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Prohibition of Google AdSense (PDF)


									P rohibition of Google AdS ense.

When you do a Google AdS ense, it is recommended that you do not cheat. Or abuse of Google, be afraid that it is your will
not be able to apply Google AdS ense can go to your pickle and you see someone breaking the rules, Google will provide
e-mail to notify owners of those sites to see. Many of you have said. If any country is a rogue Google AdS ens Google is now
banned in the country. (I do not know how true) if the email I also do not believe Google would tell me (and what to enter).

The prohibition of Google.
• The Code has been modified to put it into your web page. Do not be scared by that.
• Do not click your own ads. Or help to do it in style. P eople click
• Do not write them to click. Or a placebo for the user to click, for example, “The decision to support us” to be a “sponsored
links” or “advertisements.” Only.
• Clicking on Google AdS ense ads can not open a new page (_blank).
• Copy the content as it is multiple pages.
• Do not place Google AdS ense on the page and Download the MP 3, Clip Video, News Group, or a blank page with no
content, nothing.
• Do not place Google AdS ense to a mailing sent to members of your site.
• Do not place Google Adsense on the pages to make up. S pecific list to display Google Adsense.
• Do not place Google AdS ense, the P op Up.
• Do not force the user to click Automatic S oft Ware.
• Do not use S oft Ware to promote your website, such as Web P romotor.
• Respect the Google trademarks, logos, banners, or do not have Google’s use is strictly prohibited. (And I will set the
domain name. I also do not have an e-mail me to ask).
• The Web page must not obscure obscure Google AdS ense, and it must be the same color as the text of Web pages and
even the letters must be visible.
• If an email alert Google to find what you’re doing some things wrong. Tell them, do it immediately.
• Do not place it near your Ads to lure visitors to wander. That the contents of the form (this is a new rule).

This is the prohibition of the Google AdS ense to work it is not strictly banned. I do not do it for me. Not expect to
have much less because it does not have a Google AdS ense, I have always made me feel I have a Google AdS ense is good
enough to make some money. Do not pay for itself.

Remember that. The first is what you should be. I think it was the same ($) If you know the other person guarantee that
returns will certainly come back to you.

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