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									                               Building Brooklyn AwardsTM
                          2010 PROJECT NOMINATION FORM
                   Extended Deadline for Submission: Friday, March 12, 2010

Please provide as much information as possible. You may attach additional pages. All nominated
projects must have been completed and issued a temporary or permanent Certificate of Occupancy
on or before December 31, 2009. For each project, please include:
      This completed form                               Up to 6 photographs that show key design
      Context map                                        elements and significant spaces in and
      Site plan, if applicable                           outside the project. All images should be in
      Floor plans – first floor and one typical          JPEG format at 300 dpi or better. For
       floor, if applicable                               renovation projects, please include “before
      Building section, if applicable                    and after” photos.
      Typical elevation, if applicable

Submission Requirements
All information and images should be submitted in PDF format on a disk and mailed or delivered
to the address at the end of this form. Please include on the disk additional copies of photographs
as separate JPEG files. Also include one hard copy of all paperwork.


Title and/or Affiliation to Project:



Phone:                                              E-mail:

25 Elm Place, Suite 200           t: 718 875-1000
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5826           f: 718 237-4274   
Project Name (if applicable):

Project Address:                                        Neighborhood:

Project       Block    #:    Building       Lot   #:    Community Board #:

Cost of Project: $                                      Date of Project Completion:

# of new temporary jobs created:                        # of new permanent jobs created:

Square footage of project:                              % MWBE Contractors:

IV. PROJECT CATEGORY (Check all that apply. The judges may award in these or other categories
based upon review of the project against the judging criteria.)

    Civic and Institutional (museum, arts, public)               Historic Preservation
    Industrial                                                   Education (K-12, higher education)
    Mixed-Use                                                    Retail
    Economic Impact                                              Energy Conservation
    Office: ___Building     ___Interior                          Landscape/Recreation (park, sports facility,
                                                          public green space)
    Residential and Hotel: ___Single to 6-family          ___Multi-family            ___Dormitory   ___Hotel
                            ___Affordable              ___New Construction      ___Renovation

Projects will be judged according to the following criteria:
         Design Excellence and Innovation
         Economic Impact
         Sustainability
         Urban Context/Design


25 Elm Place, Suite 200              t: 718 875-1000 
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5826              f: 718 237-4274  
      Contribution to Neighborhood/”Brooklyn-ness”

Owner/Developer Firm:

Owner/Developer Contact Person:

Owner/Developer Address:                          E-mail:

Owner/Developer Phone:

Architecture Firm(s):

Project Architect(s):

Architect Address:                                E-mail:

Architect Phone:

Builder Firm:

Builder Contact Person:

Builder Address:                                  E-mail:

Builder Phone:

The following fields may be used to include other members of the project team such as lenders,
project managers, engineers and consultants. You may add additional pages, if necessary.
Team Member Firm:

Team member Contact Person:                       Team Member E-mail:


25 Elm Place, Suite 200         t: 718 875-1000
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5826         f: 718 237-4274   
Team Member Address:

Team Member Phone:

Briefly describe    the   project.   (Please   include   building/project   use,   major   tenants,   number   of
tenants/residents, number of units, whether the project is new construction or a renovation, etc.)

Describe the notable features of the project’s design and construction (e.g., distinguishing and/or
innovative design features, quality of materials and construction, functionality, finishes, use of light) .

Please describe how the project fits within the context of its built environment, its site and its
community (e.g., height, mass, sensitivity to and consistency with the surrounding community).


25 Elm Place, Suite 200              t: 718 875-1000
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5826              f: 718 237-4274 
Describe the project’s achievements in sustainable development (i.e., energy conservation, use of
environmentally sensitive materials, LEED certification, adaptive reuse).

Describe how the project has improved the quality-of-life of the surrounding community and/or
contributed to the unique culture of Brooklyn and its neighborhoods (e.g., provision of vital service
or cultural amenity, recreational facility, community improvement or innovative built project),

There is a $100 fee for each project submitted for consideration. Please make checks payable to
Brooklyn Alliance, or submit your credit card information below.

Number of Projects Submitted:             x $100

                              =          Total Amount Due

Payment Method:           Check made payable to Brooklyn Alliance (please mail to address below)
                          MasterCard         Visa         American Express            Discover


25 Elm Place, Suite 200           t: 718 875-1000
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5826           f: 718 237-4274
Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:                    Name on Card:

Signature (e-signature is acceptable):

Nominations, files, and payment should be e-mailed or mailed to:
Lori Raphael
Director, Real Estate & Development
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
25 Elm Place, Suite 200
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 875-1000 ext. 140

                    Thank you for taking the time to prepare this nomination.


25 Elm Place, Suite 200          t: 718 875-1000
Brooklyn, NY 11201-5826          f: 718 237-4274

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