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					      tutti frutti productions in association with York Theatre Royal

                        Job Description Stage Manager

Position:          Stage Manager for the re-tour of the production
                   Hare and Tortoise

Responsible to:    Artistic Director of tutti frutti productions

Responsible for:   Performers

Objectives and Responsibilities

1.     To stage manage the two week rehearsals.
2.     To stage manage the production during its national tour.
3.     To take responsibility for the set, costumes and all technical aspects of the
        Production (operating sound and lights).
4.     To be the primary driver of the van on the tour.

Key Duties

1.     To stage manage the two week rehearsals

1.1    To work alongside the Director, Designer, Movement Director, Composer and
       Production Manager on the play in rehearsals.

1.2    To work with the Artistic Director to liaise with all production staff at York
       Theatre Royal and keep clear lines of communication.

1.3    To assist and support the Designer - building, making props and organising
       costumes buying.

1.4    To work with the Composer, and Lighting Designer (at York Theatre Royal) to
       provide technical support during rehearsals (lights and sound).
1.5    To manage the production petty cash in liaison with the Production Manager
       (YTR) and General Manager (tfp).

1.6    To take responsibility for the production book during rehearsal.

1.7    To organise weekly production meetings in liaison with the Production
       Manager. To record the meeting and distribute minutes.

1.8    To distribute rehearsal notes.

1.9    To co-ordinate actors calls with the Director.

1.10   To source and provide rehearsal props, set and technical equipment as
       required and to ensure the rehearsal room is well organised.

1.11   To organise the get in of the set during rehearsals. Working with the
       designer and actors to ensure assembling set is systemized. To oversee and
       organise the get out of the set and loading of the touring van.

1.12   To develop a good working relationship with the performers.

1.13   To arrange collection of the touring van when required.

1.14   To keep good lines of communication between the company and the tfp
       office (Tour Manager and General Manager).

1.15   To become familiar with all the touring information, touring systems and
       paperwork associated with the tour.

1.16   To liaise with the Production Manager of York Theatre Royal as required.

1.17   To prepare in advance all information required for first few weeks of touring
       and plan touring routes

1.18   To prepare in advance all information required for the first few weeks of
       touring and all technical aspects of the production (regarding lighting and
       sound operation of the show)

2. On Tour

Whilst on tour the Stage Manager is responsible for managing the touring team and
ensuring the tour is carried out in a professional manner. Whilst on tour the Stage
Manager is responsible to the Tour Manager and Artistic Director.

2.1    To co-ordinate and manage get ins and get outs, working with the acting
       company and working with technical staff at theatre venues.

2.2    To drive the Company van ensuring that the load is safely stored and
       secured. To plan routes to each destination. A GPS is provided. The Stage
       Manager will be the primary driver of the van and will be responsible for
       ensuring that it is well maintained and in sound mechanical condition,
       calling on professional help as needed.

2.3    To set up technical equipment (lights, laptop and sound equipment) and
       operate lights and sound for the show. To ensure that technical equipment
       is in good working order and informing the Tour Manager if any problems

2.4    To hold a petty cash account and keep petty cash records in line with
       company policy, communicating with the General Manager on a regular

2.5    To be responsible for the care of the set and costumes. To arrange the dry
       cleaning of costumes as necessary. To contact tfp Tour Manager if repairs
       are needed.

2.6    To act as the general liaison person for the Company and represent the
       public face of tfp for the duration of the tour.

2.7    To contribute to tfp blogs and social networking in agreement with tfp and
       following a clear brief.

2.8    To be responsible for the tour file and ensure all paper work is collated and
       distributed to the touring team. To complete after show reports , book
       reconciliation forms and time sheets.

2.9    To report back regularly at touring team company meeting held throughout
       the tour.

2.10   To co-ordinate accommodation for the tour, this does not involve booking
       accommodation, but keeping receipts and invoices, sorting out any problems
       and liaising with the Tour Manager and General Manager as necessary.

2.11   To ensure the Acting Company adheres to the call sheets on the road and to
       change them if necessary.

2.12   To be responsible for ensuring the company maintains good communication
       whilst touring and to take responsibility by informing the office if any
       difficulties arise.

2.13   To ensure the set, costumes and props are returned at the end of the tour.
       These are to be returned to Company base or from where they are hired or

2.14   To ensure all evaluation sheets, paperwork and tfp equipment is filed and
       organized and then returned to the tfp office

2.15   To return the van to the hire company at the end of the contract and during
       the holiday period if required.
                Essential                            Desirable
 Qualifications  Evidence of on-going professional  A degree or equivalent
 & Training       development                         experience in performing
                 Full driving licence                arts
                                                     Training in technical
                                                      theatre/ stage
                 Working to deadlines and targets  Collaborating or co-
Experience       Touring to small scale venues       producing work with
                 Experience of driving a long        theatres or theatre
                  wheel based transit van             companies
                                                     Working in primary
                                                     Knowledge of touring
                                                      young people’s theatre
 Specialist      Theatre - local and national       Knowledge and
 Knowledge &      provision                           understanding of Health &
 skills          Computer literacy                   Safety at work
                 Strong and effective               Knowledge of ITC/ Equity
                  communication skills                Contracts
                 Self motivation and ability to     Current child protection
                  motivate and lead others            legislation
                 Problem solving skills             Prop making and painting
                 Time Management skills             Knowledge of operating
                 Excellent organisational skills     sound/lights from a
                 Experience of handling petty cash   laptop
                  and budgets                        Knowledge of Qlab
                 Excellent                           software
                 Experience of touring ypt or
                  small scale theatre
                 Experience of setting up and
                  operating technical equipment
                  (particularly sound and lights).
                 Organising and managing the ‘get
                  in’ of set, props and technical
 Personal        A passion for theatre
 Qualities       An enthusiasm for or experience
                  of working with children
                 An interest in children’s theatre
                 An understanding of and
                  commitment to cultural diversity
                 A flexible and adaptable approach
                 To be self motivating, be able to
                  work as a member of a team and
                  operate effectively alone.
                       Ability to work and remain calm
                        under pressure
                       A mature and professional manner

Terms and Conditions

Touring always takes place from Company base (York). All Company members
attend regular Company meetings scheduled throughout the tour.

Dates of Contract

Interview date               Tuesday March 6th 2012 in York
Rehearsals (retour)          16th April - 27th April 2012 (York)
National Tour                28th April – June 2012

The Team

Director                     Wendy Harris
Writer                       Brendan Murray
Designer                     Catherine Chapman
Composer                     Dominic Sales
Movement Director            Ruth Tyson–Jones
Production Manager           Jude Cloke
General Manager              Emma Killick
Tour Manager                 Alison Povey

16th April- 27th April 2012 (York)
This production is a retour of a show made in 2011 so we will rehearse the show in
2 not 4 weeks. A DVD of the show will be available to view before the contract

National tour: 28th April – June 2012 (final dates to be confirmed)

tfp is an ITC/Equity company but adheres to those guidelines on matters of pay
and hours wherever possible. Weekly pay: £420 + touring allowances

Holiday pay will be due at the current Equity/ITC rate at the end of the contract.

During rehearsals, tfp will arrange and pay for accommodation in digs in York.
Accommodation will be provided as required whilst on tour in the form of Bed and
Breakfast and holiday cottages. Digs will be provided in York when required to
meet the tour schedule.
tfp is committed to equality of opportunity at all levels of its work.

To apply send a completed application form and diversity monitoring form, both
available for download on our website, and email to Wendy Harris wendy@tutti- by Wednesday 29th February 2012. Alternatively post to:
     Wendy Harris, tutti frutti productions, Shine, Harehills Road, Leeds, LS8 5HS
                         0113 388 0027

Deadline: Wednesday 29th February 2012
Interviews: Tues 6th March 2012

       follow us @tuttifruttiprod         tuttifruttiprod

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