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                                         TEXTILE DESIGN

                                             Painting Design

Design Drawing is a creative art product that functioned for all industrial products of textile fabrics, this
 product is made in the various types of fabrics, such as for example silk, cotton, polyester, rayon and
other fabrics. How to paint designs for textiles is not much different from that done by painters canvas,
only to paint the design of products must follow the rules and regulations that required the consumer,
    and of course the customer an order to adjust to the conditions of the engine and the existing
                                          production capacity.

 In general, the dye used water-based, relatively small size of designs ranging in size from 30cm x 40cm
          up to 50cm x 100cm, but the size can be changed to follow the demand of consumers.
End process of these products does not always require an amplifier, because the design of this painting
  is only used as a genuine example of the design before production to large amounts of used printing
machines in textile factories. so many consumers who use these products, such as Shirt, T-Shirt Painting,
  Sheet, Bags, Tablecloths, Carpets, Curtains, Scarves, Shoes, Pillowcase, Pants, Cloth Seats Packaging,

          Gloves, until the equipment is also commonly used fabrics for automotive and Interior.
  In Indonesia the state create a design for the textile industry by way of the painting seems to change
almost forgotten even by the era of computerization, with the purpose and reason for the efficiency and
  effectiveness of the production process, production cost savings and also accelerated the production
  process, but this is very different from the occurred to date on the European continent, in Europe the
process of creating textile designs are mostly done by painting or crafts, though indeed the purpose and
 reason for the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process a top priority does not mean the
  hand painting technique has no significant value, originality design work imagination and creativity of
  the designer will actually look through the many painting techniques, and of course it begins with the
     orientation of each producer perspective that tends to get used to always be pioneers, creators,
                  trendsetter of original creations, be it Studio design or textile industry.
    Concern about the situation and condition of the existing differences caused concern for human
 resources in Indonesia, especially for those who have the talent ability in this profession - Art Design -.
The difficulty of finding a buyer, agent or dealer who is still able to appreciate the painted designs often
                   make the profession they are forced to switch to the demands of life.
   The amount of hope and aspiration to make Admin of the site to begin trying to figure it out on the
                                           progress made to date.
  Hopefully all of the information contained in this site has a positive benefit for anyone who is an art
profession, especially textile designs for Textile Indonesia and generally to the art of textile design in the
                                             World. Thank you

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