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									Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
Correct and Restore Your Vision Permanently
Want to discover how to improve your eyesight naturally? Long before the days
of fancy machines, trendy glasses and color contact lenses, cultures worldwide
were limited to what they could do to not only diagnose but treat vision
problems. With modern medicine stepping in, most will not think twice before
slapping on a new set of glasses or poking around with contact lenses. If we are
suppose to believe what we are being sold, expensive corrective lenses must be
our only option right? Wrong.

Glasses And Contact Lenses Do Not Fix The Problems With Your Eyesight

The problem with corrective lenses is they do nothing to fix the problem with your
eyes. If you are like most, you probably suffer from being near sighted or far sighted,
two of most common vision problems. Throwing on a set of glasses or contacts
simply masks the symptoms, a patch up if you will. The longer you wear glasses the
stronger your prescription will be overtime. The reason? Our eyes are unable to
correct themselves, they simply get lazier with the use of prescription lenses.

Luckily if you are desperately wanting to throw away your glasses and contact lenses
you can make it a reality. You can improve your eyesight naturally without
surrendering to expensive and risky eye surgery!

How Do You Improve Your Eyesight Naturally? My Optometrist Wouldn't Lie To
Me. Would They?

The unfortunate thing about the health industry these days is that more emphasis is
placed on profits and "patching up" symptoms as there is no money in the cures.
Believe it or not, with billions of dollars on the line there is no doubt that improving
your vision naturally is something that is quickly scoffed at and rarely discussed. Your
Optometrist makes a very healthy income selling you on the latest and greatest
frames and contact lenses year after year. They would rather you never improve your
eyesight naturally!
Exercise to Correct And Restore Vision

1. Palming
Palming is a fantastic relaxation technique but its effect on helping you relax your eye
muscles and take away other health problems such as head aches, eye strain and migraines
should not be underestimated. With Palming you simply warm up your hands by rubbing
them together and cover your eyes for a few minutes everyday. This exercise will help your
eyes relax and give them much needed rest, especially after prolonged periods in front of the
computer or television.

2. Focusing On Things In The Distance
Our eyes are not made to be fixated and focused on the same thing for extended periods of
time. Naturally they are meant to zip around taking in our surrounding and not fixed on things
like reading a book or a computer screen. Take a breaks every 45-60 minutes and begin to try
and focus on things in the distance. Don't squint or strain simply look at things, overtime your
eyes will be forced to become stronger trying to readjust to images outside your current vision

3. Physical Exercise
Very important factor. The fitter we are the more our body will love us for it, this is not
different for the health of our eyes. Being fit and healthy helps with many vision problems,
this includes having a balanced diets full of vitamins and minerals. Don't underestimate the
effect this has on the health of your eyes.

Going Against The Status Quo - Changing Lives Forever

People world wide are discovering naturally ways to improve their vision and throwing
away their glasses forever. It might sound far fetched and unbelievable but it's true.
If you consider your eyes are muscles like any muscle in your body you would realize
that not only can they strengthen and improve overtime but can correct themselves.
When you provide them with the correct exercises to rebuild your vision, your eyes
begin to recover and your vision will improve in time. You can improve your eyesight
naturally to 20/20 vision!
This we first demonstrated in 1880 by Dr William H. Bates. Dr Bates treated
thousands of people with eye relaxation and exercise techniques. He found that no
matter the age of the patient, almost all the common vision problems could be
corrected naturally with exercise, permanently. His research upset his peers. Dr
Bates research has been followed and perfected for over 100 years with many
specialists around the world advocating his natural techniques. The Bates Method as
it's commonly called is also used in class rooms around the world to help prevent and
correct vision problems amongst children.

Discover how to improve your eyesight naturally & say goodbye to glasses and
contact lenses and the temptation of risky and expensive eye surgery.

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