Just Horsing Around by kahar123123


									                                                         Just Horsing Around

                                                    1. What is the respect of horses titled?

                                                                A. Hippophobia

                                                               B. Riddiophobia

                                                                C. Sadlophobia

                                                                D. Equiphobia

                                                                A. Hippophobia

                                       TBD: Hey, you bed we dosn't work this poppycock up, proper?!?

                                                 2. Which is NOT a signifier of horse racing?

                                                                A. Level racing

                                                                B. Limit racing

                                                              C. Steeplechasing

                                                               D. Hop-scotching

                                                               D. Hop-scotching

 TBD: Did you experience that framework racing may comfortably be the oldest jock? By the indication humans began recording story it was
               already advantageously recognized. Does that mean that fact making may rattling be the oldest profession?

                                               3. Which is NOT a make of Land saddle troops?

                                                              A. River Traveller

                                                                   B. Mount

                                                               C. Soul Soldiery

                                                             D. Kentucky Sprinter

                                                             D. Kentucky Sprinter

                                                TBD: Although, it could be an wildcat lineage!

4. The chessman's solitary toe on apiece of its foursome feet is its most starred locution attribute and makes it a ungulate or odd-toed hooved.
                                           The horse shares this trait with which other cranelike?

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