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					Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

  How Intelligent Network Enabled
     Test Systems Can Reduce
        Maintenance Costs
   Increase Aircraft Availability &
   Improve Maintenance Integrity

          Presented By: John J Corry
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
 •Brief Introduction to AAI
 • Understanding the Pressures and the Problems
 • Regulatory Requirements
 • Where is the Risk and Where is the Reward
 • Working Example
 • What’s it all Worth
 • Review
 • Questions
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
 Introduction to Advanced Analysis & Integration
AAI design, development and provide:- Software
applications and hardware systems for measurement,
calibration and characterisation of spatial, electrical and
magnetic properties of aeronautical components,
assemblies and systems.
RFID based security authentication solutions
High speed Ultra high cleanliness hydraulic, fuel line &
sanitary cleaning systems.
AAI Provide Calibration services, Installation,
Commissioning, integration & support of all these
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
 Understanding the Pressures and the Problems
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
          Regulatory Requirements

JAR-21 has been superseded by EASA Part 21

 All tools MUST be proved to be in calibration

 ONLY staff trained to use the equipment can
    make authenticated measurements
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
    Where is the Risk and Where is the Reward

                                                         Often, measurements
                                                         made using manual
                                                         equipment are
                                                         written on paper...
                                                                                                                                     But humans
                                                                                                                                     can make
Aircraft maintenance                                                                                                                 mistakes!
involves many repetitive           Many different
                                   types of instrument
tests to be carried out.           may be needed.
                                                                        …and typed into a

                        It makes sure the                                                       Our Solution-
                        right measurement                                                       Humans never
                        is carried out...                                                       touch the data!

                                                Then the results           The MT9000 - A single, portable, online test
                                                are uploaded to            instrument capable of carrying out all of the different
                                                the database               types of electrical bonding tests routinely used in
                                                                           aircraft structure manufacture.
The MT9000 downloads
the test instructions from                                                 It ensures the users are doing the right tests, and
the server...                                                              that the records will show the right results.
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
                                            A Working Example
                                                                                        Oracle Fusion
                                                              ?                         Interoperability
                                                                                        allows future
                                                                                        expansion and
                                                                                        integration with
 The MT9000 system                                                                      many third party
 provides proven and                                                                    systems.
 secure test &                                                                                                         Using the Portable Infrastructure
 measurement capability                                                                                                Package, the MT9000 can now
 using a client’s existing                                  Fusion
                                                          Middleware                                                   be used by clients, and at
 infrastructure.                                                                                                       facilities, without suitable
                                                                                      Deployment around closed         infrastructure.
                                                        Optional interconnection      or non-existent infrastructure
                                                         with existing systems

        Site with existing infrastructure                                                                              MT9000

      MT9000                                                                        Laptop

                                                                                                      Wireless Net     MT9000
      MT9000                                                                                       (Can use portable
                                                                                                     access points)
      MT9000                                   Server
                                Wireless Net

      MT9000                                                                       The Portable Infrastructure Package- a combination of database,
                                                                                   user interface and a series of portable, autonomous, wireless access
                                                                                   points that enables full online operation of the MT9000 system
                                                                                   without any existing infrastructure, or even mains power.

                                                                                   The system is highly flexible and can be configured to suit a
                                                                                   client’s specific situation.
     Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
       Create a Test Definition & Release to Production

Red lights mean
outstanding tests
       Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
                   Management Information System

Lights have gone
green now we’ve
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
            Cradle to Grave Data

• Aircraft are tested many times in many places
• How do we spot trends
• Is a simple pass / fail adequate
• Store a local history of results
• Use tagging to confirm location & store data
• Let the equipment make the decision
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
         What’s it all Worth

6 X Reduction
 in Test Time

60 Man Days
10 Man Days
 A380 Wing
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
               The Holy Grail
• Under Pressure to Deliver
• Under Pressure to Conform
• Provide the Highest Quality
• Network Enabled Intelligent Test Systems
Allow you to Work Smarter Not Harder
• You Can Test More Aircraft in Less Time With
  Fewer Errors
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd
Advanced Analysis & Integration Ltd

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