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					                          THE CITY OF RIO RANCHO
                         CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PLAN
                        CITIZEN’S ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                                     August 28, 2006
                                         7:00 PM
                                Council Chambers City Hall
                                3900 Southern Boulevard
                                 Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Committee Members Present:                       City Staff Present:
District 1: Joe Cordova                          Dee Fuerst, PID Asset Mgmt & (AMA) Division
District 2: Howard Drollinger                    Debbie Meurer, AMA, Recorder
District 3: Robert Radosevich
District 4: Gary Hohmann                         Dolores Wood, Development Services
District 5: Chairman Bill Nelson
District 6: Brian McClintock
Business: Kjersten Paschall
Business: Tony Popper
Business: Greg Campbell, Vice Chair
Business: David Armstrong

Absent: N/A

                 Chairman Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM and led the Pledge of

ITEM 2:          APPROVAL OF MINUTES of June 26th, 2006 moved forward due to no
                 meeting in July 2006.
                 Popper moved to APPROVE the Minutes, Cordova 2nd the
                 motion. Motion carried;
                 YES: Cordova, Drollinger, Radosevich, Nelson, Paschall, Campbell, Armstrong,
                 ABSTAIN: Hohmann, McClintock

                 Dolores Wood gave a presentation on Impact Fees, Credits, Capital
                 Improvement Plan, Land Use Assumptions and the Annual Report.
           -     Impact fees are one funding source for the city; other sources are needed to
                 support facility improvements within the city.
           -     Credits: Audit was completed June 2004, prior to ordinance; AMREP was eligible
                 for approximately $850,000 worth of credits. AMREP no longer builds, has since
                 transferred approximately $662,000 credits to developers; Curb Inc, Wallen and
           -     Development agreements are made with developers that are incorporating
                 system improvements both onsite and off site. If improvements equal more
                 then impact fees, credits are issued.
           -     Impact fees vary depending on agreement and improvements made by a
                 developer. Impact fee monies generated approximately 6 million this past year.
           -     Large Developments with agreements: Mariposa, Cabezon, Enchanted Hills,
                 Lomas Encantadas, Northern Meadows, Hawk Site.
Minutes 060828
           -     Smaller Developments with agreements: Cielo Grande. Mirador del Sol, High
                 Range, Sierra Norte,  Los Malogros and commercial businesses such as

           -     Questions:
                 - Cordova asked if there is a rationale to putting roads with curb and gutter in
                   areas with no utilities, when in years to come the city will eventually have to
                   put in infrastructure. Can developers get some sort of credits for putting in
                   asphalt? Wood responded that subdivisions are required to put in curb and
                   gutter and will take point forward to city staff.
                 - Paschall asked about transitional zoning. Wood responded that traditionally
                   when land was annexed it was designated transition zoning as an interim
                 - Nelson asked as a department notices drainage issues and other issues,
                   would a overlay approach be feasibility. Wood responded that the recent
                   drainage impact fee was implemented to handle the drainage issues and that
                   SAD’s (special assessment district) are being looked at for the future. A
                   majority of the homeowners have to agree for a SAD to occur.
                 - Hohmann commented on road damages in Unit 17, the citizens feel that the
                   city owns the roads, accepted them from AMREP and should fix them. Staff
                   commented that individual homes are being built without a full area drainage
                   plan, hence causing a lot of damages. The city is making every effort in the
                   interim to fix the problems at hand. Radosevich commented that it will take
                   miles of a drainage system to be put in place to handle the down flow from
                   higher areas in Unit 17.
                 - Paschall, asked if the city has any blighting or condemnations planned. Staff
                   commented that there may be areas in the future, providing that the ability
                   to use blighting is not taken away by the governor’s task force. Unit 17 is
                   an example of why the city does redevelopment (blighting). Developers that
                   plan and build independently with out a comprehensive drainage plan, lead
                   to the sort of drainage damages we are now seeing in Unit 17.
                 - Nelson asked how can we set priorities to present to the governing body,
                   what is the process? Cordova commented that we (CIPCAC) advise the
                   governing body of what we feel should be the priorities and let the
                   Governing Body sort thru the issues, Radosevich agreed with Cordova.
                   Transportation was thought to be an upcoming issue for Rio Rancho. Popper
                   commented that scheduling on a personal level may help offset traffic flows.
                   Committee agreed that they need to go to the Governing Body with a
                   solution to the traffic issues. Cordova commented that a road design criteria
                   may be helpful.
                 - Hohmann asked about SAD criteria, how are the boundaries of a SAD
                   determined. Staff deferred question to appropriate department. Nelson
                   commented that a SAD typically serves a public purpose.             Radosevich
                   commented that each SAD is unique with different criteria.
                 - Nelson commented that he thinks a SAD will be needed for Unit 17. That it
                   will take a cooperative group of citizens and city departments to find a good
                   solution.     Staff commented that SAD’s and redevelopment are the
                   mechanisms used to control and resolve drainage and other problems.
                 - Committee spoke of regional boards and the city’s representation on these
                   boards, that more representation is needed for Rio Rancho.

Minutes 060828
           -     Fuerst commented that PID has been swamped of late with the rains, the city is
                 scrambling to put things back in order.
           -     Staff commented that drainage impact fees are being implemented gradually
                 over a 3 year plan; single family drainage fee is $1,785 the full fee is $4,465 for
                 single. It was suggested that it may be wise to enforce the drainage impact fees
                 immediately in light of the recent rains and damages.            Again, SAD was
                 suggested as the long term fix for some of the drainage problems. Nelson
                 commented on inequities in the process of SAD’s, suggesting equal portions for
                 all owners.




                 Next Months Agenda Items:
           -     Popper suggested 6:00 meeting time for the future CIPCAC meetings. Meurer
                 commented that currently CIPCAC is scheduled from 6 PM through 9 PM.
           -     Set priorities to present to governing body.
           -     Elections for Chair and Vice Chair.
           -     Follow up of Woods presentation in the future.

                 There being no further business to come before the committee, Hohmann
                 moved to ADJOURN, Radosevich 2nd the motion, Motion carried;
                 Nelson adjourned the meeting at 8:20 PM.
                 YES: Cordova, Drollinger, Radosevich, Nelson, Paschall, Campbell, Armstrong,
                 Popper, Hohmann, McClintock
                 ABSENT: N/A

Dee Fuerst and Debbie Meurer can be reached at (505) 891-5056; their offices are located in
the Utilities Customer Service building immediately east of City Hall.

Minutes submitted by Debbie Meurer, CIPCAC, AMA Recorder.

APPROVED This 25TH Day of September 2006

Located in the CITY CLERK’S OFFICE
Bill Nelson, Chairman, CIPCAC

Minutes 060828

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