Colin Skene (Principal)
Lorraine White (Highly Accomplished Teacher)
                                                             Beverly Hills Girls High School
                                                   Centre for Excellence School Plan 2012
                                         ‘Smarter Schools National Partnerships on Improving Teacher Quality’

Our understanding and commitment: As the Centre for Excellence hub school, the Beverly Hills Girls High School community is committed to engaging in
a genuine learning partnership aimed at demonstrating, developing and sharing high quality teaching across our cluster of schools to improve student
learning outcomes.

We will model and share best practice and help to embed quality programs and systems across cluster schools to ensure sustainability of teacher
professional growth and development.

Our focus areas: Quality teaching and assessment; effective feedback for teachers and students; and innovative use of technology for cross-cluster
communication, sharing and engagement

Our goals are to:
    Define, describe and refine what “quality teaching and assessment” means within the context of each school, aligned against prescribed
       frameworks (Quality Teaching Framework, NSW Institute of Teachers, Professional Teaching Standards)
    Analyse and improve systems within cluster schools for supporting teacher professional growth and pedagogical development, including Teacher
       Assessment and Review Schedule, Executive Assessment and Review Schedule and Principal Assessment and Review Schedule)
    Better utilise student performance data to inform and influence school, Key Learning Areas and teacher professional development initiatives
    Facilitate teacher understanding and use of quality feedback systems with students and families (particularly NESB) to strengthen existing learning
       partnerships, including ICT applications
    Promote and acknowledge excellence in teaching and support teacher accreditation with NSWIT at Professional Competence, Professional
       Accomplishment and Professional Leadership levels.
    Strengthen existing links between cluster schools and universities to implement quality support and induction programs for pre-service and early
       career teachers.

                                             QUALITY TEACHING
                                              1. Assessment for
FOCUS AREAS FOR SUSTAINING AND                    Learning
                                             2. Quality Feedback
                                              systems using ICT
                                            3. Increasing student
                                            engagement using ICT

                  1. TARS; EARS;PARS          GIRLS HIGH              AND EARLY CAREER
                2. Team Learning Model         SCHOOL
                                                                    1. Accreditation Processes
               3. Accreditation at PA and     CENTRE FOR
                        PL levels                                       2. Mentoring and
                                              EXCELLENCE               induction programs

                                             UNIVERSITY LINKS
                                               1. Professional
                                                2. Practicum
                                            Teachers placement
                                               and induction

                                                                                                                                                       Timeframe               Resource Allocation and
                                                               Strategies                        Indicators                Responsibility
                                                                                                                                                T112   T212   T312   T4 12         Funding Source

                                                  Cross-cluster C4E steering              Regular meetings are         Colin Skene, Principal    *      *      *      *      Resources provided through
                                                  committee to identify common            held, overseeing             BHGHS, HAT,                                           C4E initiative ($50 000, HAT
                                                  goals and determine action plan for     implementation and           principals of cluster                                 and paraprofessional) will be
                                                  shared learning 2012                    evaluation of C4E            schools, Head                                         used to fund and implement
                                                                                          initiatives                  Teachers                                              initiatives contained in this

                                                                                                                       Teaching/Learning                                     plan.
                                                  C4E Leaders team to support C4E         Involvement in targeted      C Skene, Deputy           *      *      *      *
                                                                                                                                                                             It is not envisaged that
                                                  initiatives as part of existing BHGHS   focus areas                  Principal J Grimshaw,                                 additional funding will be
                                                  Team Learning model                                                  HAT and Head                                          required from BHGHS global
                                                                                                                       Teachers                                              budget.
                                                  Professional learning opportunities     East Hills School            Colin Skene, HAT, and     *      *      *      *
                                                  to be extended to East Hills School     Education Group access       East Hills SEG
                                                  Education Group                         resources on C4E website
                                                                                          and attend professional

                                                  Develop closer links with               Shared resources and         HAT, Deputy Principal     *      *      *      *      Professional          $8000
                                                  Beverly Hills Intensive English         professional learning        Michael Harmey                                        Learning
                                                  Centre to support professional                                                                                             Teacher release       $24000
                                                  learning                                                                                                                   ICT leaders team 2    $12000
                                                                                                                                                                             unit allowance (0.4
                                                  Create a sub-committee to manage        Increased professional       HAT; Head Teachers        *                           Teacher resources     $2000
                                                  communication and plan                  learning opportunities       Teaching Learning                                     Stationery            $1200
                                                  professional learning across cluster    across cluster schools and                                                         Equipment             $1000
                                                  schools and East Hills SEG              East Hills SEG                                                                     Hospitality           $2000
                                                                                                                                                                             Professional          $5100
                                                                                                                                                                             Learning across
                                                  Staff development focused on            Teachers are more aware      KLA leaders and HAT                     *             cluster schools
                                                  National Professional Teaching          of the PTS and use this to
                                                  Standards and Quality Teaching          map professional learning
                                                  Framework                               against quality teaching
                                                                                          practices and
                                                                                          Professional Teaching
                                                                                                                                                   Timeframe             Resource Allocation and
                                                           Strategies                        Indicators                Responsibility
                                                                                                                                            T112   T212   T312   T4 12       Funding Source

                                               Identify features of quality          Consistency in design of      Assessment for            *
                                               summative assessment tasks and        assessment tasks across       Learning Leaders
                                               develop template                      KLAs                          Team; KLA leaders
                                               Evaluation and development of         Assessment tasks which        HAT; KLA leaders          *
                                               marking criteria/rubrics in KLAs      explicitly identify marking
                                                                                     criteria to improve

                                                                                     student outcomes
                                               Share exemplar models of Stage 4      Assessment tasks which        HAT, C4E leaders                 *
                                               and 5 assessment tasks with and       explicitly link assessment    Team
                                               between cluster schools using ICT     to learning outcomes
                                               applications and SDDs                 Analysis of student
                                                                                     assessment tasks shows
                                                                                     improved links between
                                                                                     task and the student
                                                                                     learning outcomes being
                                               Analyse student ‘assessment and       School assessment policy      HAT; Assessment for       *
                                               feedback’ zoomerang survey and        addresses issues raised in    Learning Leaders
                                               share results with staff              survey                        team

                                               Engagement in Professional            Increase use of               HAT; ICT Leaders                 *
                                               Learning on Assessment for            Assessment for Learning       Team; University
                                               Learning and effective feedback,      strategies                    partners;
                                               including use if ICT                                                Paraprofessional
                                               Develop and implement action          Evidence based research       HAT, ICT leaders Team     *      *
                                               research project on ‘assessment for   data used to inform           and university partner
                                               learning’ and effective feedback      teaching                      (Sydney University)
                                               initiatives, including ICT, with                                    and targeted C4E
                                               University partners                                                 cluster school
                                               Creation of an Assessment for         Assessment for Learning       HAT; paraprofessional     *
                                               Learning resource folder to be        strategies are embedded
                                               shared with spoke schools and         in unit plans/programs

                                                                                                                                             Timeframe             Resource Allocation and
                                                        Strategies                        Indicators               Responsibility
                                                                                                                                      T112   T212   T312   T4 12       Funding Source

                                            Use SMART data application to         Teachers professionally    C Skene;                  *
                                            determine common strengths in         developed in use of DASA   Paraprofessional
                                            student performance within cluster
                                            schools as well as areas for

                                            Consent to data sharing given by
                                            cluster principals

                                            C4E Leaders team analyse data at      Increases use of student   C4E leaders team          *
                                            Professional Learning half-day        data to inform teaching    (Head Teachers)and
                                            workshop                              and learning               representatives from
                                                                                                             cluster schools
                                            Data presentation and discussion of                                                        *
                                            future directions at joint workshop

                                            Investigate ways cluster schools      Comparison of pre and      HAT; Colin Skene;         *      *
                                            can support improvements              post student data          paraprofessional
                                            determined through SMART data
                                            Analyse and share current means of    Personalised student       Student year advisers,           *
                                            providing feedback to students        learning plans completed   HT Welfare and HAT
                                            across clusters                       and analysed by year

                                            Use Personal Learning Plan (PLP –     Information shared with    C4E Leaders Team and
                                            BHGHS initiative) model as a bench    classroom teachers         HAT                       *      *
                                            mark for assisting students to
                                            articulate learning goals.

                                            Share PLP model with cluster
                                            Analyse qualitative data such as      Teachers involved in       HAT                                     *      *
                                            zoomerang surveys to determine        reflective practices to
                                            effectiveness of Centre for           inform teaching and
                                            Excellence initiatives                professional learning
                                                                                                                                                    Timeframe             Resource Allocation and
                                                                Strategies                        Indicators               Responsibility
                                                                                                                                             T112   T212   T312   T4 12       Funding Source

                                                   Share best practice in TARS and         Teachers reflect on         Cluster school         *      *
                                                   EARS processes across cluster           Personal Learning Plans     principals, HAT
                                                   schools and East Hills SEG to           Professional learning is
                                                   strengthen teacher development          aligned with teacher PLPs
                                                   initiatives – feedback to teachers

                                                   Analyse results from ‘self-reflection   Teachers develop            Colin Skene; HAT       *
                                                   and faculty evaluation’ zoomerang       individual PLPs aligned
                                                   survey.                                 with Professional           KLA leaders
                                                                                           Teaching Standards
                                                                                           Faculties implement
                                                                                           development plans
                                                   Support accreditation with NSW          Teachers voluntarily                               *      *      *      *
                                                   Institute of Teachers at Professional   complete preliminary
                                                   Accomplishment and Professional         application seeking
                                                   Leadership levels through Team          accreditation at PA and
                                                   Learning meetings and networks.         PL levels
                                                   Evaluate and implement mentoring        Early Career Teachers       HAT and experienced    *      *      *      *
                                                   program for Early Career Teachers       have a professional         teacher mentors
                                                   Share programs with cluster schools     learning plan for                                  *
                                                   and East Hills SEG                      professional growth

                                                   Supervise continuing maintenance        Early Career Teachers                              *      *      *      *
                                                   of accreditation with NSW Institute     maintain accreditation
                                                   of Teachers and implement               with NSW Institute of
                                                   strategies to support teachers to       Teaches
                                                   track their professional learning.
                                                   Evaluate and implement induction        New Scheme Teachers         HAT and experienced    *
                                                   program for New Scheme Teachers         complete workshops on       teacher mentors
                                                   to support their accreditation          the NSW Institute of
                                                   process                                 Teachers Accreditation
                                                   Share programs with cluster             processes                                          *
                                                   schools, IEC and East Hills SEG
                                                   Support accreditation processes         New Scheme Teachers                                *      *      *      *
                                                   with NSW Institute of Teachers          accredited with NSW
                                                                                           Institute of Teachers
                                                                                                     Timeframe              Resource Allocation and
             Strategies                         Indicators                  Responsibility
                                                                                              T112   T212    T312   T4 12       Funding Source

Evaluate current procedures to          Increased number of           HAT and cluster          *         *    *
receive and support practicum           practicum teachers            school principals or
teachers                                supported at school level     delegates

Best practice statements and            Implementation of             HAT; Paraprofessional              *
procedures are developed and            streamlined and
implemented across cluster schools      consistent process for
                                        accepting pre-service
                                        teachers leads to
                                        increased number of
                                        practicum teachers
Implement orientation program for       Practicum teachers            HAT                      *         *    *      *
pre-service teachers                    complete program.

Practicum teachers complete             Orientation program is        HAT; Paraprofessional              *
zoomerang exit survey. Results are      refined to reflect findings
analysed.                               of exit survey.
Orientation program is shared with                                                                   *
cluster schools
Develop and implement a                 Training manual is                                     *         *
mentoring program to train Teacher      developed to support
Mentors of pre-service teachers         Teacher Mentors
Participate in Peer Coaching training                                 HAT                      *
program and implement strategies
at school level
Participate in University of Sydney     Teachers from BHGHS           HAT , cluster school               *
Post-Graduate Course - Mentoring        and others complete           representatives and
and Induction Program Module.           mentoring course.             university partner
Induction program for new staff.        New staff completing the      C Skene, senior
                                        induction program             Executive and HAT
                                        indicate that it has
                                        assisted them in
                                        integrating more easily in
                                        the school.

                                                                                                                             Timeframe             Resource Allocation and
                                            Strategies                      Indicators               Responsibility
                                                                                                                      T112   T212   T312   T4 12       Funding Source

                               Implement use if ICT to               Centre for Excellence        HAT; Carl Longo      *      *      *      *
                               communicate and share resources       website is created and
                               and professional learning with        maintained
                               cluster schools, East Hills SEG and
                               Beverly Hills IEC                     ‘Edmodo’ ICT online          HAT; Joe Bennie      *
                                                                     forum created

                               ICT Leaders team to analyse and       ICT professional learning    ICT Leaders Team;    *

                               collate results from Faculty ICT      plans are developed and      Head Teachers
                               audit                                 implemented by faculties
                                                                     to improve use of ICT as a
                                                                     teaching/learning tool
                               ICT Leaders Team to develop
                               professional learning to meet needs   ICT strategies are                                *
                               of teachers and faculties based on    embedded in faculty
                               results of surveys                    programs
                               Extend ICT Leaders Team to include    Increased staff              ICT Leaders Team;    *
                               faculty mentors to promote best       confidence in use of ICT     mentors
                               practice and support faculty          in the classroom.
                               members                               Teachers better able to
                                                                     link ICT to learning
                               Train and support teachers to use     Teachers use faculty         ICT Leaders Team     *      *
                               faculty intranet as an effective      pages to share resources
                               teaching and learning tool            and as a teaching tool in
                                                                     the classroom
                               Investigate ways to use ICT as an     Regular feedback is          ICT Leaders Team            *
                               effective communication and           provided for parents and
                               feedback tool with students and       students
                               families to strengthen existing
                               learning partnerships


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