GJG2010 Coach Selection Process by JzVdUN


The Golden Jubilee Games (GJG) is a high-caliber international tournament
advocating excellence, healthy competition and sportsmanship by complying
with international standards established by the various international sports
federations. The next GJG are tentatively scheduled to be held in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia during the first week of July, 2012.

To ensure that the Golden Jubilee Games (GJG) showcases among the best
athletes and teams from each National Jurisdiction, in each participating
National Jurisdiction, the National Sports Tournament (NST) will be the
vehicle for GJG qualification and a prerequisite for participation in the GJG.
Similarly, to ensure qualified athletes are accompanied with the most
qualified coaches a national jurisdiction has to offer, the Golden Jubilee
Games Selection Committee (GJGSC) has established a process through
which all interested candidate can apply to be considered as a coach,
assistance coach or trainers for a qualified team.

Coach\Assistant Coach\Trainer Selection Process:

Coach\Assistant Coach\Trainer can be nominated to be considered by the
GJGSC in two ways: i) a coach\assistant coach\trainer can be nominated by
a regional AKYSB Chairperson and/or (ii) an individual interested in coaching
and training can fill out the application to be considered for the respective
positions. All nominated coaches\assistant coaches\trainers (self or
otherwise) will be requested to fill out and the application below and submit
it via email to gjgsport@usanst.org. Please specify in the subject line of the
email the position and the sport you are interested in - for example, “Coach
– Men’s Basketball”.

All submitted application will be assessed by the GJGSC team based on their
experience, ability, character, disciplinary judgment, sense of responsibility
and on the qualification criteria listed below. Top qualifying
coaches\assistant coaches\trainers from each sport will be short listed and
subsequently interviewed by the GJGSC prior to making a final decision.
The flow chart below illustrates the selection process:

                                    Application is filled out
                                    (Self-nominated or by a

                                   Application is reviewed by

                                   Shortlisted candidates are
                                    invited for in-person or
                                        phone interview

                                    All selected candidates
                                     must pass a criminal
                                       background check

                                   Selected coach\assistant
                                   coach\trainer is offered
                                         the position
Qualification Criteria:

     Must have at least two (2) years coaching\training experience at any
      level including collegiate, high school or club sports.
     Must have the ability to instruct athlete(s) on proper form, technique
      and advanced exercises attempting to maximize the players' physical
     Must have a thorough understanding of the sport and associated
      international rules.
     Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
     Must be able to travel to other countries without any restrictions.

Position Description:

     Manage and supervise athletic activities, contests, and practice
      sessions that promote individual growth in athletic skills, teamwork,
      and good sportsmanship.
     Take all necessary precautions to protect athletes, equipment,
      materials, and facilities.
     Ensure that the athletes are participating in a training regiments in the
      period of time between the athlete selection process and GJG.
     Keep informed of and insure compliance with all AKYSB rules.
     Work with AKYSB in scheduling competitions and coordinating
     Assume responsibility for compiling, maintaining, and filing all reports,
      records, and other documents required.
     Present a positive role model for athletes.
     Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of the coaching
      program and implement changes based on the findings.
     Travel with athletes and supervise the team during athletic
      competitions or practices.
     Maintain proper and appropriate discipline among athletes during
      athletic contests and practice Sessions.
     Encourage, by example and through instruction, sportsmanlike
      conduct in all phases of athletic participation.
     Establish and maintain open lines of communication with athletes and
      their parents.
                    Coach\Assistant Coach\Trainer Application

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT. Complete the entire application. You may attach a
resume, but you must still complete all questions; or your application will be
deemed incomplete and may not be considered. Please fill out each box (don't
just indicate “See Resume.”)

 Name (Last, First, Middle):

 Interested in (choose all that apply):


 ___Assistant Coach


 Street Address:                             City, State & Zip:

 Home Phone:        Work Phone:             Other Phone:          Email:

 Are you 18 years of age or           Yes         If NO, what is your current age?
 older?                          No

Other credentials/ licenses/ professional affiliations, etc., which are relevant to the
job(s) for which you are applying.
        SKILLS: Please list your experience as a coach, assistant coach and/or a

           Program                Location         Dates        Age Group          How


           Name                How do you know the           Phone        Years
                                     person                               Known

Please explain your playing and/or coaching experience:


Briefly describe why do you want to Coach at the GJG?



Have you been convicted of criminal offense?     Yes     No
if yes, please explain below:


Applicant Signature: ___________________________ Date: ________________

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