Individual Commissioning Structure Chart by 87K4dZ


									                                LOCAL DELIVERY AND INDEPENDENT LIVING
                                         SERVICE STRUCTURE

                                           Head of Local Delivery and
                                           Independent Living Service                          BUSINESS CHANGE

LILT Service Manager- Congleton      LILT Manager- Crewe        LILT Manager- Macclesfield       LILT Manager- Wilmslow and
                                      IC Strategic Lead for:                                             Knutsford
                                     Urgent and Acute Care         IC Strategic Lead for:
      IC Strategic Lead for:            Intermediate Care      Community Mental Health Teams         IC Strategic Lead for:
          Occ. Therapy                        Carers                  Guardianships               Learning Disability Services
    Visual Impairment Service                                       Dementia Services                 Extra Care Housing
            Reablement                                                 Safeguarding                  Customer Call Centre
         Meals Contract                                           PARIS and IT systems              Supported Employment
     Workforce Development
                                         Team Manager
                                                                     LILT Team Manager
       LILT Team Manager                                                                              LILT Team Manager

                                      Leighton Hospital
                                       Team Manager                 CMHT Macclesfield
      Occupational Therapy                                           Team Manager
         Long Term and
      Immediate Response
         Team Manager
                                        MDGH Hospital                CMHT Congleton
                                        Team Manager                  Team Manager

                                                                        CMHT Crewe
                                                                       Team Manager

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