Thinking Skills

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					Skills                                                       Examples
Knowing                                                      When was _____?
Defining problems: clarifying needs, discrepancies, or       Identify the _____ in the _____.
puzzling situations                                          Define the word _____.
Setting goals: establishing direction and purpose            Who did _____?
Observing: obtaining information through one or more         Who is the narrator of the story?
senses                                                       Tell about _____.
Formulating questions: seeking new information               List (facts, details, attributes).
through inquiry                                              Which picture shows _____?
Encoding: storing information in long-term memory            Match _____.
Recalling: retrieving information from long-term             What is the purpose of _____?
memory                                                       Describe _____.
Useful Verbs: list, name, label, recall, identify, match,
Organizing                                                   How else might you say _____?
Arranging information so it can be used effectively          Describe _____ . Tell how _____ . Compare _____.
Comparing: noting similarities and differences between       What is the purpose of _____?
or among entities                                            Sequence/Put _____ in order of _____.
Classifying: grouping and labeling entities on the basis     Is _____ greater than _____?
of their attributes                                          Why is it called _____?
Ordering: sequencing entities according to a given           Explain why _____. What caused _____?
criterion                                                    Find the _____ that _____.
Representing: changing the form but not the substance        Make a diagram/chart/graphic organizer that _____ .
of information                                               Sort the_____.
Useful Verbs: categorize, group, classify, compare,          Categorize the_____ of _____.
Applying                                                     Give some instance in which _____.
Demonstrating prior knowledge within a new situation.        Which of these would best demonstrate _____?
The task is to bring together the appropriate information,   Dramatize/Pantomime/Act out _____.
generalizations or principles that are required to solve a   Show how _____.
problem.                                                     Use _____ to _____.
Useful Verbs: apply, make, show, record, construct,          Illustrate _____.
demonstrate, illustrate
Analyzing                                                    What part of this could be real? Make believe?
Clarifying existing information by examining parts and       What would be a good title for _____?
relationships                                                How are _____ related?
Identifying attributes and components: determining           Compare _____ to _____.
characteristics or parts of something                        How are they alike? Different?
Identifying relationships and patterns: recognizing          Explain the main idea.
ways in which elements are related                           Which words best describe _____?
Identifying main ideas: identifying the central element;     Outline the important _____.
for example, the hierarchy of key ideas in a message or
line of reasoning
Identifying errors: recognizing logical fallacies and
other mistakes and where possible, correcting them
Useful Verbs: outline, diagram, differentiate, analyze
Skills                                                  Examples
Integrating                                             How may ways can you think of _____?
Connecting and combining information                    Summarize the story in your own words _____.
Summarizing: combining information efficiently into a   Make a plan to _____.
cohesive statement                                      What if _____?
Restructuring: changing existing knowledge structures   How would you change _____?
to incorporate new information                          Can you make/produce _____?
Useful Verbs: combine, summarize, design, imagine,      Tell/Show me how _____.
generalize                                              What lesson was learned?
                                                        How can it apply to new situations?
Evaluating                                              What would you do?
Assessing the reasonableness and quality of ideas       Should_____ be permitted to _____?
Establishing criteria: setting standards for making     Why or why not?
judgments                                               Was it right or wrong for _____? Explain.
Verifying: confirming the accuracy of claims            How well did _____?
Useful Verbs: judge, evaluate, rate, verify, assess,    What is the most important? Why?
define criteria                                         What could have been different?
                                                        Select/Choose the best _____.
                                                        What helped you to decide _____? Why?
                                                        Based on_____from the text, tell why_____. (Justify)
                                                        Which would you choose/select _____? Tell why.
                                                        Which picture best represents the data?
                                                        Evaluate the effectiveness of _____.
                                                        What evidence is there that _____? (Verify)

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