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					What You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Himalayan salt table lamps are the most stunning appearing objects I've looked at recently. The
mystical orange like glow they emit catches my attention. I wanted to learn more about these unusual
objects of Mother Nature.

In this report I will write about the things I learned about these Himalayan salt table lamps. I'm going
to look at what they are, where these come from, what makes them extraordinary and mention a few
things about using them.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Examined

Himalayan salt lamps are formed from chunks of salt crystals taken from the Himalayan mountain
foothills. The salt is of the highest purity and quality. Versions of this salt are also used for cooking.
The salt pieces used in these lamps vary in size, color, shape and weight. The lamp is lit by a low
wattage bulb placed inside. A sturdy base balances and holds the heavy salt crytal piece in place.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Are One of A Kind

One things for certain, no two Himalayan salt lamps are exactly the same. Each one is different from
any other piece. That is because these lamps are a product of Mother nature and things made by
Mother Nature always results in something unique and one of a kind.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Gets Peoples Attention

The unusualness and look of a Himalayan salt lamp is an object everyone can enjoy. When people first
see these lamps, they'll be curious and want to find out what it is. You can tell them about it all. There
is no better way to start a conversion than with something people are drawn to like the Himalayan salt

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp For Health

The inviting glow of the Himalayan salt lamp tends to soothe and calm people who look at it. In
addition, many people who endure coughing, allergies and asthma symptoms say they find the salt
lamp helps them get rid of these conditions. The quality of the air is better when they leave the lamp
on 24/7. It even helps get rid of smoke, pet odors and other smells.

There is not any scientific results to argue true these benefits but many users think these crystals did
improve their well-being.

Useful Tips For Salt Crystal Lamps

In order to successfully clean the air you will need to know the dimensions of the area you'll be using
the Himalayan salt lamp. Each two pounds of salt can purify air in a room that is 10 square feet. As an
example, to get the air in a room that is 10' x 15' clean, you'll need to get 30 pounds of salt to do the

In some situations, it's normal to see the salt lamp collect moisture. That's because the salt draws
moisture in the air. To keep your furniture dry you can place the lamp either on a towel or over a tray.
A way to keep the lamp dry is by keeping the light on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The lamp you get in the mail may not actually weigh what was quoted in the details on the website you
purchased it from. Also, the color of the salt lamp may not look precisely like the color you see in the
images for it on the website you are buying it from.

We just took a look at Himalayan salt lamps. I went over the primary features and uniqueness of these
lamps. Now you should realize whether these lamps are something you would like to own for yourself
or give away as gifts to others.

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