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					                                                    Master Class series:

                             Fixed Income Strategies
                                  & Techniques
15th - 16th November, 2011

Raffles City Convention
Singapore                          Course Description
registration Fee:
USD 2,400
                             This course is designed for both entry level and advanced topics for fixed income and
tiMe:                        capital markets professionals in Asia. It is designed to cover the essential tools of fixed
9.00am - 5.00pm per day      income including key computational methods for pricing, fixed income instruments, key
                             investment strategies, credit risk analytics and hedging techniques and fixed income
Language                     derivatives.
                             Conceptual understanding will be enhanced by relevant work examples and illustrations
length oF Course:
2 Days                       using specific Asian case studies.

For More inForMation:
Felicia Kong

tel:                               Outcome of the Workshop
852 2573 6078

e Mail:
                             By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

                             •   Identify and describe the key fixed income characteristics, including interpreting the
                                 use of data and pricing implications.

                             •   Understand the use of derivatives, fixed income futures & options, pricing swaps.

                             •   Grasp the fundamentals of fixed income instruments and their key components.

                             •   Understand the variety of risks in a bond portfolio and the key hedging methods

                             •   Develop a practical knowledge of fixed income investment strategies from asset al-
                                 location, capital structure arbitrage to immunization techniques
       Why The Asset Training?

The Asset Training brings together the expertise of Asset Publishing & Research Limited in financial media,
conferences and research, with highly experienced frontline corporate and investment banking leaders.

This course is brought to you in partnership with Private Equity Pro Partners (PEPP) led by its Chairman,
Arvind Mathur. PEPP has successfully delivered several private equity and M&A workshops throughout
Asia. Arvind’s unique expertise lies not only in the fact that he has over 20 years private equity experi-
ence but he has also worked in the private equity sectors of many countries during multiple economic

Each training course has been exclusively designed and will be taught by expert practitioners with ex-
tensive knowledge in their areas of specialization. Each programme is modular based and is focussed
on conceptual understanding that is enhanced with Asian work examples and illustrations to equip the
participants for real-life transactions.

       Course Director

                    In his 33 year’s of experience, Arvind P. Mathur, CFA, FRM, has held a variety of se-
                    nior executive positions, including Head, Capital Markets at the Asian Development
                    Bank (ADB) and senior capital market roles at Citi and Standard Chartered Bank,
                    currently, Arvind is Chairman, Private Equity Pro Partners.

                    Arvind has substantial experience in both corporate and sovereign bond portfolio
                    management. He was a member of the ADB’s committee supervising the manage-
                    ment of its global pension fund portfolio, which included significant fixed income
                    assets in various markets, including North America, Europe and Japan

In the fixed income arena, Arvind played a vital role in investing private equity in fixed income rating
agencies in India, Thailand and Malaysia. He also directly managed a portfolio of sovereign bonds and
has structured and invested in a convertible bond fund as well as in Asia’s first mezzanine capital fund.

Arvind’s experience encompasses both fund and direct investing in the emerging markets of Asia, involv-
ing the creation, structuring and placement of several major funds, including The India Infrastructure
Fund (close to US$1 billion), The Asian Infrastructure Fund (US$780 million), The Asian Infrastructure
Mezzanine Capital Fund (US$265 million), The Asian Equity Infrastructure Fund (US$400 million), and
the Infrastructure Development Finance Company (IDFC).

He has been a member of investment committees and fund boards which have targeted investments in
India, China and several other emerging markets of Asia.

Arvind has worked on funds with the ADB, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), CalPERS, La
Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec, the Prudential Insurance Corporation of America and some of
the leading institutional investors in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Arvind has promoted the theme of corporate governance in many of these funds, particularly those
involving CalPERS and he has authored a number of articles on corporate governance.
        Who should attend this course?

•   Traders
•   Sales professionals
•   Origination/corporate bankers
•   Risk managers
•   Fund managers
•   Portfolio and investment managers
•   Financial planners
•   Private bankers
•   Structured finance professionals
•   Corporate treasurers

        The Programme - Day One

08:15     Registration and refreshments

09:00     Key Fixed Income Characteristics
          Yield to Maturity, spot rates,
          Forward rates & yield curves,
          Uses of the yield curve,
          Interpreting the state of the economy from the shape of yield curves
          Case Study: Yield Curve Development: An Asian case study

10:30     Coffee Break

10:15     Pricing implications

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Derivatives: Understanding futures and option payoff diagrams
          Introduction to fixed income futures and options,
          Pricing swaps

15:15     Coffee Break

15:30     Derivatives: Fixed Income Applications

17:00     End of day one
        The Programme - Day Two
9:00      Fixed Income Instruments: Key characteristics, risks and upsides
          Fixed rate bonds, Pricing fixed income bonds
          Case Study: Bond issuance in Asia

10:15     Coffee Break

10:30     Equity Linked Bonds
          Bond with warrants,
          Convertible bonds,
          Pricing Convertible bonds:
          Asian case study
12:00     Fixed Income Investment Strategies
          Asset allocation, liability driven investment (LDI) strategies
          Capital structure arbitrage, relative value strategies

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Fixed Income Investment Strategies
          Immunization techniques, ladders, barbells, bullets
          Distressed bond and debt investing strategy
          Asian case study
15:00     Risk Management Tools in Fixed Income
          Introduction to bond rating criteria: Asian case study
          Hedging interest rate and currency risk: Interest rate swaps & options, currency
          swaps, swaptions
          Hedging credit risk, credit default & total return swaps, credit linked notes, credit risk
          Managing credit risk with credit derivatives:
          Asian case study

17:00     End of programme
        Certificate of Completion

On successful completion of the Masterclass, participants will receive a Master Series Certifi-
cate of Completion from The Asset Training.

        Registration Fee

US$2,400 per person
Group discounts are available

        Complimentary The Asset Premium Subscription Trial
Delegates will receive a trial 6-month subscription to The Asset magazine as well as complete
personal access to the and the extensive archives.

                   To register contact Felicia Kong +852 2573 6078
                          or e mail: training
                     To register online: