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									  การปรับปร ุงพันธโุ์ คนม
Dairy Improvement

        Mr.Wuttigrai Boonkum
 Department of Animal Science,
        Faculty of Agriculture
                   Dairy Improvement
                                                                  Dairy Structure

                                      Mating                                                            Selection
                                      system                                                          Type title here

                      Non-random               Random                                           Phenotype         Genetic
                        mating                 mating                                            selection        selection

  Inbreeding                                   Outbreeding                                              Molecular        Quantitative
                                                                                                         genetic           genetic

- halfsib                                                                                              Biotecnology        Estimate
- fullsib          Crossbreeding**        Upgrading            Out              Line     Species
                   2-breed crossing
                                                                                                      - clonning          parameter
- sire-offspring                                             crossing         crossing   crossing     - gene maker         - BLUP
- linebreeding     3-breed crossing
                    backcross etc.                                                                    - IVM IVF
The partition of
Dairy Improvement
   Basic Genetic Model
                    P=G+E      Ep + Et

                  A+D + I
P = phenotype      I = epistatic
G = genetic       Ep= permanent environment
E = environment   Et = temporary environment
A = additive
D = dominant
Dairy Improvement
   Objective of dairy improvement
    –   To improve genetic of animal
    –   To improve characteristic of animal
    –   To increase production on farm
The problem of
dairy improvement
   Low production >> FTA, GMOs
   No extension from ministry >> Industry
   No education of maketing >> economy
   No education of dairy improvement
   No budget >> poor
     History of Dairy
     cattle in Thailand
   2495 jersey, red sindi 30 head
   2497 jersey, brawn swiss 72 head
   2504 red dene 40 head
   2537 crossbred holstein 7,000 head
   2538 – present crossbred holstein (vary)
    Breed improvement
    in Thailand
   HF (100 % blood)
   TF (more than 75 % blood)
   TMZ (BHNT vs HF by HF less than 75 %
   AFS (Austrarian Friesian Sahiwal)
   HF crossbred, Red sindi and Zebu for import
First priority of
problem (real)
   Bad collected data of overall animals
   Farmer no education and do not
   The ministry no quality, no budget
   No associated between ministry and farm
   No continuous research
   The policy does not continue support
    The role of
1. Animal husbandry division, Departmet of Livestock

  1.1 (Dairy Herd Improvement)
  1.2 The trainning and research dairy cattle institute
      (Trainning and Research Purebreed and Crossbred
      Thai Friesian; TF)
  1.3 The improve dairy cattle project
      (thai milking zebu; TMZ)
The role of
2. Artificial Insemination Division.
   Department of Livestock Development

  2.1 Collected semen from country
  2.2 Master Bull Project
      The roadmap of
      dairy improvement
-   Thailand have high genetic variation
-   The associated of Department of Livestock development
    DPO farm owner and researchers

    Main objective;
    1. Created Thai Dairy Friesian (TDF) import, cost
    2. Improve genetic of dairy cattle in Thailand
    3 Created dairy pedigree for show performance data
The process of
dairy Improvement
1.   Record data of every sourse and can
     connecting with all data
2.   Analized genetic evaluation of dairy cattle
3.   Rank and Selected dairy calttle for using bull
     dams and semen production
4.   Sekection young bulls for using performance
     test and bull test
5.   Proof bulls by using progeny test
6.   Selection proven sires for produce frozen
   Thailand has good genetic data and very
    diversity of genetic for base improve dairy
   Other factor should synchronized improve
    as; associated between farm owner and
    ministry, budget etc

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