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									                                         benefits of early morning wake up

        What time did you wake up from sleep at night every day? Make sure the clock has not moved
appointed day. Numerous studies have shown that up in the morning to give a positive effect on health.

Why? Get up early to give your body a chance to mengirup fresh air with low pollution levels. This good
quality oxygen will maximize the brain, preventing damage to the lungs, improving blood circulation and
boost immunity.

Get up early also gives the body a chance to receive sun exposure is important to nourish the bone.
Exposure to sunlight in the morning before 9:00 am is considered best to meet the adequacy of calcium
and vitamin D.

Roehampton University of British researchers also concluded that to get up early to make the body
more healthy, pleasant mood, and has the ideal body mass index. "Those who get up early tend to be
healthier and happier," said Dr Joerg Huber, researcher, was quoted by the Telegraph.

Get up early influence of body mass index may be associated with a breakfast opportunity. Those who
tend to have time to get up early enough for breakfast so that food intake is more controlled.

If you skip breakfast, your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy. This condition will only make
a person eat too much in the afternoon and evening. So, is prohibited for those who want to slim down,
but skip breakfast.

Not only that, getting up early is also support for the sexual lives of married couples. This is related to
scientific fact that men desire sex in the morning is higher than the night.

With an abundance of benefits, you masihkah lazy to get up early?

        It must be all right once agan cyst whose names nap? Yes, it may be fatigue, sleep later than
normal sleeping hours, and so forth. Surely when you wake up, the body feels stiff, uncomfortable, and
the body becomes limp. Now, eliminate the habit, because sleeping late has several disadvantages.
Better get up early that there are health benefits Let's see what are the benefits and disadvantages of
waking up early afternoon ..

Benefits Rise and Shine

Get up early means you have to help the body to balance the body's rhythms with the rhythms of
nature. So that the body's organ systems work in balance which will also ultimately much healthier
body. Here are the benefits of waking up

A. Get the body of important nutrients

With up early, there must be time for breakfast. Breakfast is the fuel for our body to perform various
activities all day. We also have time to prepare a healthy breakfast, delicious and nutritious.

2. Do if the body motion

Full of energy we will get by exercising in the morning. The body will have the energy and feel refreshed,
so we are ready to do the legwork.

3. The mind is more calm

Get up early to make us have a lot of time so we do not need to rush to prepare something. Do not be
late to the office or have stalled in the streets. So the state can make us stress went away.

4. Better quality sleep

As is known with enough sleep can reduce the negative effects of the face such as premature aging or
wrinkles. By waking up, the rhythm of the body will be stable. This condition will indirectly improve the
quality of sleep.

Negative effects of Build Day
I wake up at different times could lead to an adverse health effect. On weekdays, you must get up at the
same time each day. But when a holiday or sabbatical that usually happens is you wake up sesiang might
like 'revenge', because every day to get up early. Though waking up at the same time each day will make
you feel better. There are several reasons why you do not need to press a button to stop the alarm on
your phone or alarm clock during holidays. Because, I wake up at different times could lead to negative
effects, namely:

A. Metabolic problems

If you sleep too long, your body will not function according to the rhythm. You will feel hungry for a long
time and this affects the metabolic rate. This will make the body weight increases.

2. Flagging

Excessive sleep will make you feel lethargic because your metabolism is still working in the 'set' night.
The body takes longer to start up the system and can not function normally. If you really want to sleep a
little longer, try not more than thirty minutes.

3. Loss of productive time

Experts consider the morning is the most productive time because your mind is still fresh. If you sleep
too long then it will end up losing a lot of productive time of day. So, you must complete the work until
late at night in a hurry.

4. Disorientation

Sleeping too long makes it difficult to concentrate for long periods. Unless, after waking up your
workout immediately. Then, because your metabolism can not stop the brain will make you feel hungry.

5. Headache

Cerebrospinal fluid moves into the brain when you sleep too long. This condition, if it lasts a long time
can cause severe headaches and even cause blindness. So, think again if you want to sleep longer.

Effective Ways To Can Rise and Shine

Well, how the business should be done in order to get up early? Please be listened to:

A. Stretching

Stretch slowly, like doing yoga moves or turning the body into right and left. This movement will help
the body to gather energy, and keep your mind focused. A sense of drift in the head that often occurs
due to waking up too early disappeared.

2. Move

Once you are able to get out of bed, do some movement for circulation. Doing crunches (lying down
with knees bent and raised his head, neck, and shoulder), push-ups, or jumping up and down light, is
also quite helpful.

3. Avoid too much caffeine

Caffeine can make you awake all day, but eat them in excess (more than two cups in the morning) can
make you weak in the middle of the day. One cup is enough to make your energy levels stable.

4. Drink

When sleeping, your body uses stored water and therefore will lose fluids when you wake up.
Rehydrating your body with a few glasses of cold water will not only nourish the body, but also helps
stimulate the nervous and digestive systems. Drink water before your body is filled with anything.

5. Create a regular schedule

Our bodies like consistency. Schedule follow the same sleep and wake up every day will make the body
more easily awakened in the morning. You will feel more energetic throughout the day.

6. Select the alarm with soft music
Anyone who would not like to wake to the sound of a deafening alarm. You also can increase the risk of
heart attack, because it sounds shocking can worsen the condition of people with heart problems. Select
the ringtone on the phone that play soft music, are you wake up slowly. If necessary, place the phone a
little bit further so you have to get up to turn it off.

7. Dim light

Turn off the computer or the TV an hour before you sleep. Bright light can distract you, so the brain is
more difficult to break. By building a more peaceful sleep environment, you can sleep more soundly,
and the body adjusts to wake up early.

8. Take a bath

You know, the hardest thing to do when you wake up in the morning is the shower? But that's where
the key. Immediately took a cold shower to wake up your nervous system, and helps you realize. After
the bath, no longer feeling lazy because your mind and body are "awake".

9. Breakfast

After the "fasting" all night, your body needs energy to move. Breakfast every morning (even though
only a loaf of bread with jam or fruit) will make you feel better prepared for the earlier activity.

10. Breathe in deeply

For some people, getting up early can be the most anxious moments. Shadow of what must be faced in
the office, or how to solve problems with a partner, will soon meet the mind. So as soon as you wake up,
take time to breathe deeply to calm the body and mind. Start the day with a calm, so that all the
activities going according to your good mood.

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