The monthly meeting of the Cobb County Retired Employees Association
was held on Monday, June 15, 2009 at the West Cobb Senior Center with 53
members in attendance. President Roswell Story called the meeting to order at
l0:40 A. M.

       INVOCATION: The invocation was given by Harry Ingram. Mr. Ingram
started the invocation by saying he is very proud to be part of this group. The
invocation was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

      President Story welcomed new members and visitors. New members are:
Yvonne H. Griffith - from Juvenile Court, Annettte (Ann) Rhadans from
Purchasing Department and Wanda Callahan from Communication/TV 23.

       President Story reported that Ruby Lowry was not present at the meeting
today due to illness of her husband as he was having some chest pains.

        Mem Dooley gave a very good review of visit to the National Infantry
Museum at Fort Benning located in Columbus, Ga. This is a new 100M Dollar
facility honoring the oldest branch of the military, the United States Army, from
the beginning to present time. The Museum is located outside the gates of Fort
Benning in Patriot Park. The Museum contains the Hall of Valor and Halls of
Honor, which tells the story of Duty, Honor, Integrity and Sacrifice of members of
the Military over the past 234 years from Revolutionary War time to the present

        Ms. Dooley said the Museum is very impressive and urged everyone who can
to go for a visit. This is the legacy of valor and sacrifice given by the Infantry to our

      Admission to the Museum is free, however, there are some revenue
generating places such as the restaurant, gift shop and the IMAX theatre. For more
information go to: Phone No. is 1-800-999-

        President Story recognized Harry Ingram and presented him with a small
gift in appreciation for all he has contributed to our Organization. It was noted Mr.
Ingram first started the Organization several years ago.

       SPEAKER: Mr. Woody Thompson, District Commissioner for the 4th
District (Southwest Cobb) was our speaker for today. Commissioner Thompson
began by saying he knows the before and after of being on the Commission and as
someone who knows the stress of the 2004 election and emotional affect it had on
him. Mr. Thompson served eight years before this election and had four years off
from this office. He stated he missed being a part of the Board of Commissioners.
Also, during this four years time off he lost two family members which added more
stress. Commissioner Thompson worked real hard to be re-elected in this last
election in 2008 because he felt like he needed to give four more years to the County.
He feels blessed to live in Cobb County and to be a member of the Commission. He
has lived in the South Cobb area since 1972 and everything has been good, but not
so good now because of the poor economy.

        Commissioner Thompson stated everything has gone well the first six months
of this year, however because of the economy, the County had to cut about 20M
Dollars from the budget but were fortunate in avoiding any lay-offs or cut-backs
for the employees.

       Problems in his area are the economy, major corridor road projects such as
the East-West Connector which has impacted the traffic situation , and the real
estate market. But other good things are happening, such as residential and
commercial development due to these road construction projects. A
Tax abatement program is a great incentive to improve older and more mature
areas of the District.

       The Girl Scouts of America is building a 20M Dollar facility that will be
home to the Girl Scouts Service and Business Center in Mableton and will serve 34
Counties in this section of the State. Construction began in January. (These
buildings are located on their Timber Ridge property.)

        Mableton has the Mable House with which our former Governor is very
involved. Mr. Thompson encouraged all to come out and enjoy the shows at the
Mable House Amphitheatre featuring a range of artists for this season. KC and the
Sunshine Band appeared on June 13th. Kenny Rogers will be performing with the
Cobb Symphony Orchestra this week-end, June 20th. The Marshall Tucker Band
will be here on Friday, June 26th.

      Commissioner Thompson states they are making progress but still have a
long way to go.

       During the question and answer period, he was asked about conditions on
Hwy.120 as the asphalt is coming to pieces. Mr. Thompson said the road in question
was not in his District but would see what could be done about the condition of the
road. Also Commissioner Thompson was asked about the Tax Assessors office and
Board of Equalization as some are displeased with them and are having a lot of
problems. He pointed out that members of the Board of Equalization were not
elected to office but were appointed.
       Mr. Burton commented that Mr. Thompson was the only Commissioner who
had left the office and then came back.
       President Story mentioned reading in the newspaper that Six Flags had filed
for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. Mr. Thompson stated they had always been a
good tax base for the County and a lot of industrial development was going on in
that area.

      Marge Young asked about the widening of sidewalks to accommodate
motorized vehicles and if golf cart trails could be made available to Senior Citizens
as motorized vehicles are not allowed on the Silver Comet Trail. Commissioner
Thompson said he had always been a proponent of bicycle trails, walking paths and

        Commissioner Thompson said to call him with any problems as he is listed in
the telephone book and will always be glad to help.

       Harry Ingram thanked him for his valuable service to Cobb County.

       TREASURES REPORT: President Story reported in absence of Ruby
Lowry that we have a balance $2,997.34. Motion was made by Harry Ingram with
a second to approve report. Motion carried.

       MINUTES: Motion was made with a second to approve the Minutes of the
April and May meetings. Motion carried.

       NAME TAGS: President Story reported on the status of the proposed
name tags and the cost of each: $5.00 each for order of 75 and $8.00 if less than
that number. Marge Young reported 52 people had signed up for these name tags.
Mr. Story proposed going ahead and ordering the tags.

       President Story reminded us to pay our dues if we had not already done so.

       Go to Web Page CCREA.US to see whats going on.

       There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:45 A.M.

Respectively Submitted:

Louise Anderson

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