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									One Concierge Announces Partnership with Paramount Business Jets
Date: 03-03-2011 09:00 AM CET
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Press release from: One Concierge

One Concierge (, the largest and most comprehensive online provider of concierge services, announced
today a partnership agreement with Paramount Business Jets (, a leading provider of private jet
charters around the globe. The partnership builds on One Concierge's existing relationship with Paramount Business Jets as a
preferred partner for private jet charters and integrates One Concierge's own corporate and personal concierge programs into
Paramount's existing service offerings.

  Through the partnership One Concierge will leverage this relationship to provide its clients with below market rates for
domestic and international private jet charters, business jet charters and many other private jet transportation solutions.
Similarly, Paramount Business Jets hopes to use One Concierge's reputation as a leading concierge service provider to provide
its own clients with premium concierge service offerings both on the ground and in the air.

 By utilizing cutting-edge technology, and data integration systems, staff and specialist teams at both One Concierge and
Paramount Business Jets are able to view service offerings, availability of aircraft and service providers for all aircraft and
concierge requests. This enables both customer support teams to provide clients with up-to-the-minute information about
private jet charters and/or or concierge services and requests. This shared data will provide most useful in processing charter
and concierge requests and allows clients to receive instant quotes, faster support and quality service for any request

 By capitalizing on Paramount Business Jet's strength in the growing private jet market, One Concierge hopes to be able to
provide clients with a reliable source of aircraft for any charter request. From a 4 seat Cessna 172 to a 747 jumbo jet,
Paramount Business Jets has the resources and knowledge to fulfill any aircraft charter request.

 Together, One Concierge and Paramount Business Jets have access to over 15,000 aircraft, 4,000 domestic and international
partners as well as 10,000 service providers around the globe. A staggering industry network that continues to expand as both
companies venture into new regions. This network provides customers with an almost endless array of options for any aircraft
charter or concierge request imaginable but also allows both companies to tailor their services and personalize them to suit
every request.

 About One Concierge

 The ultimate in personal and corporate concierge services, One Concierge is recognized as one of the leading choices for
concierge services in over 110 countries around the globe. One Concierge gives individuals and corporations the benefits and
advantages of on-site concierge services at a fraction of the cost. Delivering convenience, peace of mind and impeccable
service, One Concierge offers clients a reliable and cost effective method for any concierge request. Whether you are looking
for a yacht charter or event planning services One Concierge has the knowledge and resources to make your request a reality.
From conception to implementation, we are proud to offer all of our clients the highest level of personalized service,
unparalleled choices and attention to detail.

 About Paramount Business Jets

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 Built to serve the corporate jet and leisure market, Paramount Business Jets is a leading private jet broker for personal or
corporate private jet transportation solutions. Recognized for its reliable, cost effective and luxury charter services worldwide,
Paramount Business Jets gives individuals and corporations the benefits and advantages of aircraft ownership at a fraction of
the cost. Paramount Business Jets is committed to providing you and your guests with, prestigious service, and excellent
customer service, backed by a corporate culture that ensures accountability and ethical business practices at every turn.

 One Concierge Media Inquiries
 Alex Palmer
 VP, Marketing & Business Development
 3810 Shoma Drive, West Palm Beach, FL, 33414, USA
 (Tel) +1 800 - 628-9701

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