Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 by qv98Vk7G


									Surface Mining Control and
 Reclamation Act of 1977
          By Gabe Lupin
              Per. 3
       What does the act entail?
 The Act was drafted on August 3, 1977, and amended
  1978-1982, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1990 and 1992.
 This Act establishes a program for regulating surface coal
  mining and reclamation activities.
 It establishes mandatory uniform standards for these
  activities on state and federal lands, including a
  requirement that adverse impacts on fish, wildlife and
  related environmental values be minimized.
 The Act creates an Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund for
  use in reclaiming and restoring land and water resources
  adversely affected by coal mining practices.
                What is the purpose?
   The purposes of the Act was to establish
    a nationwide program to protect society
    and the environment from the adverse
    effects of surface coal mining
   Assure that surface mining operations
    are not conducted where reclamation is
    not feasible and are conducted so as to
    protect the environment.
   Strike a balance between protection of
    the environment and agricultural
    productivity and the nation's need for
    coal as an essential source of energy.
   Assist the states in developing and
    implementing a program to achieve the
    purposes of the Act which is to promote
    the reclamation of mined areas left
    without adequate reclamation prior to
    August 3, 1977.
   The Act established the Office of
    Surface Mining Reclamation and
    Enforcement in the Department of the

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