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									                 “My goal is to provide
                       you with a safe,
                   effective program to
                  help you stay fit and    COPD Specialty Video Tape
                contribute to your good          Qty: ___ Price: 16.95      Subtotal: $___
                                           ALSO AVAILABLE!
               Mary Ann Wilson, RN         Specialty Video Tapes for these medical
               Executive Director          conditions:
               SIT AND BE FIT™
                                           Arthritis VHS DVD
     Take A Deep Breath!                            Qty: ___ Price: 24.95 Subtotal: $___
                                           Stroke   Qty: ___ Price: 16.95 Subtotal: $___
  Does that sound easy? It’s not for
                                           Multiple Sclerosis
people with Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease unless they have
                                                   Qty: ___ Price: 16.95 Subtotal: $___
                                           Parkinson’s VHS DVD
                                                                                             How can people with
learned and mastered the technique of
pursed lip breathing.
                                                    Qty: ___ Price: 18.95 Subtotal: $___
                                           Osteoporosis VHS DVD (with exercise band)
                                                                                              Chronic Obstructive
provides an exercise format that
                                                    Qty: ___ Price: 20.95 Subtotal: $___
                                           Season Eight Workout VHS DVD
                                                                                              Pulmonary Disease
incorporates appropriate breathing
techniques for COPD patients along
                                                     Qty: ___ Price: $24.95
                                           Subtotal of all items:                  $___          improve their
with a full body workout to maintain
functional fitness.
                                           Shipping & Handling:
                                              1 item— $4.95     2 items —   $6.95            quality of life through
                                             3 items — $7.95    4-6 items — $8.95
  Professionals consider this video to
                                            7-9 items—$10.95        SUBTOTAL $____
                                           WA State residents, add 8.1% sales tax    $____
                                                                                             daily, gentle exercise?
be one of the best pulmonary home
rehabilitation programs available. As                             TOTAL             $____
one viewer from San Antonio, Texas         Payment:     Check      Visa     Mastercard
writes:                                    Credit Card #:__________________________
                                           Expiration Date:_________________________
    “When my asthma kicks in, I feel       Signature:_____________________________
lousy. But when I exercise with Mary
Ann, I feel better immediately.”           Address:______________________________
        SO CAN YOU with                    Phone:________________________________
        the COPD Video!                    Please make checks payable to:
                                                       SIT AND BE FIT™
                                           P.O. Box 8033 • Spokane, WA 99203-0033
                                           Tel: (509) 448-9438 • Fax: (509) 448-5078
Why Gentle Exercise?                                                                                        COPD
                       Gentle exercise makes SENSE! Invest in your health by spending 23            Specialty Exercise
                       minutes out of your day doing safe, effective chair exercises specially
                       designed for anyone with COPD. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary                    Video Tape
                       Disease covers a wide range of conditions including asthma,                         Contains:
                       emphysema, and bronchitis. Exercises that promote chest expansion,
                       strengthen postural muscles, and focus on a variety of breathing
                       techniques are keys to a successful home pulmonary rehabilitation          Posture and breathing
                       program.                                                                     instruction
 Master pursed lipped breathing                      Improve posture                              (pursed lip & diaphragmatic)
 Master diaphramatic breathing techniques            Increase range of motion                   Self-massage and
 Increase joint flexibility                          Improve circulation and mobility             neck stretching techniques
 Improve coordination                                An overall sense of well-being             Seated warm-up
                                                                                                  Circulation toe/heel tap dance
Why SIT AND BE FIT?                                                                               Leg and arm strengthening
                                                                                                  Finger workout
                     The SIT AND BE FIT program is a gentle, yet effective general                Standing stretch segment
                     exercise program designed to help people with a variety of condi-            Relaxed breathing segment
                     tions. Responding to viewer requests, Mary Ann Wilson designed
                     this unique COPD specialty video tape so that even those with
                     pulmonary concerns can become functionally fit again and improve
                                                                                                 “For our patients with COPD who
                     their quality of life. If you want a pulmonary rehabilitation program       express an interest in building
 that also provides a full-body workout, then SIT AND BE FIT is for you! The COPD                endurance and strength, we
video tape concentrates on posture, breathing, chest expansion, and relaxation.                  recommend the SIT AND BE
                                  SIT AND BE FIT™—                                               COPD video tape.”
                                                                                                       Cheryl Rambaud, RRT,
    Winner of the American Society on Aging’s 1997 Small Business of the Year                          AirLogix, Dallas, TX

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