WHEN "QUALITY" ISN'T QUALITY by williamsjohnseo


									         WHEN "QUALITY" ISN'T QUALITY

Government contracting differs from traditional business ventures in
many key ways, and one of those is the marketing of your product. As
in any industry, differentiators will ultimately determine who wins the
contract, yet it is important to realize that these differentiators are
unique when dealing with government agencies. For one thing, you
are not offering a good or service to a wide market; you are offering it
to one particular agency. For that reason, specificity is much more
important than in traditional marketing. You are only trying to capture
the attention of one customer, so your marketing efforts should reflect
their needs in detail.
You also must realize that these agencies can see right through
buzzwords, marketing slogans, etc. because they are ultimately
irrelevant to them. Using such words in your approach is not only
useless, but potentially harmful, as they indicate that you do not know
what they actually want. Offering to build “the highest quality airplane
money can buy” will be less effective than saying “we can build you an
airplane that meets your target specifications for $50,000 less than
you thought it would cost,” for instance. These kinds of details will
make a big difference when the time for proposal comes.
It is also important to acknowledge the human element of these
interactions. Since the idea of a massive bureaucracy is so closely
associated with government agencies, it is easy to forget that
individual humans have a significant impact on where a contract is
awarded. It is therefore very important to network with the agencies
that you are interested in contracting for to get an inside view of
requirements, and also to become a friendly resource for them.
Successfully doing this can translate to a contract award since you will
be remembered as a valuable asset when they are making final
decisions. Don’t lose sight of whom you are trying to win over, and
market to specific agencies and you can significantly increase the
odds that you will win the contract you want.
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