PEOPLESOFT PROCEDURES
                    PERSONNEL REQUISITION FORM – HR-3

This form is used by hiring departments in order to fill vacancies and add new
positions for all non-faculty positions. Attach an updated job description and if
employee is paid off hard dollar funding, attach a letter of justification.

  1. Go into the NYMC website> go into administrative departments>Human
     Resources>Forms>Personnel Requisition Form

   2. Business Title: put in the business title of the job as it relates to department

   3. Department Name and Number: Write in the home department name and

   4. Job Title/Job Code: using the scroll down select job title which is listed in alpha
      order and job code will automatically appear. Put Job title of primary in this area
      and use all job codes in Funding Information to identify the job title/code that is
      associated with funding sources.

   5. Salary Grade: select grade for exempt 1, exempt and non-exempt employees.
      If you do not know grade, Human Resources (HR) will complete.

   6. Reason for personnel requisition: select vacancy or new.

   7. Name of last person in position and ID #: put in person’s full name and ID#.

   8. Skills/Experience Required: list the skills, including
      technical/computer/research/accounting skills which are required to qualify for

   9. Pay Rates (Non-CBU): based on the hourly or annual salary, list the minimum,
      midpoint and maximum salary for this position – indicate whether it is hourly or
      annual. If unknown, HR will complete.

   10. Pay Rates (CBU): based on current union contract, list the probationary rate, new
       hire rate and contract rate for the union position. If unknown, HR will complete.

   11. Type of Position: scroll to: Reg. Full Time, Reg. Part Time, Temp Full Time,
       Temp Part Time, Per Diem

   12. Class: scroll to: Exempt I, Exempt, Non-Exempt, CBU
  13. CBU Type: scroll to: CBU Clerical, CBU Tech

  14. Hrs. Per Week: Write in number of hours employee works per week.

  15. Min Education Requirement: scroll to: HS, Some College, Bachelors, Masters,

  16. Scheduled Workdays: click on each day that the employee will be scheduled to

  17. Hours From and Hours To: indicate the normal work scheduled time an
      employee is scheduled for during the work day (9 am 5pm).


  18. Position #: Controller’s Budget Department (Budgets) will assign position
      numbers for each source of funding.

  19. Job Code: using the scroll down listed under Job Title/Job Code above, which is
      listed in title alpha order, put the job code of primary in the first position # and
      then list any secondary job codes that corresponds to funding sources.

  20. Account #: list the account numbers for each source of funding that the employee
      is to be paid from.

  21. Salary/Stipend/Hourly Amount: indicate the amount being paid the employee that
      corresponds to each respective source of funding.

  22. Salary Type: scroll and select the type that corresponds to the funding source:
      Salary-E, Stipend-S, Hourly-H, Hourly-Sessions, Hourly-Teaching, Hourly-On-

  23. Hours: put in hours that relate to that specific source of funding.

  24. Longevity Pay: (Met) indicate the amount that the employee is eligible to receive
      based on the years of service.

  25. Annual Salary: this is the total of all salary amounts from all sources of funding,
      excluding the longevity pay.

  26. Shift Differential – STD: check “yes” or “no” to indicate whether the employee
      works a shift that is eligible for a 10% differential amount of total salary.

  27. Department lists the name of the person who will interview the candidates, the
      office location the candidate will go for the interview and the phone number of
      the interviewer.

  28. At this point, everything is completed and form needs to be printed so that the
     hard copy form can be submitted for approvals.


  29. Department must get approval signature and date of approval from Principal
      Investigator/Director and also the signature of Department Chair/Department
      Head or Affiliation Office.

  30. Department forwards HR-3, updated job description (if applicable) and letter of
      justification for hard dollar positions to the Employment Manager in Human


  31. Employment Manager will indicate date received, verify accuracy of all
      information, job description and letter of justification (if applicable)..

  32. Employment Manager assigns a Requisition Number if posting is required.

  33. Employment Manager routes HR-3 for all required approvals.

  34. Employment Manager writes job posting (if applicable) and posts for 5 days, and
      writes in the end of 5-day posting period on HR-3.

  35. Employment Manager uses HR-3 for applicant tracking information as listed on
      form (Applicant Referred Name, Race, Gender, Date of Interview) for each
      candidate interviewed or from Applicant Tracking Sheet completed by

  36. Employment Manager indicates: Name of Candidate Hired:, Date of Hire, Salary,
      Race Gender

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