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									THE LOGOS
“Journey of Hope”
   A Weekly Publication of the Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists * Editor: Dr. John Carey * Volume 11, Number 37 September 16, 2006

Pathfinders to Hold March and Rally

I.V. /AIDS is an epidemic that has far             on Sunday. The march begins at 3:30 p.m. stubborn people without God's presence. He
reaching negative results throughout the           sharp.            -Pastor A.E. Burrows, Youth Director had come to realize that without God's
world and even the Bahamas. With just over                                                                presence, he could not do anything.
a populace of 300,000 persons, there is an                       Tent Preparation                              How will anyone know that you are
approximate 2% HIV/AIDS infection rate                 Lawn mowers and painters are                       pleased with me and with your people unless
within the population. Yet that is only the        needed to assist on Sunday morning you go with us? What else will distinguish
stats of those that are aware and taking into        at 8. Come and give an hour, two me and your people from all the other people
account that many persons are afraid of              or three as we seek to be ready by on the face of the earth? (Exodus 33:16)
getting tested, one isn’t sure of just how far
                                                                        Tuesday.                               Moses did not want to move farther
                                                                                         -Pastor K. Price
the infection has reached. Though over the                                                                without the assurance that God was moving
past few years we have seen a steady decline                       Legal Aid Clinic                       with him. He knew it was a life-and-death
in the newer infections rate- we must not                     Do you have a legal problem but situation. He sought the Lord with his whole
relax our guard because within the age group       cannot afford a lawyer at the outset? We can heart                  on       this      one        matter.
of 15- 29 there are alarming increases in new      help! The legal aid clinic of the Bahamas                   The question is a good one. If we are to
infections especially within our young             Conference of Seventh-day Adventists be effective in anything we do for the Lord,
women. The leading cause of death within the       provides free consultations in various areas of the Lord must be in the midst of it. Unless the
age group is HIV/AIDS.                             the law including:                                     Lord's power is seen among us, we will be
          HIV/AIDS treatment and medication                Family Law matters                            just another person who has religion. Unless
are available free in the Bahamas; the Social              Wills and Probate                             we manifest His life to others, they will see
Service department also assists Persons                    Property                                      only good behavior that is easily
                                                           Employment
Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA’s) with                                                                       counterfeited        by      moral        people.
                                                           Personal Injury
food and clothing. Despite these services,                 Clinical Negligence                                Moving out in presumption we will end
some persons still refuse treatment or fail to             Contract                                      in failure and frustration. And so the
access it due to ignorance, stigma or fear of              Road Traffic                                  Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day
lack of confidentiality.                                      Our legal advisors are fully qualified Adventists led a “One Week in the Word”
          Therefore on Sunday September            Christian lawyers.             Social skills and revival, September 10–15, 2006 which was
17th, the Pathfinder Youth Organization will       understanding are key components of our conducted by Evangelist Peter Joseph who
hold a parade and rally in order to sensitize      Legal Aid Services. We understand the proclaimed the Word of God with power by
the nation to the issues surrounding               importance of dealing with our clients with the Holy Spirit each night at the Hillview
HIV/AIDS.        The theme is “Pathfinder          empathy and compassion. Conflict, loss, church. To God we praise.
Promise: Make the Promise- Keep the                grief and uncertainty are common aspects of                                             Continued on pg. 2
Promise”                                           the human condition at times requiring, when
          The event begins with a float parade     all else fails, legal intervention.
                                                              Through Legal Aid, the Bahamas
at 2:00 from the Grants Town S.D.A church
                                                   Conference provides and affordable, practical Continued from pg. 1
on Wellington Street. The float will depict        and confidential service which aims to give Hearts have been blessed, lives were changed
the three areas of focus, Education, Stigma &      those in need access to justice in a timely and unity blossomed among God’s people as
Discrimination, and Care and support. The          manner. You are invited to take advantage of the Word of God was presented in a unique
Float will travel along Balliou Hill Road, into    this service as we strive to be an advocate for way. Each night the church prayed earnestly,
the Down Town Area, onto Market Street,            justice and mercy for all in our society.
Wluff Road, Collins Avenue, and to the                                                                    asking the Lord to assure us of His presence
                                                   For an appointment, please contact Sis. Joan
Centerville Church off Collins Avenue.             Duncombe at 341-4021/2.                                and power in the upcoming Real Harvest
          At 3:30 p.m., the Float will join                                           -Dr. M.D. Toote     Experience Gospel Campaign and Our Lord
hundreds of pathfinders, adventurers, and                                                                 granted the prayers of this church.
masterguides for a grand parade from the                      Church Clerks Meeting                           Beloveth, God wants His church to be
Centerville SDA Church to Gibbs Corner,            There will be a special meeting for all church successful and it will be as long as we keep
Ross Corner, Chapel Street, Balliou Road,          clerks at 5:00 p.m. today at the Conference. before us the real purpose of our existence
Poincianna Drive, to Christie Park on Nassau       Please bring your last reports.                        and that is to bear fruit. We will be organized
                                                                           -Pastor E.D. Clarke, Secretary as one team, committed and dedicated to one
          Upon arrival at Christie Park, a rally                                                          thing, lifting up Jesus Christ. Money or wages
will be held as we share and inform the public                                                            is not our pay. The Joy of seeing Jesus return
                                                                                                          and to look at Him face to face will be our
more about HIV/ AIDS. We are expecting a               God Said ‘I Will Go With You’
number of persons from various agencies to           Then Moses said to him, "If Your Presence does reward.
be present at this event.                              not go with us, do not send us up from here."           On behalf of the Evangelist Peter Joseph
          All are invited to view the float                                                 -Exodus33:15 and the Real Harvest Experience Family
parade and to attend the Rally as we join               Moses was in the middle of his journey Campaign team we encourage you the church
hands in the fight against HIV/AIDS.               through the wilderness, leading the people of to press together, pray together, and let us
          All Adventurers, Pathfinders,            Israel out of Egypt. The people had just work together promoting the campaign in our
Masterguides in full class A uniforms are          sinned by worshiping the golden calf. Moses churches and communities today. God bless
asked to assemble at the Centreville               interceded for them and God spared them you on this day of Holiness.
Church parking lot no later than 3:00 p.m.         their lives. Moses then talked one on one with Upcoming                 Events:     “Real       Harvest
                                                   the Lord. He knew he could not lead this Experience Family Campaign”
September 20 – Joint night of prayer and                 Choir will also be having practice at 4:00
fasting                                                  p.m. today at New Englerston, and the Real
September 23 – MEGA OPENING NIGHT                        Harvest Experience Combined Choir will                          Hour of Gospel Music
– On the side of the Marathon Mall                       have practice on Sunday, 17th of September              The Hour of Gospel Music at the Mary
(7:15pm Nightly)                                         at 5:00 p.m at the Grant’s Town Church. Ingraham Home is held weekly on Sabbath
                                    -Pastor K. Price     Thank you for your cooperation.                    from 6:00 -7:00 p.m. Today the Good News
                                                                              - M. Knowles/A. Mason/N. Bain Church is expected; and next week the
                                                                                                            Gambier Church is scheduled.
 Community Services Exhibition Cancelled                               Ushers Needed!!!
We regret to inform the public that in a                 Persons ushering in the upcoming crusade are
meeting held on Sabbath afternoon, it was                asked to meet at 5:00 p.m. today at Hillview.                   Lost and Found Item
                                                         Men and ladies are needed. All Head A suit bag with young man’s clothing has
agreed by Bro. Lewis and the local church
                                                         Deacons and Deaconesses are also asked to been recovered from the Camp Site. Anyone
Community Services leaders to cancel the                 attend this meeting.
Community Services Exhibition this year. We                                                                 missing these items can contact Sis. M.
                                                                                                            Bonamy at 427-3476 (cell) or 393-8507
regret any inconvenience caused.
                                                                   Music Committee to Meet
                                                         All persons who were asked to serve as                              ABC Special
     Bahamas Academy Announcement                        members of the Bahamas Conference Music               Stop by the Adventists Book and Nutrition
*Back-to-School night will be held on                    Committee are asked to meet with Pastor B. Centre and benefit from the back-to-school
Tuesday, September 19, at 7:00 p.m. at the               Brennen, Chairperson, today, September 16, specials. Call Elder Kenny Deveaux at 341-
Gym. ELC PTA Meeting/Back-to-School                      at 4:30 p.m. at the New Englerston Church.         2429 for more details.
Night will be held on Thursday, September
                                                                                                            VBA is still alive. Contact Bro. Winston Ash
21st at 7:00 p.m. at the ELC.
                                                                                                            to join this group of committed lay persons.

                                                                        Fitness Seminar
     Adventist Men’s Ministries Retreat                           The Living Faith church, in
          Calling all Adventist men to register
                                                         conjunction with the Health Ministries
for the Standing Tall for Jesus Men’s Summit
                                                         department and other partners will be hosting
in South Andros November 10-12. A fifty                  a Fitness for Life Seminar November 15-19 at        Sun sets today at 7:19 p.m.
dollar ($50) non-refundable deposit is                   Workers House. Registration fee is $50.00.       Sun sets next Sabbath at 7:10 p.m.
required by September 29th. The total cost for                                                                 Download the Logos at
                                                         Dr. Gerard Mclane, an associate with Well
the weekend is $300.00. A further $200.00 is                                                      
                                                         source cooperation will be the featured
required by October 18th, 2006 and the
Balance on or before November 1st. Let’s
                                                                  Manuals on Fitness for Life, Eight
stand Tall.                                              weeks to wellness, and many others will be
          Special Guest for the conference will
                                                         available for purchase at a special discounted
be Dr. Gerard Mclane and Dr. Joseph Evans.
                                                         rate during the seminar. Application forms
Special features will include Prayer and
                                                         will be available through the health leaders
Health Seminars, Men’s Down Home
                                                         this weekend.
concert, Service of Thanksgiving and Tribute,
Fishing on the rocks or the boat, and Lots of
                                                                 Be Healthy, Be Happy Club
fun. Plan to be there. Additionally speakers
                                                         The Be healthy Be Happy Club resumes its
will include Pastor Peter Joseph, Pastor
                                                         exercise program this coming Sunday
Jeremiah Duncombe, Dr. M. D. Toote, and
                                                         morning at Goodman’s Bay. All interested
Pastor P. A. Scavella. Calling all MEN,
                                                         persons are asked to meet at the park at 6 am
MEN, MEN. BE THERE BE THERE BE                           and at 6 pm on Thursdays at the Living Faith
THERE.                                                   church.
          In preparation for the upcoming
crusade the men’s annual Christmas concert
                                                                    Softball League Update
and the South Andros Men summit weekend,
                                                                     The aim of the SDA Softball
the first men’s choir rehearsal will take place
                                                         league is to bring families together, as we
this Coming Sunday Morning at 8-9:30 am at               provide wholesome activities to all
the Living Faith church. For further details
                                                         participants, but especially our youths. We
contact Joan Duncombe at the Conference.
                                                         are therefore appealing to the SDA
      -Pastor P. Scavella, Mens Ministries Coordinator
                                                         community across the conference, to support
                                                         what we believe to be both an outreach and
   Choir Rehearsal for the Real Harvest                  inreach ministry. In the game last Sunday,
       Experience Crusade Continues                      Philadelphia Stopped Johnson Park in the
   The Real Harvest Experience Senior Choir              third inning 13-3, and Grants Town won over
is having rehearsal at Grant’s Town today at             JP, 24-8. There will be no games tomorrow
4:00 p.m. Real Harvest Experience Youth                  due to the Pathfinder March.

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