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Hainan Rendez-Vous Announces Partnership with HNA Group
Shanghai, China, January 31, 2012 -- Organisers of Hainan Rendez-Vous, China’s foremost business aviation lifestyle show, have announced a new addition to
their event’s elite group of sponsors: HNA Group, a leading operator of business jets in Mainland China, Hong Kong and beyond.

Taking place for the third consecutive year this April 5th - 8th on the Riviera-like shores of Sanya, Hainan Rendez-Vous encompasses one of Asia’s key business jet exhibitions,
the continent’s largest yacht show, and an ultra-lifestyle showcase of the world’s most iconic luxury automobile and consumer brands. Displays of fine art, entertainment, dining,
social activities and celebrity appearances punctuate the show’s four days of celebration and intensive networking.

Hongkong Jet and Deer Jet are the business jet subsidiaries of HNA Group. Hongkong Jet is the international business aviation arm of HNA Group that provides non-stop charter
service with ultra-long-haul aircraft for flights as far as London and San Francisco; the company has the full range of business jet types. Deer Jet has the largest charter jet
fleet in Asia, and among its aircraft are the Boeing Business Jet, the Airbus A319, and several different Gulfstream and Hawker jet models. Both Hongkong Jet and Deer Jet
are members of the NBAA.

Last year’s Hainan Rendez-Vous was widely covered by domestic and international media and attracted some 15,000 high net worth individuals from across greater China.
Exhibitors and sponsors praised the event’s unique content mix, saying that synergies between the different industries represented in the show created additional marketing

One of the aviation highlights at the 2011 Hainan Rendez-Vous was the transportation of some 250 VIP guests to and from the show via private jets. The exclusive flights,
numbering over sixty, allowed business jet exhibitors to demonstrate first-hand the comfort and convenience of their aircraft to their most promising potential buyers.

Sixteen different business jets representing the world’s top eight private jet brands comprised the 2011 show’s static display. Jet charter companies and FBOs also exhibited
at Hainan Rendez-Vous’ main exhibition area outside the Visun Marina.

Organisers are confident that the 2012 edition show will create even greater opportunities for participating aviation firms. With the full support of Sanya International Phoenix
Airport and VIP terminal, the set up of this year s static display will meet international aviation exhibition standards.At the marina, a new VVIP lounge at the main exhibition area
with direct corridor to an Airport Express limousine service will provide an exclusive setting for communication between business jet company executives and their potential
clients. The 2012 show also incorporates a greater number of private events that foster interaction between important visitors and participating brands, including a Business
Aviation Summit Luncheon.

In addition, Hainan Rendez-Vous is joining forces with AEM International this year to make the show’s business jet static display more fruitful and enjoyable for all involved.
AEM is the world’s leading ground support equipment supplier for aviation events, and will provide power sources and equipment that obviate the need to keep engines of the
parked jets running.

Another new aspect of this year’s show will be the addition of at least one seaplane, which will be displayed among the superyachts of the Hainan Rendez-Vous yacht show.

Prospects for business aviation in China look extremely bright as restrictions on low-altitude airspace are loosening, and significant investments are being made in airport and
FBO construction. In 2011 alone the nation roughly doubled its private jet fleet as Chinese buyers took some 70 deliveries. Leading manufacturers are each forecasting sales
of hundreds of aircraft to the country over the next ten years.

China Rendez-Vous founder and CEO Delphine Lignieres notes that Sanya bills itself as a leisure destination for China’s financial elites. “As such,” she says, “it is positioning
itself as one of China’s key private aviation hubs. This positioning, coupled with the success of our 2011 event, have been driving interest in our 2012 show.”

“With our Group being unique in having both a Hong Kong and Mainland China AOC, we believe we are uniquely placed to provide an operator’s perspective to such an exciting
and important event. We look forward to participating in this event and see it being a great success that will further highlight the importance of the business jet industry and its
multiplier effect on economic development.” said Chris Buchholz, CEO of Hongkong Jet.

The Hainan Rendez-Vous is sponsored by the NBAA, the world’s leading organization for companies that utilise general aviation aircraft. NBAA is working to promote Hainan
Rendez-Vous to its member companies, and Hainan Rendez-Vous organisers are promoting the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition, an NBAA event taking place
in Shanghai from March 27-29th.

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