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									Why do I need a contract?

Why do I need a contract?

Contracts are the foundation of business and corporate law .

The terms of a written contract should be carefully considered. You should have the opportunity
to review them and expose any potential misunderstandings or disagreements before you get
too far into the business relationship. If your contract contains the proper language to protect
your rights and the “fine print” is tailored to benefit your business, you can often avoid business
 disputes, litigation and appeals.

When you are putting together a business deal or entering into a business transaction, protect
yourself by putting the terms of your agreement in a writing that clearly and expressly states
exactly what you intend to do, the obligations of all parties, any terms of compensation, and
what happens in the event of a dispute.

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 Contracts that must be in writing

Without a written contract, the parties are left with an oral agreement that can be difficult and
expensive to enforce. A dispute regarding the terms of an oral contract ends often results in a
judge trying to decide whose testimony is more believable. To be enforceable, certain types of
agreements must be in writing. The Illinois Statute of Frauds requires a written contract for

Why do I need a contract?

agreements dealing with:

   - The sale of goods valued over     $500.
   - Contracts or agreements that     are not capable of being performed within one year
according to the terms   of the contract or agreement.
   - Real estate agreements (such as      commercial leases, purchase and sale contracts,
easement rights, etc.).
   - Marriage (such as pre-marital    or post-martial agreement).

 Contracts are not “Do-It-Yourself” projects.

Contracts should reflect the “meeting of the minds” between you and the other party, so a good
contract should be customized to If you download (or purchase) a form, agreement or contract
from the Internet, make sure you have it reviewed by an attorney to ensure it protects you and
contains the necessary terms and clauses to address your concerns and provide instructions on
how to handle issues that arise during your business dealings.

To help assist you, the lawyers of the Chicago business law firm have a few clauses to consider
having in your contract:

   - Make sure you have established         terms for payment and enforcement or you may never
get paid.
   - Courts will not force a party    to pay your attorneys’ fees or court costs unless you have
a clause in a written    agreement. Otherwise, you will need to fund your own litigation.
   - With a written agreement you        can include an enforceable provision for stoppages
and/or termination (a     “stop work” clause if you provide services or ship products on an
ongoing     basis) and penalties for lateness such as charging interest and/or late     fees if they
don’t pay on time.

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Why do I need a contract?


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