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					                                                 Learn to Laugh In Another
                                                 Language … Host An
                                                 International Exchange

The program is run through ISE (International Student Exchange), which has been in operation
since 1982. Students are ages 15-18 from over 50 different countries. Students will go to the
local high school, be immersed into your home as a member of your family. Families can be any
family type: mother and father with other children, a single mother or father with children, a
single man or woman with no children, or a couple with no children. Families choose students by
indicating interests: country of origin, male or female, music, sports, art and many other
interests. Families can host for either 5 months (semester) or 10 months (academic year).

    ‐   Host families provide students with room (can share with same sex child) and board and
        transportation to and from activities, as well as love and respect as if the student were
        their own
    ‐   Hosting an exchange student is an opportunity to learn about a culture and language
    ‐   Students can share in the household chores
    ‐   Students take part in normal school activities
    ‐   Students participate in a minimum of 5 hours on community service

Families interested in hosting or would like to find out more information should call ISE
local representative, Cybele Owen, at (703) 829-6271 or email at

Once families indicate their interests for their potential student, Cybele will send them a host
application form and profiles of possible matches. Once the application is complete and a match
is made, Cybele will work on getting their student accepted at their local high school.

We at ISE are proud of our organization. We have designed a company and programs that
attempt to put the students, schools and families above all else in our cultural and educational
programs. In all of our J1 High School programs our goal is to bring people of the world closer
together. This is what motivates everyone at ISE to achieve in our daily work. We place the
following as part of our mission emphasis:

● Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s children of the world; they come from all backgrounds,
nationalities, and beliefs.
● Teachers, schools, host families, natural families, International and American representatives,
and the host community are all partners in the educational process.
● ISE believes that true leadership begins with a commitment to service. We encourage all
program participants to live a life of service with integrity, dignity, and a dedication to a belief
system greater than ourselves.

We are proud of our local representatives in the field and our home office staff. They are all
deeply committed to bringing the message of our foreign exchange programs to all of our
participants and everyone involved in this wonderful work. We know that we can and do affect
change within our ever-shrinking world. The love and care that our international reps, students,
families, and schools display toward our goals are what make our organization successful.

"Working Together We Can Make a Difference" is more than a slogan with words; it is why we
exist. We all know we are involved in a lofty and difficult mission. That is what makes us strive
for perfection. The knowledge gained by a homestay and school affects everyone. We thank
you all for making such a worthwhile endeavor possible.

All of our programs are carefully designed with love and attention to detail. We are proud to
say that our management team has been carefully selected to reflect a balance between
educators and business people at our national headquarters. We are fully aware that such
important programs require careful planning and organization as well as care, love and
attention. We know that we can make a difference in this world by working together for a
common goal. To love what we are doing and to be involved in such special programs make all
the effort and dedication well worth it.

Thank you for joining us at ISE and for helping us to truly make a difference.


Wayne Brewer,
CEO, International Student Exchange


            Host an ISE Student for 2010-2011

                      Name: Winthawin (age 15) 
                      Home Country:  Thailand 
                      Interests: music reading school activities      soccer    swimming       watching TV

                     *Pre-AYP English-Withawin goes by "Win". Win is a great looking young man with
                     a wonderful smile. He is an active and sociable person that gets along with everyone.
He plays Basketball, Soccer and Swimming. Win is an A student. He wants to learn as much as possible
about the American way of life, beliefs, traditions and culture. *Allergy Sulfa Drugs 

                      Name – Pablo (16) 
                      Home Country – Spain 
                      Interests: bike riding going to the movies      snow sports     tennis    travel

                       Pablo is a good looking student with a great smile. He is cheerful, social, happy,
smart, responsible boy who knows what his obligations are but also knows how to have fun. He is sincere,
intelligent and likes to express his opinion. Pablo is a B student that is studious and has proved himself to
be an outstanding student. He is very mature and pleasant to teach and is always active in his English
lessons. Tennis is Pablo's favorite sport. He has been playing since he was 6 years old and he has won
many matches. Pablo also plays soccer, basketball, cycling, skiing, watersports and likes to play poker
with his friends. Pablo likes reading and always has a book beside his bed.

                      Name – Isabella (15) 
                      Home Country – Austria 
                      Interests: baseball basketball bike riding computer cooking/baking
                      dancing going to the movies handball hiking/backpacking ice skating
                      listening to popular music meeting with friends photography reading snow
                      skiing soccer swimming travel watching sports watching tv

 Isabella is a beautiful young lady that is independent, responsible and organized. She is an A+ student
and her teachers like her very much because of her being so well organized. Isabella take her studies
seriously and spends a lot of time in her room studying. She likes to play Soccer and she plays the Piano
and participates in Dance Club. One of her hobbies is Reading. Isabella helps look after her little sister.

                    To see more students, contact Cybele @ (703) 829-6271