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					GROUP NAME: Cultural Competence Team – Cultural Competency Guidelines Project

Meeting Date: 08/09/2005

Attendees: Susan Ko, Iliane Morrissey, Chandra Gosh-Ippen, Michael DeArellano, Carla Danielson, Veronica Rojas, Cybelle Merrick, Elizabeth
Thompson, Al Killen-Harvey,

SUBJECT                DISCUSSION                                                             ACTION
Cultural               Goal: to develop a set of Cultural Competency Guidelines modeled       Group members are encouraged to review the CVC’s
Competency             after those at the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment       guidelines
Guidelines Project     Center’s website at

Evaluation of          These guidelines will aim to evaluate degree of Cultural               Identify criteria to be used in the review process.
Treatment              Competence in treatments currently being used. Is there empirical
Interventions          research? What is the theoretical rationale? How does it apply to
                       different groups? Which groups, and, or populations have these
                       treatments, practices, and interventions been used on? The aim is
                       to bring to the forefront those treatments, practices, and
                       treatments with the highest level of cultural competence
Creation of a          Chandra suggested that the group create a searchable database of       Further discussion, planning, and design of said database
searchable             all the guidelines being reviewed. Susan added that this is a good     are needed.
database of existing   idea, and that it ties in smoothly with the NCTSN website
guidelines             reorganization, currently under way.

What is Cultural       The NCTSN uses the Surgeon General’s definition, but other             Group should consider definitions used by other
Competence? How        definitions exist, E. Thompson suggested that group should focus       organizations, such as SAMHSA’s. It should also be noted
do we go from          on concept of trauma, another suggestion was to use CVC’s              that APSAC is currently developing it’s own guidelines.
definitions to         guidelines as a starting point.
Which interventions    We need to identify treatments, best practices, and interventions      Michael will send out sample definitions (e.g., SAMHSA)
should be included     currently utilized by different populations. What is being used? Our   and criteria to the group within the next 2 weeks for
in the review          goal should be to ultimately bring to the forefront best/promising     feedback.
process?               practices being used “In the trenches” Do we just include those
                       that have manuals? Only those that have been evaluated?                Group members are encouraged to view interventions
                                                                                              that have already been catalogued on the website.
                       This group will develop a form/survey to gather data on practices
                       being used in the field. We may modify the template that has
                       already been used to catalogue interventions on the NCTSN
Advisory Board         The creation of an Advisory Board (including Network and non-          Everyone is encouraged to send Michael names of people
                       Network members) was discussed, and a few people were                  they think should be included on the Advisory Board.
                       suggested (Guillermo Bernal, Glorisa Canino)
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SUBJECT        DISCUSSION                                                        ACTION

Next Meeting   This group will meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month. The next   Dial-in: 888.296.6500; code: 695567
               meeting is September 6, 2005 at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern.
                                                                                 Susan, Carla, and Michael will also meet on 9/7/05 to
                                                                                 discuss issues related to the creation of the advisory

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