soul foods by FradRahman1


									Soul Food

Soul food is a cuisine originating in the southern United States, where,
in the antebellum era, slaves developed eating practices from their West
African roots. Soul food has been modified by later generations, but
typically includes collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, fried
chicken, sweet potato pie, and corn bread. Traditionally, these high-
salt, high-fat foods pose a potential health problem, especially among
blacks who are experiencing an epidemic of high blood pressure in the
United States. As with other ethnic dishes, the use of spices and herbs
for seasoning is recommended to cut down on salt. Recipes can be adapted
to use less fat in cooking, such as the substitution of vegetable oil for
lard to reduce consumption of saturated fat. Modifications can help make
soul food dishes nutritious and heart healthy, while still tasty and

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