                                                         at MAJ and we look forward to a great school year. Lastly, we
                                        In September, the first          would like to send parents and students a notice to get ready to
                                        graders studied the book         participate in the MAJ school science fair. We will send you all of
                                        Cloudy with a Chance of          the information you need to help us transform our Spectacular
                                        Meatballs, and they were able    Second Graders in to Spectacular Scientists. Let’s get started
                                        to attend the movie. This tall   because the November science fair will be here before you know
                                        tale helped the students learn   it.
                                        more about predicting the        THIRD GRADE at a Glance
                                        weather      and    analyzing    By, The Third Grade Team
                                        weather patterns.         The
                                        students also tracked the        Look out Albert Einstein! The third graders of MAJ are
                                        weather for September in         scientists in the making! This year third grade students have
                                        their weather journals. “I       been actively engaged in the world of science conducting
want to be a meteorologist!”, said Matthew Scholfield. The sky is the    experiments about rocks, minerals, soil, and much more.
limit…just watch out for those meatballs!                                These third graders are really involved in understanding the
                                                                         world around them! “I enjoy the science experiments because I
                                                                         can work with my class and my teacher,” said Desiree
                                                                         Gonzalez in Ms. Berry class.

Aside from becoming
                                                                   Fifth Grade Survivors
                                                                   Out Wit, Out Practice, and Out Smart the GPS Standards!
scientists, third graders
are learning about our                                              by, The Fifth Grade Team
democratic heritage in social
studies. Third grade                                               The fifth graders are off to a fantastic start this school year. As
teachers have been working                                         the fifth grade students watched Obama’s speech on
 with connections teachers                                         education, we captured the attention of and were featured in
to bring real-life connections                                     the New York Times, Bloomberg Television, the Atlanta
 to student learning!                                              Journal Constitution, and on all local news stations for our
Mr. Veon, our Art teacher                                          commitment to education. We engaged in an intense dialogue
stated, “I'm a bit of a history                                    about education, our pledge to stay in school, and our positive
 expert and one of my specialty areas is Ancient Greece.”          futures.
Students have been creating drawings displaying the                Science is good? All the time! All the time? Science is
connections of the architecture in United States and within        good!: Mrs. Seville
Ancient Greece. We want to extend a special thanks to Mrs.
Johnson, our ILS for sharing her personal experience of            The fifth grade has been learning about landforms and many of
Greece by providing visual aids that helped to further students’   Earth’s features.     Our students are having fun making
learning. Her real life examples helped the students compare       volcanoes erupt and cleaning water during the science lab
buildings of the past to the buildings of today. “I’m glad we      inquiries. We invite parents to the fifth grade hall to see the
have a staff willing to help our students to promote learning      wonderful projects on display. The fifth grade students did a
through integrated instruction,” said Dr. Cook.                    fabulous job creating landform booklets and 3D landform
As third graders continue to explore the world around them,        models. Some students have used technology to create
stay tuned to hear about exciting field trips that connect our     PowerPoint presentations, while others used the Photo Story
learning because we are Aspiring, Believing, and Committed to      program to create science picture documentaries. Stay tuned
Student Success!                                                   for our science culminating activities!
                                                                   Social Studies: Ms. Love
                                                                   May we please get a drum roll for all our fifth graders who
Fourth Grade Rocks!                                                created the beautiful Civil War Drums, which are also
By The Fourth Grade Team                                           prominently displayed on the fifth grade hall! The students also
                                                                   took a heart warming trip to the America I Am exhibit. We had
Welcome to 4th Grade! We are so excited to begin a new
                                                                   a wonderful time observing real artifacts from the Civil War,
school year and enjoyed seeing all of you who were able to
                                                                   Reconstruction, and Civil Rights era. Students were fascinated
attend Sneak-A-Peek in August. This year we’re going focus
                                                                   to learn about all of the contributions that African Americans
on the basics: reading, writing, math, science, and social
                                                                   added to building the foundation of America!
studies. Our number one goal is to help students become
independent, life-long learners.
Our budding scientists will soon begin exploring a unit on
weather. We will review and identify the various states of water
and determine the temperature at which it changes states. We
will keep track of current weather and climate conditions to
determine patterns. In addition, we will utilize some of the
same instruments used by meteorologists to collect and
analyze our data.

Social Studies – I AM
                                                                   Math: Ms. Englert and Ms. Freeland
This past week, students were extremely fortunate to visit the I
AM Exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center. It was an amazing trip     We are so proud of our fifth graders who have been working
through African American History! We were able to travel           hard to meet and exceed all of the standards for math.
through time from the moment of our ancestors involuntary          Students have been learning about interpreting graphs and
entry into the United States, to the current day. We read and      how to dispute and analyze “misleading” data. We are now
observed artifacts from the Civil War Period, as well as           beginning to add and multiply two and three digit numbers with
watched films documenting events that took place during the        decimals. Please continue to have your students brush up on
Civil Rights Era to the current day and the election of Barack     those multiplication facts, every little bit helps!
Obama. It was an emotional, touching, and rich learning
experience for the entire 4th grade class.
We’d like to extend an extra special welcome to Ms. Jacobs, a      Writing continues to be an important part of the fifth grade
new 4th grade teacher, coming to us from Dekalb County.            curriculum. For the first nine weeks of school, we have been
We all look forward to a triumphant journey this year.             working on narrative writing. Please continue to practice
                                                                   having your child add voice, vision, and sound to their writings.
Art at MAJ!

                                                        Time for Spanish
By Raymond Veon – Art Teacher                                        By Iris Quiñones – Spanish Teacher

                                                                     “Jarica enjoys Spanish class
Art classes are off to a great
                                                                      and I’m very happy. I hope
start this year! Students are
                                                                      that she may become
 learning that artists generate
                                                                      bilingual one day.” Those
many ideas and critically
                                                                     were the words of Ms. Ebony
reflect to choose the one
                                                                      Whisonant mother of Jarica
that best helps them achieve
                                                                      Williams, a 5th grade student
 their artistic goals.
                                                                      from Mrs. Seville class. Atlanta
                                                                      Public School and the teachers at M. Agnes Jones share
Both McCarthey-Dressman art
                                                                     the same vision of success. Our wish is that by the end of
grants, "A Masterpiece of Learning
                                                                     their elementary, middle and high school years, our students
and "On SIte/Insight," have been
                                                                     will be bilingual. By giving them the opportunity to learn
renewed for the 2009-2010 school year.
                                                                     basic Spanish in the elementary level, our students will have
                                                                     the advantage of knowing and being introduced to a
Parents, students and faculty are invited to learn more about
                                                                     different culture and learn new traditions. This year, our
MAJ's leadership in the arts at:
                                                                     students are learning basic facts about the 21 countries that
                                                                     speak Spanish as their official language.

         Parent Connection

MAJ Shows our Giving Spirit!
By Stephanie Bagley – First Grade Teacher

On Monday, September 21st, the staff and students of
Clarksdale Elementary School incurred a devastating loss
when their school was submerged under water by the flood.
The building was a total loss since all supplies and materials
inside were destroyed. Although the temporarily displaced
children and teachers were eventually relocated to local are
schools in Cobb County, we know that their hearts remain
heavy about not being able to return to their beloved school
which they worked so hard to establish.
                                                                     There is more than the experience of learning Spanish; a
                                                                     new language helps in the improvement of memorization,
To show our giving spirit, the MAJ family pulled together to
                                                                     which they need for math and other subjects. Also we
collect school supplies to assist the children and teachers as
                                                                     compare what we already know about our first language
they settle into their new environments. Students also wrote
                                                                     with the new information.         This helps our students
letters to express their love and support for the students of        understand their first language better, meaning that they can
Clarkdale Elementary. It is our hope that the care packages          do better in language arts and reading. Spanish is taught
sent will bring a smile to the faces of those affected during        every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm in room 242.
this difficult time. We look forward to more opportunities to        Come; learn some Spanish with us too!
share our time and resources with people who are in need.
Clarksdale Elementary, we love you and know that you will be
happier than ever at your new school!                                 Reading Recovery on the Move
                                                                       By Mrs. R. Anderson and Mrs. Criss

                                                                     We are off to a good start in Reading
                                                                     Recovery. The students are excited
                                                                     about learning to read. They are
                                                                      making steady progression in
                                                                     reading and writing. Davion Head
                                                                     stated, “I like taking home different stories to read” and
                                                                     Jeremiah Riles stated, “Reading is fun and I like reading with
                                                                     expression when I get to the exclamation point”.

                                                                     KEEP TRACK OF US IN READING RECOVERY AS WE
                                                                     MOVE THROUGH READING AND WRITING TO REACH
                                                                     OUR GOALS!
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

                                                   - John Dewey
Counselor’s Corner                                               Back in Business!
 By Mrs. Petrina Howard - Counselor                              By Precious Moon, 4th Grade Teacher

 Red Ribbon Week!
                                                                 “Jump Start” your savings with the MAJ
                                                                 Citizens Trust Bank that will have its
                                                                 Grand Opening on Wednesday,
                          M Agnes Jones Elementary will          October 21,2009 @ 11:00 am. Start saving for college today
                          celebrate Red Ribbon Week              for your child or grandchild and let them help you. This
                           October 20-24, 2009 Red Ribbon        gives students the opportunity to open and maintain their
                           Week is the nation’s oldest and       own savings account, while introducing relevant math and
largest drug prevention program in the nation reaching           banking skills they will utilize in the future. The only
millions of Americans. By wearing red ribbons and                requirement is making an initial deposit of $10.00. Please
participating in community anti-drug events, young people        ask your child’s homeroom teacher for an application. We
pledge to live a drug-free life and pay tribute to DEA Special   look forward to seeing you at the Grand Opening on
Agent Enriqué “Kiki” Camarena.                                   October 21, 2009!

Special Agent Kiki Camarena:
· Special Agent Camarena was an 11-year veteran of the
DEA assigned to the Guadalajara, Mexico, office where he
was on the trail of the country’s biggest marijuana and
cocaine traffickers. In 1985, he was extremely close to
unlocking a multi-billion dollar drug pipeline.
· On February 7, 1985, he was kidnapped, brutally tortured,
and murdered by Mexican drug traffickers. His tragic death
opened the eyes of many Americans to the dangers of
drugs and the international scope of the drug trade.

History of Red Ribbon Week:
· Shortly after Kiki’s death, Congressman Duncan Hunter
and Kiki’s high school friend Henry Lozano launched
“Camarena Clubs” in Kiki’s hometown of Calexico,
California. Hundreds of club members pledged to lead drug-
free lives to honor the sacrifice made by Kiki
Camarena.                                                        Students at MAJ have homework Monday through Thursday
· These pledges were delivered                                   evenings. Here are a few hints to help maximize your child’s
 to First Lady Nancy Reagan at                                   homework experience!
a national conference of parents
combating youth drug use. Several                                 Provide a consistent and quiet place for your children to
state parent organizations then                                     complete their homework every night.
called on community groups to                                     Ask your children if they understand their homework. If
 wear red ribbons during the last                                   they do not, work a few examples together.
week of October as a symbol of                                    Utilize the APS Homework Hotline. It’s free and
 their drug-free commitment.                                        available from 3:00pm-5:00pm, Monday – Thursday
                                                                    evenings. (see ad to the left)
                                                                  Ask your children to show you their homework after the
                                                                   teacher returns it, to learn where they're having trouble
                                                                   and where they're doing well. See if your children did the

     Free Homework Hotline                                         work correctly.
                                                                  Stay in touch with your children’s teacher. Ask about
                                                                   their class and what they are studying. Ask teachers how
                                                                   you can support what they are studying (flash cards,
          678-553-3029 or                spelling, projects, etc.).
                                                                  Remember, you and your child’s teacher want the same
 The Atlanta Public School System offers Homework                  thing—to help your child learn.
assistance to our students who are in in need of extra            Don't do your children's work. Help your children to
support Monday thru Thursday. Students in kindergarten             learn independently.
through fifth grade may call between 3pm and 5pm.                 Show your children that you think homework is
                                                                   important. If you are at work during homework time, ask
                                                                   to see their work when you get home.
 Students should have the following items before calling:         Help older students organize their assignments by
Textbook (if available), homework assignment, paper, pen           recording them on calendars or agendas, along with due
or pencil and calculator (if needed).                              dates, dates turned in, etc.
                                                                                                  ATLANTA BOARD OF EDUCATION

    Ways to Help Improve Your Child’s Math Skills                                          Mrs. Brenda J. Muhammad (District 1)
                                                                                               Khaatim Sheerer El (District 2)
  Promote a positive attitude about math. What you say                                     Mrs. Cecily Harsch-Kinnane (District 3)
  influences how your child thinks.                                                           Ms. Kathleen Pattillo (District 4)
                                                                                            Ms. LaChandra D. Butler (District 5)
  Incorporate math into your child’s daily life. Have your child                             Ms. Yolanda Johnshon (District 6)
  count out change or help with recipes that are halved or                                   Mr. Eric Wilson (Seat 7, At Large)
  doubled.                                                                                   Mr. Mark Riley (Seat 8, At Large)
                                                                                      Mr. Emmett Johnson, President (Seat 9, At Large)
  Help your child appreciate how math is used in everyday
  life – for example, in sports, or when making purchases                                              ATLANTA PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  paying bills.                                                                                                      Dr. Beverly Hall
  Make math fun. Dominoes, cards and board games that
  use counting and paper money to improve mental math                                                        Ms. Kathy Augustine
  skills.                                                                                                    Deputy Superintendent
                                                                                                            Curriculum and Instruction
  Ask for explanations of math assignments so you know
that                                                                                                      Dr. Sharon Davis-Williams
  concepts are understood.                                                                                     Executive Director
                                                                                                            School Reform Team 1
  Challenge your child to be persistent about solving difficult
  math problems.                                                                                      LOCAL SCHOOL LEADERSHIP

  Review your child’s homework and discover together how                                                 Mrs. Margul Retha Woolfolk
  mistakes were made.                                                                                             Principal

  Encourage your child to do extra problems to build upon                                                          Mrs. Velva Bass
  math skills.                                                                                                     Assistant Principal

  Talk with your child’s teacher about how you can help with                                               Mrs. Melanie Johnson
  the learning process.                                                                                 Instructional Liaison Specialist

  Praise your child’s efforts and math accomplishments.                                                     Mrs. Gwendolyn Alston
                                                                                                              Design Team Chair
                                                                                                            Success for All Facilitator
   Practice in mathematics is the same as for sports – it                                                  Mr. Tyrone Hankerson
   helps if your child master new skills.                                                               Project GRAD Math Facilitator

                                                                                                                Mrs. Petrina Howard
             Test Taking Tips                                                                                    CMCD Facilitator

 • Be Positive
 • Do your homework
 • Do your best on benchmark and practice tests
 • Sleep eight hours each night                                                                                                        Staff
 • Eat Right                                                                                               LaVasia Bullard, Second Grade Teacher
 • Dress Right                                                                                             Michael McMillian, Technical Assistant
 • Be on time                                                                                               Rachel Morgan, Third Grade Teacher
                                                                                                                School Photographer
 • Be Alert, Calm & Confident
                                                                                                           Yolanda Shorthouse, Paraprofessional
 • Listen carefully and follow directions
 • Answer what each question asks
 • Answer questions you know first
                                                                                                                  M.Agnes Jones Elementary School
 • Work at the right pace                                                                                              1040 Fair Street, SW
 • Smile after each testing session                                                                                   Atlanta, Georgia 30314
 • When you have done your best on the test, BE                                                                           (404) 802-3900
                                                                                                                          (404) 752-5655

                                                                   The Atlanta Public School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age,
                                                                   disability, veteran status, marital status, or sexual orientation in any of its employment practices, educational
                                                                   programs, services, or activities. For additional information about non- discrimination provisions, contact the Office
                                                                   of Educational Opportunities Coordinator, 2930 Forrest Hill Drive, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30315. APS Website at

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