When met Mrs Pace with Shekinah Services didn know what by jolinmilioncherie


									When I met Mrs. Pace with Shekinah          I have thoroughly enjoyed working
Services, I didn’t know what I could do     with Shekinah Services. Clarissa
to change my credit woes. There were        always had my best interest at heart;
items on my report that weren’t even        always       upbeat,        gracious,
mine. In 30 days, she turned me             knowledgeable and dedicated. She
around.                                     went above and beyond to ensure
                          R.B. – Earle,     that I was satisfied.....HIGHLY
                                    AR      recommend!!!!
                                                          C.W. – Little Rock, Ar
In our phone interview, Mrs. Pace
said Shekinah Services requires that        Hat’s off to Shekinah Services. My wife
you don’t expect overnight miracles,        and I had federal liens and issues I didn’t
because it didn’t take you overnight        think were possible to remove. Mrs. Pace
                                            went above beyond what the instructions
to get there. Boy! It was like it           say can or can’t be done. She was always
happened overnight. I didn’t expect         encouraging. My scores increased and I
to increase my score in 60 days by          was able to refinance my home.
over 100 points….and I just came out                                    S.L. - Virginia
of bankruptcy.
                   C.T. – Monroe, LA        My husband and I are longtime
                                            business owners. We had been
I would recommend Shekinah Services to      turned down by lenders because we
anyone. I had a huge amount on a credit
card. She saved me $5000 by negotiating
                                            had a previous bankruptcy. When
the settlement for me. At that time in my   Shekinah Services began to work
life, it was a relief to me to have her     with us, our scores increased in the
conducting my business.                     first 30 days. I liked the
              M.L. – New York, New York     confidentiality and the dedication to
                                            us as customers. We were able to
All I can say is: Mrs. Pace knows her       refinance and do some personal
stuff. Every observation I was told,        things we had desired to be done.
worked for me. I had been struggling                               McGehee, AR
to purchase a home. She was able to
help me increase my scores in 90 days
and I’m buying my home, and she’s
doing that for me too.
                   M.D. – Dumas, AR

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