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									                                                                                    Culpeper County Gifted Program
                                                                                           Curriculum Plan
Title of Unit: And Justice For All                                                                Disciplines: Language Arts and Civics
Standards of Learning Supported: English 7.1, 7.2, 7.6, 7.7, 7.10 Social Studies 7.1, 7.5, 7.9, 7.10 Grade Level: 7            Length of Time: 2 nine weeks

 Unit Description: (Rationale and Purpose):                                                                  Unit Objectives:
           We will explore the essential question “What is Justice?” through                                 1. Develop critical reading and thinking skill through the analysis of several selection on the
 the use of a thematic literature program that teaches you to be critical readers                                concept of justice
 and thinkers. Through studying a powerful mix of stimulating, challenging,                                  2. Develop an objective understanding of the rights and laws which evolved, and continue
 highly focused fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and more we will answer the                                         to evolve, from the Bill of Rights
 following questions—“What’s Fair—What’s Not?”, “Who Judges?”, and                                           3. Examine and discuss actual Supreme Court case, both as students giving their own
 “Punishment or Mercy?”. In this creative solution unit, students will take on                                   opinion and as judges who must try to apply the principles of law without prejudice
 the roles of Supreme Court Justices and rule on cases by applying the Bill of                               4. Interpret editorial cartoons
 Rights.                                                                                                     5. Create an editorial cartoon on an issue dealing with justice
           Also, students will learn how a cartoonist expresses opinion and
 bias by the way in which he/she draws characters and present situations.
 Students will use critical thinking skills and their knowledge of the world to
 interpret editorial cartoons. Each student will create an editorial cartoon on
 an issue dealing with justice.

Activities/Learning Experiences:                                                      *Required Culminating Activity-Future Problem Solving of a       *Explore each of the following elements of editorial cartoons through
*Critically read and analyze selections in the anthology, And Justice for All.        fuzzy dealing with an amendment of The Bill of Rights or an      analyzing editorial cartoons—understanding the cartoon’s main idea,
Focus on the thinking skill and extensions for selection when appropriate. At the     issue pertaining to justice.                                     analogy and symbol, humor and irony, exaggeration and
end of each cluster, complete at least one activity in Responding to Cluster.         *Required Culminating Activity- five paragraph essay on the      understatement, caricature and stereotype, captions and other words,
*Each student will maintain a log on work assigned during this unit.                  topic—site and explain three specific premises of what And       drawing and design, and literary and historical references
*Choose two chapters on two different amendments of The Bill of Rights from           Justice for All means                                            *Required Culminating Activity-create an editorial incorporating
You Decide! Applying the Bill of Rights to Real Cases. The two amendments             *Optional Activity-simulated court trial                         several of the above elements on an issue dealing with justice
chosen should support selections read and analyzed in class.

Nature of Differentiation for Gifted Learners: (Designate)                                                                             Resources/Materials Used:
X The student will develop higher order thinking skills:         X    The student will develop skills, which lead to discovery
    *develops the cognitive process of analysis                       of unique and transformed knowledge.
                                                                                                                                       Classroom set of the Literature and Thought anthology—And Justice
    *develops the cognitive process of synthesis                                                                                       for All with the teacher guide
    *develops the cognitive process of evaluation                                                                                      You Decide! Applying the Bill of Rights to Real Cases (Critical
X The student will think critically in response to given         X    The student will develop appropriate self-expectations:          Thinking Books & Software) with teacher manual
    information:                                                      *evaluates goals in terms of personal abilities,
    *develops the ability to define and clarify given                 performance, interests, and personality
                                                                                                                                       Everything You Needed To Teach About Editorial Cartoons
    information                                                       *deals effectively with success or lack of success               (Knowledge Unlimited, Inc.)
    *develops the ability to judge given information                  *distinguishes between boredom and lack of familiarity
    *develops the ability to infer/solve problems and draw            *develops willingness to undertake tasks that have
    reasonable conclusions                                            uncertain outcomes
X The student will develop divergent thinking skills:            X    The student will develop verbal and written
    *develops fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and                  communication skills:
                                                                                                                                      Assessment Techinique(s): (Designate)
    originality                                                       *develops writing skills that enhance thinking and the
                                                                                                                                      X Anecdotal                               X    Facilitator Assessment
                                                                      precise use of language
           ssessment Technique(s): (Check)                            *develops oral presentation skills                              X Facilitator Generated Rubric(s)              Portfolio
X  The student will reason logically:                                 The student will develop competency in creative                     Student Generated Rubric(s)           X    Project
                                                                                                                                      X Peer Assessment                              Skit
   *develops Generated apply basic
___Facilitatorthe ability to Rubric(s) argument forms                 problem solving:
                                                                                                                                      X Self-Assessment                         X    Presentation
   *reasons logically using deductive
___Student(s) Generated Rubric(s) and non-deductive                   *solves real and fictitious problems through the use of
   methods                                                            mess finding, data finding, problem finding, idea finding,      X Other: editorial cartoon
                                                                      solution finding, and acceptance finding
X    The student will develop independent, self-directed         X    The student will participate in a simulation and/or
     learning skills.                                                 dilemma, which nurture higher-level thinking skills.
X    The student will develop effective group behaviors.

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