Venn Diagram Task � Differentiation by 9303iO9


									                             Venn Diagram Task – Differentiation

Suggested Unit: Statistics

Learning Goals
In this task, every student will engage in each of the following:
     Create a 3-Ring Venn Diagram representation of a data set.
     Translate between mathematical notation and “plain language” meaning of union
         and intersection.
     Use a Venn Diagram to compute the probability of a union and intersection.
     Create and solve compound probability questions from Venn Diagram data

Georgia Performance Standards (Math 1):
    MM1D2 – Students will use the basic laws of probability
    MM1P3d – Use the language of mathematics to express mathematical ideas
    MM1P5a – Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate
       mathematical ideas.
    MM1P5b – Select, apply, and translate among mathematical representations to
       solve problems.

Georgia Peformance Standards (Middle School):
    M8D1 – Students will apply basic concepts of set theory.
    M8D3b – Find the probability of compound independent events

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