GENERAL RULES

Any company exhibiting at the RIMS 2012          CARE OF PREMISES                               CANCELLATION/DOWNSIZING
Annual Conference & Exhibition must              Exhibitor will be responsible for any          Cancellation of all or a portion of any
demonstrate products and services that           damage done to the PCC by them, their          exhibit space must be made in writing.
are of professional interest to risk             employees or agents. No part of any            Written notice of cancellation/downsizing
management professionals.                        exhibit, signs or other material may be        of booth space is subject to the applicable
                                                 posted, taped, nailed, screwed or              fee per 10x10 booth space as noted
All agreements for exhibit space are             otherwise affixed to walls, doors,             below. Effective June 1, 2011, this refund
reviewed by the Risk and Insurance               woodwork or floors or any horizontal or        schedule will be strictly followed.
Management Society, Inc. (RIMS). RIMS            vertical surface within the PCC. Stickers,     When written notification is received: 
reserves the right to refuse rental of           helium balloons and tanks are prohibited.        Up to September 9, 2011 – No fee;
display space to any company for any                                                              September 10 – September 30, 2011 -
reason if, in RIMS opinion, that                 ADMISSION: RIMS shall have sole                   $500 fee; 
company’s attendance would not be                control over show admission policies             October 1 – October 31, 2011 -$1,000
beneficial to the general character and          at all times. All persons visiting the            fee. 
objective of the exhibition.                     Exhibition are required to wear an               On or after November 1, 2011 – NO
                                                 appropriate badge while in attendance. All        REFUND regardless of the reason for
All exhibit rules and regulations specified in   exhibitor personnel must wear an                  cancelling/ downsizing, including the
this agreement, as well as those contained       Exhibitor’s badge or appropriate                  failure of an exhibit to arrive on site.
in the Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM),          conference registration badge at all times.
will be strictly enforced. RIMS may change,                                                     Exhibitors who have cancelled prior to
add or delete regulations as it deems            LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY                       submitting their payment will be invoiced
necessary, without notice, to ensure the         RIMS will provide security during the          and held liable for the cancellation fee as
success of the conference. Any changes           official period of installation, showing and   outlined in the schedule above. In
shall be binding on the exhibitor. The           dismantling and will exercise reasonable       addition, booth space for future shows
ruling of RIMS shall be final in all instances   care for the protection of the Exhibitors’     will not be offered until all outstanding
with respect to use of any exhibit space.        materials and displays. RIMS will provide      invoices have been paid.
Providing all rules and regulations are          reasonable security protection when            RIMS shall not be responsible for shipping
followed, booth space assignments will be        exhibits are closed, but the safekeeping of    charges, construction costs, labor charges
made on a first come, first-served basis         the exhibitor’s property shall remain the      or expenses for preparation of exhibits or
subject to Priority Booth Space Selection        responsibility of the exhibitor. Neither       any other expenses in the event that the
seniority policies.                              RIMS, nor the PCC assume any liability         Exhibition is postponed or canceled for
                                                 for damage or loss to the property of          any reason whatsoever, or in the event
All exhibitors must comply with the              the Exhibitor, its agents,                     that the material fails to arrive.
following rules:                                 representatives, employees, invitees
• Exhibits may not project beyond the            or guests at anytime.                          BOOTH RELOCATION
space allotted;                                                                                 All relocations will be assigned in
• Subletting, assigning or apportioning of       HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT                        compliance with your company's position
any exhibit space is prohibited;                 Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify and      on the RIMS Priority Space Selection
• No exhibitor may display any goods other       hold harmless RIMS and the PCC against         Roster. After the relocation process has
than those it manufacturers or distributes       any/all claims, losses and/or damages to       ended, the wait list expires and seniority
except for promotional items referenced          persons or property arising out of or          will no longer apply. After this date,
below; and,                                      caused by the conduct, acts or omissions       relocations will be assigned as requested.
• Food and beverage distribution must            of the Exhibitor, its employees, agents,
have prior approval from RIMS and the            representatives, invitees or guests during     MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS
Pennsylvania Convention Center’s (PCC)           its move-in, occupancy or move-out of the      When companies merge, the new
catering department. Alcoholic beverages         exhibition premises.                           conglomerate company which has
may not be dispensed in the exhibit hall.                                                       absorbed the old company in its entirety,
                                                 STAFFING OF EXHIBITS                           including all debts and liabilities, will be
PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL                             All exhibits must be continuously staffed      assigned the space selection rank of the
Sample articles, premiums, novelties,            each day of the Exhibition during those        pre-merger company with the highest
souvenirs and printed educational and            hours when the Exhibition is open to           seniority. If the division or product line
promotional materials may be distributed         attendees. There will be no exceptions.        splits away in the future, it will retain the
from the confines of the Exhibitor’s booth                                                      seniority it had prior to the merger.
only. All such materials must be available       PAYMENT OF EXHIBIT SPACE
to all Exhibition attendees so long as the       Full payment is due within 30 days of          A. When companies merge yet remain as
materials are offered. Prize contests or         space assignment. Exhibitors signing up        separate divisions or product lines and
drawings are permitted only with prior           after January 20, 2012, are required to        maintain separate booths:
written approval by RIMS. Samples of             submit payment at time of space                1. Each division or product line will
handout materials, other than literature,        assignment. If full payment is not             maintain its space selection rank at the
must be screened and approved in                 received when due, booth space will be         time of merger.
advance by RIMS show management.                 released and will be subject to the fees       2. Priority booth selections will be made
RIMS may, at any time, withhold or               associated with the deadlines below.           by each division or product line based on
withdraw permission to distribute any                                                           their seniority rank at the time of
material it considers objectionable or           All fines associated with violations/non-      selection.
not allowed by the PCC or local rules            compliance must be paid in full within 30      3. Each company is entitled to one online
or regulations. Exhibitors are                   days of invoice date or booth space will be    directory listing at no charge; additional
prohibited from distributing articles,           released.                                      listings (up to three) are $100 each
premiums, novelties, souvenirs or                                                               (Restrictions apply)
printed materials anywhere within any                                                           4. If the division or product line splits
RIMS conference hotel.                                                                          away in the future, it will retain the
                                                                                                seniority it had established prior to the
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                                                              GENERAL RULES

B. When companies merge yet remain as            concerning height limitations, backwalls,      No animals will be allowed inside the
separate divisions or product lines, and         side rails, island booths and double           Exhibition with the exception of service
display in one continuous booth:                 deckers. Exhibitors will be sent the RIMS      animals accompanying individuals with
1. The new company will assume the space         Display Rules and Regulations with             disabilities.
selection ranking of its highest priority        their ESM.
point division or product line and will make                                                    C. Exhibit Obstructions. Exhibitors are
the booth selection for the group.               FIRE REGULATIONS                               not allowed to obstruct the view, occasion
2. The new company is entitled to one            Booth decorations and construction must        injury or adversely affect the displays of
online directory listing at no charge;           conform to the regulations of the              other exhibitors.
additional listings (up to three) are $100       Philadelphia Fire Marshal. Flammable or
each. (Restrictions apply)                       explosive materials may not be used. Cloth     D. Advertising. Exhibitor shall not,
3. If the division or product line splits away   and other combustible materials must be        without the written consent of Show
in the future, it will retain the seniority it   flameproof. Packing containers, exhibit        Management, distribute, or permit to be
had established prior to the merger.             materials, excelsior wrapping and similar      distributed, any advertising matter,
                                                 materials must be removed from the             literature, souvenir items or promotional
Any company that wholly owns another             exhibit area and may not be stored under       materials in or about the exhibit areas
exhibiting company may opt to select in          tables or behind displays.                     except from its own allotted exhibit space.
the spot with the highest number of                                                             Exhibitor shall not post or exhibit any
seniority points. This may be done at the        OPERATION AND CONDUCT                          signs, advertisements, show bills,
discretion of both exhibiting companies          A. Exhibit Personnel. Attendants,              lithograph posters or cards of any
and RIMS.                                        models, and other employees must confine       description on any part of the premises of
                                                 their activities to the contracted exhibit     the Facility, except within the Exhibitor’s
In the event that any of the companies           space. Exhibitor’s personnel and               booth space and upon such space as is
under the corporate umbrella lose a              representatives may not enter the exhibit      made available for such purposes by the
seniority point for non-compliance, those        space of another Exhibitor without             Facility.
companies forfeit the right to choose their      permission from that Exhibitor, and at no
booth space in any other position but their      time may anyone enter an exhibit space         Mobile advertisements along the roads
own for a period of one year.                    that is not staffed. Violators may be          immediately surrounding the perimeter of
                                                 ejected from the Show and Exhibitor may        the convention center and key hotels
FORCE MAJEURE                                    be subject to a loss of seniority points.      (Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Loews
The performance of this Agreement, in            Exhibitors shall not photograph, video         Philadelphia Hotel, Sheraton Philadelphia City
whole or in part, by either party, is subject    tape, or stream video of the exhibit or        Center) are prohibited during conference
to the following events or occurrences           product of another Exhibitor. Neither the      hours regardless of permits. PCC perimeter
beyond either party’s control, including,        exhibit area nor other areas of the Facility   streets included are Arch Street, Broad
but not limited to: acts of God, war,            shall be used for any improper, immoral,       Street, Race Street, and 11th – 13th Streets.
government retaliation or regulation,            illegal or objectionable purpose. All
terrorist acts, civil disorder, curtailment of   personnel of Exhibitor, including personnel    RIMS defines conference advertising as
transportation facilities preventing or          retained by Exhibitor to be in or around its   advertising and promotions that are taking
severely limiting attendees from attending       booth, must wear appropriate apparel at        place in the city as a direct result of carrying
the Exhibition, natural or man-made              all times. Show Management reserves the        out your message to your targeted audience
disasters, fire, earthquakes, accidents or       right to make determinations on                – the RIMS 2012 attendee. Any
other casualties, strikes (provided neither      appropriate apparel and entertainment          indoor/outdoor advertisement placement
party may cancel or suspend this                 activities conducted by Exhibitors.            around the “key” areas of the city, to include
agreement for strikes, labor disputes or                                                        but not limited to: airport signage, street
work stoppages involving its respective          B. Booth Entertainment and Activities.         signage/banners, convention center, etc.,
employees, contractors or agents), or any        Sound emitting from the exhibit space          must include the prominently-visible tagline
similar intervening cause beyond the             cannot exceed 80 decibels. Loudspeakers        “Proud Supporter of RIMS.”
control of either party making this              must be positioned to direct sound toward
Agreement illegal, impossible, inadvisable       the center of the exhibit booth or display     Exhibitors may not advertise in or on the
or commercially impracticable to perform.        area; NOT pointed towards the aisles. Any      sidewalks, ramps, entries, doors, corridors,
Should RIMS cancel or curtail the                sound which consistently exceeds 80            passageways, vestibules, hallways, lobbies,
Exhibition due to the unavailability, in         decibels, measured at the edge of the          stairways, elevators, escalators, aisles, or
whole or in part, of the convention facility     exhibitor’s booth; is clearly identifiable     driveways of the PCC or any conference
to RIMS for the Exhibition, RIMS may,            more than 80 feet from the booth; or is, in    hotel. These areas are private property.
upon discovery of such unavailability,           the opinion of Show Management,
cancel this Agreement without liability or       objectionable or interfering with              RIMS reserves the right to restrict or close
further obligation to the Exhibitor.             neighboring exhibits shall be deemed in        exhibits, at any time during the Exhibition,
Exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund      violation of RIMS Rules & Regulations.         which, because of noise, odor, method of
of the booth rental fee if this Agreement is     Exhibitors receiving requests from Show        operation or any other reason, become, in
terminated for any reason stated herein.         Management to reduce the volume or             RIMS opinion, objectionable or otherwise
                                                 noise level must conform immediately to        detract from the Exhibition. This reservation
ARRANGEMENT OF EXHIBITS                          the request or be subject to having the        includes restriction of persons, things,
The space provided will be as shown on           power to the sound system disconnected.        conduct or printed material.
the floor plan to the extent possible, but       If after receiving a second warning that
RIMS reserves the right to change the            they are in violation, the power to the        Exhibitors found to be in noncompliance with
location of booths if this is deemed to be in    sound system will be disconnected for the      advertising guidelines will be subject to both
the best interest of the exhibition.             remainder of the day. If there is a third      a loss of one seniority point and fined $1,000
Failure to comply will result in the issuance    violation, the power will be disconnected      per incident.
of a non-compliance violation.                   for the remainder of the Show.

RIMS will enforce the RIMS Display Rules
and Regulations for exhibit space
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                                                               GENERAL RULES

NON-COMPLIANCE WITH RULES &                      No refund shall be given under such               persons, damage to or loss of property,
REGULATIONS                                      circumstances. This action does not               and inability to meet its obligations
                                                 constitute the exclusive remedy available         outlined in this Prospectus. Upon request,
A. Non-compliance with RIMS Exhibit              to RIMS and RIMS may avail itself of any          an exhibitor shall provide to RIMS a
Guidelines (as stated in the online RIMS         remedy in law or equity in addition to this       certificate of insurance indicating:
Exhibitor Services Manual and RIMS               action.
Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations)                                                          The Risk and Insurance Management
will result in a warning which will require      SHIPPING: The Exhibitor agrees to ship,             Society, Inc. (RIMS), Pennsylvania
that the non-compliance be rectified within      at its own risk and expense, all articles to        Convention Center (PCC) and FREEMAN
a specified time period and before 5:00          be exhibited and agrees to conform to the           must be named as an Additional
pm, Sunday May 1, 2011. If the non-              rules for shipping contained in the ESM.            Insureds for all liability coverage and the
compliance is not rectified, the company                                                             Certificate of Insurance must state that
will be fined $1,000 per day of the              HOUSING: All exhibitors that are not local          fact in the Description/Special provisions
Exhibition ($3,000 total) until the non-         to Philadelphia MUST utilize Travel                 section of the Certificate of Insurance.
compliance is corrected. Violations of the       Planners, the official RIMS housing
RIMS 2012 Philadelphia Rules and                 company for all hotel reservations. Any             Commercial General Liability Insurance
Regulations and/or RIMS Display Rules and        exhibitor who does not follow this                  including Personal Injury Liability and
Regulations may result in the reduction of       procedure will be subject to a loss of one          Contractual Liability with limits of liability
seniority points for future space selection.     seniority point.                                    for bodily injury and property damage of
Noncompliance adjustments that are not                                                               not less than $1,000,000 combined
made will be corrected by Show                   OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES: No exhibitor or                 single limit.
Management at your company’s expense.            any affiliate thereof shall conduct any
Prolonged non-compliance with these rules        meeting or event during show hours that             Workers’ Compensation and Employee
and regulations may result in your booth         would encourage attendees to leave the               Liability Insurance, including All Other
being removed from the exhibit hall at           Exhibition or Conference sessions/                   States Endorsement. The limit of
your company’s expense. Non-payment of           activities.                                          liability under the Employee Liability
the fine(s) within 30 days from date of                                                               section of the Workers’ Compensation
invoice will result in the forfeiture of         Hospitality suites and events shall not              Insurance policy shall not be less than
exhibit space for the upcoming year.             be open between the hours of 5:00 pm                 what is required by the state(s) in
                                                 and 8:00 pm on Sunday; 8:00 am to                    which the exhibitor is licensed to do
B. Non-compliance with Operation and             5:30 pm Monday; 8:30 am to 5:30 pm                   business.
Conduct Regulations will result in the loss      Tuesday – Wednesday; and, 7:30 am
of one seniority point in addition to a fine     to 1:00 pm on Thursday.                             Business Automobile Liability Insurance
of $1,000 per occurrence.                                                                             should include limits of not less than
                                                 Exhibitors who are found to be in violation          $1,000,000 for bodily injury and
C. Violations of these rules and regulations     of this provision will be subject to the loss        property damage resulting from any
may also result in ejection of exhibitor         of one seniority point per incident.                 one occurrence.
from the Exhibition without refund or
compensation for damages or expenses             Meeting and Hospitality Rooms                     Exhibitors will be solely responsible for any
incurred in exhibiting at the Exhibition,        Only exhibiting companies will be                 loss or damage to their tools, equipment,
drop in priority, disqualification from future   permitted to have meeting rooms or                property or materials. It is therefore
RIMS events and publications, and/or other       hospitality/business suites at any of the         recommended that your company maintain
such remedies that RIMS determines are           official RIMS key hotels or exhibit facilities.   its own insurance for these items and take
necessary and proper to retain the               RIMS reserves the right to control activities     appropriate action for your protection.
integrity of the Exhibition. Upon due            associated with the Exhibition and
notice of such violation, RIMS shall have        Conference, including those sponsored by          Certificates of Insurance must cover
the right to take possession of the              the exhibitor (or others) during the period       Wednesday, April 11, 2012 through Friday,
Exhibitor’s space, remove all persons and        of the meeting, whether inside or outside         April 20, 2012.
properties and hold the Exhibitor                of the convention facilities. Exhibitors must
accountable for all liability, expenses and      inform RIMS of any hospitality suites,            PROHIBITION: The sale of tangible
damages arising from Exhibitor’s                 functions, classes, seminars, or exhibits         personal property or services subject to
breach/violation of the RIMS 2012                being held at venues other than the exhibit       Pennsylvania sales tax and is prohibited in
Philadelphia – Rules & Regulations               floor, and must receive express written           any RIMS conference areas and hotels.
Contract.                                        consent from RIMS for said activities prior
                                                 to the show. Offsite room hours shall not         RIMS strictly prohibits solicitation of
INSTALLATION AND DISMANTLING:                    conflict with posted RIMS exhibit and             business in any public areas occupied
Dates and times are listed in the ESM.           conference hours. With the exception of           by 2012 RIMS Annual Conference &
                                                 business or internal staff meetings, no           Exhibition, including public areas in
EARLY TEAR-DOWN: Exhibitor shall not             exhibitor is permitted to schedule or be          RIMS conference hotels. Such
initiate tear-down, packing, or abandon          affiliated with any meetings, functions,          solicitations are limited to badged
exhibit prior to close of Exhibition Hall. In    classes, seminars, exhibits, or hospitality       individuals within registered booths in
the event exhibitor begins teardown prior        events that compete with official RIMS            the exhibit hall, only.
to the close of exhibits, the exhibitor will     conference and show hours, or official
be in non-compliance and be subject to a         RIMS events. Exhibitors who are found to          OUTBOARDING: Exhibitor agrees that in
$500 fine and loss of one seniority point        be in violation of outside activities rules &     consideration for RIMS holding exhibit
for future Exhibitions and may be refused        regulations will be subject to the loss of        space for the 2012 Annual Conference and
the right to exhibit at future RIMS events.      one seniority point.                              Exhibition and in recognition of and
                                                                                                   consideration for the significant investment
RIMS reserves the right to alter or              INSURANCE: Each exhibitor carries the             RIMS makes in attracting attendees to
close any exhibit which does not                 responsibility of maintaining adequate            Philadelphia for the Annual Conference and
conform with the rules of this contract          insurance coverage against injury to              Exhibition, exhibitor will be an official 2012
or those rules contained in the ESM.
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                                                           GENERAL RULES

exhibitor and will refrain from displaying    PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographs and videos          the parties and supersede any prior
product or exhibiting at any non-RIMS         (including webcams and streaming video)      understandings, agreements or
venue between the dates of April 15-19,       may not be taken of any booth or product     representations by or between the parties,
2012. If for any reason exhibitor cancels     other than your own, except by the press     written or oral, which may have related to
space and outboards in any non-official       or the official photographer designated by   the subject matter hereof in any way. This
exhibit venue of RIMS, the exhibitor will     RIMS.                                        Agreement shall be governed by and
lose all of priority points for future RIMS                                                construed under the laws of the State of
Conferences and will be assessed              INTERPRETATION: These rules and              New York. The venue of any action arising
liquidated damages that are calculated at     regulations, and those contained in the      out of this Agreement shall be in the State
100% of the cost of their initial RIMS        ESM, become part of the agreement            of New York, County of New York.
contract.                                     between the Exhibitor and RIMS and
                                              contain the complete agreement between

          RIMS reserves the right to address and resolve any matters not specifically covered in these rules and regulations.

              ESM = Exhibitor Services Manual ▪ PCC = The Pennsylvania Convention Center – Philadelphia, PA

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