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    !!Part Time Job Tips!!
Thanks for purchasing the AdSense Money Making Job So,
let’s start the main work.

To start the Typing job open these Websites.


After that click on Typing job/ Writing job related category.
And you’ll need to bid on the given project.

Simply select the amount as given in the project and bid on it.
When you’ll get it, complete the project and submit.

And then you’ll get the payment for the work you do by your
preferred method.

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Google Adsense is the Biggest Money Making Job on Internet.
Thousands of People are earning more then Rs.50,000/Month.
Google is the King of Internet. If you search any keyword in
Google like “Jobs”. Then you’ll see some ads in your right
side “Sponsored Links”. These links are Adsense.

                         How Adsense
Google Adsense = Website+ Good Content+ Online

Don’t worry. We’ll explain everything in detail. So you can

easily start your Adsense Job.

You’ll need an website, You can get it from

You’ll get your website 100% Free.

To make your website. Simply follow these steps.


Then Click on “Sign up” or “Create an Blog”.

Enter your Email id, Password, Display name( your name),

Enter Image verification code. And Click Next or Continue.

Now select your template, You can choose any

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template. And then continue.

Your Blogger will be Ready. Click on make an post or click on

Now this is the Most important part, Adding Content.

You’ll need to write and Good post about any topics.

Which are listed here.

   1. Google Adsense
   2. Making money
   3. Online Shopping
   4. Loans
   5. Credit Card
   6. Games
   7. Data Entry
   8. Typing Jobs
   9. Work at Home
10. Money making Jobs

You can also select any topic, which is better for you. If you

don’t have any idea. Then you can choose more topics from

You’ll find many articles in

You can copy any article and paste it into your Blog.

Now click on “Publish Post” to submit your post.
You can also click on preview to take an look of your posts.

You’ll also get an confirmation email from Google to verify

your Blogger account. Simply click on that link to confirm

your blogger account.

Your blogger user name will be also your Blogspot address.

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When you click on publish post, Then you’ll see an option like

“Open in new window”. Click on that to get your Website’s

After clicking on that, you’ll see your Website. Simply write

down the address of your Website.

It will seems like that–

(it’s only an example).

So, You’ll get your Website. And if you have any problem,

Then please check all the steps from beginning.

How to apply for                         Google Adsense?

To apply for adsense open again and login with

your email id and password, which you used for making blog.

Now you’ll in the member area of Blogger.

You’ll see some option like– Edit Posts, Settings, Layout,View
Blog etc.

Click on “Layout”. And you’ll see an page. Add and arrange
page elements.

Click on “Add a Gadget” or “add an page element”.

An pop up window will open. You’ll see many links in that

You’ll see an Link “Adsense”.

Click on that.
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You’ll see an option like create an new adsense account.

Enter your Email id and language.

And continue.

You’ll also need to select ad format, Select ad format 160x600.

And continue.

Then you’ll need to confirm your Adsense account.

Open your Email id and you’ll see an Confirmation Email from

Click on that and you’ll see a new page.

Fill your Payee name, Address, phone no & if you’ll see URL
field, Then simply enter your Website or Blogger’s address.

Now Your application has been submitted for review.

It’s means that you’ve successfully created an Adsense

Now within 5-6 days maximum, You’ll get an welcome Email
from Google.

To let you know that your account has been approved.

If you received any email like your account has not been
approved, Then please check your blog posts.

And write new fresh posts or make an Blog.

To make an blog again, Simply follow the Blog making steps
from Beginning.

After getting Approval Email from Google.

You’ll need to check your Blog to see that ads are showing in
your Blog or not.
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If you ads are showing correctly then your Adsense money
making website is ready. To check adsense ads,

You’ll see a little message like “Ads by Google” at the bottom
of the Ads.

Now you’ll need to promote your website to get traffic to your

When people comes to your Website and click on the ads,

You’ll get an amount from $0.50- $30 or more.

Always Remember– Don’t Click on your Own ads or Your

account will be banned. And you’ll never earn any money.

So please don’t click on your own ads and don’t ask anyone
to click on them.

To check your Adsense account’s Earning, simply open– and enter your Email id and
password, When you open your account first time, You’ll see
TOS and Policy of Google Adsense. Select all the TOS and

         How to make Money with Google

You’ll need to promote your website in free classifieds to get
traffic( Peoples, who’ll see your website and click on your

When you’ll see your Adsense Report, You’ll see these
options-: Page impression= Number of peoples, who visited
your website or blog.

CTR= Click through ration, Percentage of the peoples and

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Suppose that 100 peoples visit your website and only 30
peoples click on your ads.

Then your Page Impression will be 100 and Clicks will be 30
and CTR will be 30%.

And you’ll also your Earnings. You can check your all time
earning anytime.

Here is the list of some Good and free classified webs ites.


and you can also get thousands of webs ites from Google and

To get more classifieds websites from search engine like
Google and yahoo, Simply Type “Free Classified” and you’ll
get many free classifieds websites.

To post ads in free classifieds websites, Simply click on Post
an ad and you’ll see many categories.

Choose the category, which will be match to your website.

Suppose that your blog is related to “Computer” then post
your ads in the Computer category.

The more ads you’ll post, The more money you’ll make!

     Some Useful Tips & Free                               Bonus
Don’t click on your own ads and never ask anyone to click on
them directly.

You can post ads like– Free computer information.

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( It’s only a example, You can post ads like that).

You can make as much blogs as you like.

We have also added Free Extra Money Making Adsense

Bonus for you. It will cost Rs.2000.

But, Just for you 100% Free. You’ll need Acrobat Reader to
read these books. ue_Exposed.
se nse.exe

                        PAID SURVEY
We have added the best Paying SurveyForm Filling
CompaniesYou’ll just need to Join these companies and
Update your profile.

After that, you’ll start getting survey forms in Your Email id.

You’ll get Rs.50– Rs.600/Survey Form Filling.

Number of Forms will be depending on the number of
Companies join by you.

So join as much companies as You Can.

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1.GlobalTestMarket– Best paying online survey Company. Get
paid up to Rs.1000/ Survey Filling. Guaranteed payment. Join
today and start earning money from Globaltestmarket

2.Surveysavvy You can get paid up to $30 or more for
completing a paid survey. Refer your friends and earn more
money. You get paid $2 for each survey completed by your
direct referral and $1 for each survey by your indirect referral.
Each month, out of a pool of entries from members that don't
qualify for a survey, 50 individuals are selected to receive $10
each. Join Surveysavvy and start earn ing!

3.NPD Online: Male only. Join NPD Online and take free paid
surveys for cash.-

4.American Consumer Opinion Panel(ACOP) American
Consumer Opinion Panel is a reputed market research firm
which pays you cash to complete online paid surveys. It is
operated by Decision Analyst Inc., a leading international
marketing research and marketing consulting. Typically you
get $3 to $25 for each survey you complete. Make your
opinions count and earn money from paid surveys! They mail
you your payment as check within 4 weeks of completing the
paid survey.

5. Spidermetrix Spidermetrix is an Australia based survey site
that pays you to take online paid surveys and evaluate
websites by taking questionnaires. Members are called
spiders and they earn spider points as rewards. Points can be
redeemed as cash and they pay you by Paypal.

6.Planet Pulse PlanetPanel is a worldwide community of
consumers and conducts online surveys from consumers
across the globe. They offer Free Membership for Online Paid
Survey in India and conduct surveys on different products
and services offered by different companies, current events,
government policies, and more. You get pulses for completing
surveys. Once you have 2500 pulses, they send 25$ to your
Paypal account. You also earn points for referring your
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7.Opinion Square: is an online research community of
who answer fun
surveys in exchange for earning reward points redeemable for
merchandise and entries
into our “Your Opinion Matters” sweepstakes. Sweepstakes
prizes include a VIP trip to
Europe, monthly iPod, LCD TV and Cash giveaways
and daily NetFlix subscriptions!
OpinionSquare members answer surveys that help
companies improve their products for
all consumers-
http://www.permissionresearch. com/Home.aspx

9.Ciao Surveys– Good paying companies. Earn up to
Rs.1000/survey. Update your profile and complete all the
Questions to get more forms on your Emails id.

10.CorpScan– Biggest Indian survey panel company. Get paid
for your opinion. Good Earning for each survey you complete.

11 .Treasuretrooper– Earn money by completing simple
survey taks. Good paying survey company.

12.Cashcrate– Get paid to complete simple online forms.

13.OnlineGlobalrecruigting– Earn Rs.50–Rs.5000/Survey Form

14.Globalopinionpanels– Get paid to submit your opinion.

15.Homescansignup– Make money by filling free and easy
survey forms. Good payment and support.

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16.Esearch– Good And Genuine Survey Company–

17. survey.sotech–

18.Qsample– Take free and high paying surveys on your email
id and earn handsome income.

19.Advisorypanel–Goodsurvey company–

    Update your profile on weekly basis to get more forms.

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