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                                  No.2 Term 1 Tuesday 22nd February 2011
                                                         Chairperson, School Board C/- Hocking Primary
23rd February LA12 and LA13 Assembly
24th February Bunnings Sustainable Garden                TRAFFIC, CAR PARKS, SAFETY
7th March     Public Holiday
                                                         The issues involved with traffic, car parks and
Message from the Principal                               safety are ones that will always be with us. The
                                                         fact is that we will unfortunately never have
                                                         enough parking bays for all staff and parents and
From Semester 2, a hard copy of the school’s
                                                         therefore everyone must take responsibility for
newsletter will not be sent home with students.
                                                         the way they use the roads and car parks around
Parents will access the newsletter by direct email
                                                         the school. The following information is provided
or from the webpage. As we work towards this
                                                         to guide parents on how best they can ensure the
process of distribution we ask all parents to email
                                                         safety of all. and let us know the
                                                         Traffic: Try to use the roundabouts around the
name of your child who would normally bring
                                                         school to travel in one direction especially when
home the newsletter. For the remainder of this
                                                         using the Kiss-n-drive.       Be courteous and
Term 1 and 2 a hard copy will be provided for
                                                         respectful of school neighbours and their
those who have yet to provide us with email
                                                         Car Parks: The new car park on the eastern side
SCHOOL BOARD                                             is unavailable until significant safety issues are
Yesterday our School Board met for the first time        resolved. In the interim drivers can park in the
and discussed the role of the Board and the              temporary car parking on the oval, in the
responsibilities of the members.       In future         embayments around the school streets and in the
meetings the Board will be looking a establishing        southern car park. The staff car park is for staff.
a new constitution, developing a school business         Safety: Drivers are responsible for the safety on
plan and addressing school community issues as           the roads and in car parks. If walking to a parked
they arise. Information to parents about the             car with children, if possible, always enter from
Board work will be provided in the school’s              the front of the vehicle and always know where
fortnightly newsletter and on our webpage. Our           your children are. Be vigilant on checking for
Board members are:                                       reversing vehicles.
Community Representatives: Janelle Perkins
                                                         PARENT INFORMATION MEETINGS
(Chairperson), Laura Allison, Tony Armenti,
                                                         Last week classes held their Parent Information
Michael Sedgman and Richard Termini.
                                                         Meetings. It was great to see so many parents.
P & C Representative: Andrew Kininmonth.
                                                         For those parents unable to attend please be
Teacher Representatives: Steve Dickson, Natasha
                                                         sure to contact your child’s teacher should you
Gudden, Stacey Pearce, Grant Riley and Kate
                                                         have any questions or concerns.
                                                               A few jokes to brighten up your day!
If you would like more information about the                   What did baby corn say to mama corn?
School Board or if you would like to raise any           Where is popcorn?
issues for discussion please contact your School         What is the kindest vegetable? A sweet potato.
Board Chairperson, Janelle Perkins via email or write to The                                                   Steve Dickson – PRINCIPAL
SMS NOTIFICATIONS                                         The total cost of these lessons will be $44. This will
Our student absence notifications have started.           include pool entry for $22 and a non-refundable
Students who have not arrived at school by 10am           portion for bus transport of $22. There is no
without prior notice will have a SMS sent to a parent’s   additional cost involved for the actual swimming
mobile phone. Please let the office know if any of        lessons.
your details have changed or if you would prefer not      The interm swimming enrolment forms will be sent
to be included in this system.                            home shortly. All children are strongly urged to attend
                                                          these important lessons. Please have payment
FOR SALE                                                  finalised before the commencement of lessons.
The school has 6 whiteboards measuring 2400 x 1100
and 2 x 2100 x 1100 for sale. If you would like to
purchase one or more, please place a bid in a sealed
envelope and address it to Steve Dickson, Principal       The Pursuit of Personal Excellence
and leave this in the front office by the end of school   Each person should be encouraged to achieve his or
Wednesday 2nd March. Highest bidders will be              her personal best in all undertakings and to respect
notified for a collection process.                        the achievements of others.
                                                          • Do what I can but at the same time check out the
                   Steve Hardingham – Deputy Principal        good work others have done also.
                                                          • I should always do my best and help others to
                                                              achieve their goals.
                                                          • Know my capabilities and then work to them.
                                                          • To always do my best.
                                                          • Aim for the top.
Over the course of the past 3 weeks, year 7 students
                                                          • When only the best will do.
have been given the opportunity to express interest in
applying for a number of leadership positions in the
                                                          To develop my child’s ability and desire to pursue
school. The final decisions were made based on the
                                                          excellence I can:
suitability and aptitude of students for each position,
feedback given from teaching staff, based on              • Encourage them to try and experience new
behaviours and attitude displayed over the time spent         things.
at Hocking and data from our Values program.              • Show patience in their attempts to get things
Congratulations to the following students. We look            right.
forward to a very positive and rewarding year.            • Produce things that are excellent myself.
                                                          • Show them examples of outstanding work others
School Leaders                                                have done.
Emily Leonard and Christo Scheffer.                       • Take them to view quality art exhibitions, sporting
                                                              competitions, musical productions, plays, events
Faction Captains Tuart    April Oakes                         etc.
                          Connor Harding                  • Tell them when they have genuinely done well.
                  Banksia Kaira Tulloch                   • Tell them when you know they can do better and
                          Jarrod Van Kempen                   where they can improve.
                  Jarrah  Abigail Van der Made            • Direct them into areas of strength.
                          Braiden West                    • Allow them time to reflect on their own
                  Marri   Emily Edwards                       performance to see where they can improve.
                          Corey Griffin                   • Share personal triumphs.
                                                          • Ask, ‘what makes this triumph great?’ and ‘How
Audio Visual Team Caitlyn Day, Braiden West,                  are you feeling about it?’
Natasha Edwards and Krystal Wetterman.                    A child who Pursues Personal Excellence may….
                                                          (What you should hope to see)
                                                          • Complete tasks.
                                                          • Show a commitment to the task.
                                                          • Have a desire to do well.
                                                          • Complete several attempts or trials.
                                                          • Possess a focused and determined approach.
Students from years 4-7 will be attending interm          • Ask questions about how to do things better.
swimming at Aquamotion Wanneroo during weeks 8            • Check and correct the things they have done.
and 9 of this term (Mon 21st March – Fri 1st April).      • Have more correct answers than wrong answers.
•   Produce well presented outcomes – neat,               LOTE NEWS
    colourful, well set out, well planned, labelled….     This week, I thought I’ll continue our travels through
•   Assist others.                                        Indonesia. In past newsletters, I have covered North
•   Be punctual to functions, activities, commitments     and West Sumatra. This time, I’ll start with the capital
    and school.                                           of Indonesia, Jakarta.
•   Persevere in order to complete the task well.
                                                          Jakarta is a contrast of modern western architecture
A child who doesn’t Pursue Personal Excellence            and traditional Indonesian culture. In this bustling
may….. (What you should hope not to see)                  city, one can find luxury hotels, world-class golf
• Present incomplete work or none at all.                 courses, fine restaurants, gleaming multi-level
• Moan and groan about what has to be done.               shopping centres and extensive beach recreation
• Produce an untidy finished product.                     complexes. Yes! The shopping centres are far bigger
• Undertake little improvement and correction of          than any here in Perth.
• Be easily distracted or distracting others.             Jakarta has its own Betawi culture, which is a unique
                                                          blend of Chinese, Arab, Portuguese and Dutch
• Fool around.
                                                          elements. It has a population of nine million people-
• Have a lack of focus.
                                                          that’s a lot more than Perth’s population of just under
• Make excuses for not doing things.
                                                          1.7 million. As for the climate, it is hot and humid,
• Be late to activities, commitments, classes and
                                                          similar to Bali.
• Lack preparation for what has to be done.               One of the more interesting attractions is the National
• Avoid commitments.                                      Monument. It is a 137 metre tall table marble obelisk
• Sabotage or seriously disrupt the things they are       topped with a flame gilded with 35 kgs of gold, and
   involved in.                                           represents the people’s determination to achieve
                                                          freedom. It is located in front of the Presidential
                      Mark Pegoraro – Deputy Principal    palace and is open to the public. An elevator carries
            SUNSMART TIPS                                 visitors to the top, offering a bird’s eye view across
            Shade is a very effective form of sun         the city to the sea.
            protection; however, it will not totally
block out all of the sun’s UV rays. UV radiation can      Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of Jakarta. Terimakasih
scatter in the atmosphere and reflect from surfaces
such as water, sand and concrete. Maximum UV                                             Ibu Green – LOTE Teacher
protection can be achieved by using shade in
conjunction with sun protective clothing, hats,           ARTSY STUFF
sunscreen and sunglasses.                                 Recycling Happiness
                                                          Thank you to all students who have brought in old
                            Graham Jones – PE Teacher     shirts for art shirts, ice-cream containers and egg
                                                          cartons. These are being recycled in the art room and
MUSIC NEWS                                                some of them will be turned into works of art. If you
This term we are learning some of those childhood         have other things at home you think could be recycled
favourite songs from Disney movies. We will be            in the art room please come in and see me.
singing them at assemblies throughout the term.
                                                          Thanks Sign-A-Rama Joondalup!
Choir has started for the year and is open to students    A big thank you to Chris at Sign-A-Rama (157 Winton
from years 3-7. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday            Road, Joondalup), for lending their gorgeous neon
mornings before school, beginning at 8.15am.              sign to me so that students could learn about this art
Students are to meet outside Mr Hardingham and            form.
Mr Pegoraro’s office where they will be collected and
                                                                  Liney Sveinbjornsson – Visual Arts / ICT Teacher
brought down to the music room.
                                                                             P & C News
This term we will be holding a talent assembly.           BOOK CLUB -VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED
Auditions will be held during week 4 and 5. Students      We are seeking a group of volunteers to run the Book
wishing to sing need to provide a backing track           Club for 2011. If you are interested please leave your
without the vocals on it. Any queries please don’t        details at the front office. This is a great opportunity
hesitate to come and see me before school.                to get involved and meet other Hocking Primary
                                                          School parents.
                              Ben Millar- Music Teacher
UNIFORM SHOP HOURS                                                                                  Keyed Up Music will be holding keyboard
The Uniform Shop with be closed this Friday but open                                                and guitar group lessons this year at
Wednesday 23rd February at 8.15am-8.40am instead.                                                   Hocking Primary after school. Keyboard is
If you have any enquiries please contact the Uniform                   in a group of 5 and starts from Pre-primary. Guitar starts from yr 2
                                                                       and is in a group of 3. Lessons are $14 (keyboard) and $16.50 (guitar)
Coordinator – Amy on 0417 941 710.                                     for each half hour lesson. Please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 to
                                                                       register your interest or email . You
UNIFORM SHOP - 2010 STOCK SALE                                         can also see details at
There is some 2010 stock of polo shirts still for sale.
                                                                                            Impact Jujitsu - Traditional
Sizes 14, 16, small and medium all for $15. Come in
                                                                                                Japanese Jujitsu
tomorrow. With these prices the stock won’t last.                                          Children's classes held Thursdays at
                                                                                                 Hocking Primary School
          CANTEEN NEWS                                                                           M.P.A. 5.30pm - 6.15pm
          Our Canteen roster still has many spots                      Confidence - Coordination - Discipline - Respect - Self Defence.
                                                                                         Instructor: Mark Longman
          empty and without the help of volunteers                                 0449 810 114
          we cannot operate this service to our
children and yourself! So please if you, grandma or a                              JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION
friend can help out even once a month or term then                        Shotokan Karate Monday & Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm at
                                                                                  Hocking P S in the Multi Purpose Area
we can continue to put a smile on the children’s faces.                               All levels welcome and all ages
Remember we are open every Monday & Wednesday.                                    Kindy and Pre Primary separate classes.
Don’t hesitate to contact Tammy on 0421 224 603 for                         For self-defence, self confidence, health and fitness
any information on volunteering or questions about                         JKA Instructor John Fife 2nd Dan - 30 years experience
the canteen. A huge thank you to those that have                                  Ph: 0404 607 492 or
helped out in the first few weeks getting the canteen
up and going for the year!                                                      2011 Back to School Information Guide
                                                                       To assist parents to get the most for their money, and to more
                                                                       easily find the best places to shop, Ken Travers MLC has a
                                                                       publication in his office which is titled the ‘2011 Back to
Californian Roll or Tuna Roll 5 pieces only $3 -                       School Information Guide’ with lots of current and useful
available now!!                                                        information for all parents. Booklets can be collected from
                                                                       2/129 Grand Blvd, Joondalup.
                           Tammy Park- Canteen Manager                                     STUDENT EXCHANGE HOSTING
           COMMUNITY ADVERTISEMENTS                                                            In June/July 2011, students aged 14 – 19 years
               The following are paid advertisements.                                          from Europe, the USA and South America will
Hocking PS in no way endorses any statements or claims made in these                           be arriving in Australia to study at local
                              adverts.                                 schools for 2-10 months. Opportunities are available to act as a host
                                                                       family in a volunteer/unpaid capacity. Hosting can be on a temporary,
                                                                       short or long term basis. To learn more about this opportunity call
                                                                       Student Exchange Australia New Zealand on 1300 135 331 or visit our

           Privately owned and operated centre.
   Licensed for 71 children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years.
                  Open 6.30am – 6.00pm.
    For enquires call Emma on 9206 5388 or email
          us at

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