President Kim Robertson called the meeting to order on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at
7:05pm at the Dockside Restaurant.

Representatives of the various IVC sports were in attendance as follows:

Kim Robertson - President Athletic Booster Club, Football
Paul Buob – Treasurer Athletic Booster Club, Boys Soccer
Barb Belt – Secretary Athletic Booster Club, Girls Soccer
Steve Lockridge – Echo Valley Meat
Dave Shindley – Membership Committee
Cheryl and Curt Buster – Cross-Country and Girls Track
Mark and Susan Norris – Wrestling
Jeff Gauwitz – Baseball
Debi Reed – Volunteer

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the previous meeting of May 31, 2006 were read. Kim
made a motion to accept said minutes. Cheryl Buster seconded. The minutes were
passed by unanimous consent of the attendees.

Treasurer’s Report: Paul Buob presented the Treasurers Report. Not a lot of activity.
Looked at three new software packages. One costs $199 for a Charitable Contribution
package without the account package. Has not looked at Quickbook yet. There is
$100.00 more in the checking account than shown. Is a credited back amount. There is
$2800 in revenue for program ads so far but this is not shown yet. Bills for baseball nets
not paid yet. Goals for next month are to have a budget done for next year, which the
Athletic Booster Club has never done, and have an accounting package in place. Jeff
made a motion to accept said report. Dave Shindley seconded. Report passed by
unanimous consent of the attendees.

Presidents Notes: 1. Need to involve more people. Recruit more committee members.
“Promote our club at non-athletic events.” Dave Shindley recommended using the
Thursday night downtown Farmers Market as a venue to recruit more members. 2.
Recruit more teachers and coaches. Any more suggestions for recruiting can email Kim.
3. New challenges with new conference will occur. Jeff Gauwitz wanted to know if the
NCIC has academic All-Conference listing. Paul Buob requested an update on NCIC
matters. Would like to help with the transition and become more involved in the NCIC.
4. Revision of Three Sport Athletic Scholarship still needs to be done. Will have to
relook it through. Mark Norris raised the possibility of having both a Three Sport and a
Two Sport Scholarship. He volunteered to be on the committee along with Dennis
Fraikes. 5. New benefit for next year during Super Bowl. Need to discuss further. 6.
Jeff Gauwitz commented that IVC pays teachers to help run some events. Could more
volunteers be recruited to help instead and save money?
Membership: Dave Shindley will continue as Chairman with Cam Parr assisting.
Summer/Fall Registration Plan – Need flyer in Fall packet to give out during
Tiered Level gifts for Membership: Goal for last year was $3000. Actual intake was
$2869.10. 2006 Goal = 210 families at $6,078.00.
New Ideas: Wrist band for family level. Still have enough magnets. Will check with
Matt Storti about window stickers. Bronze Level: New style (lower cut) hat. Cost is
$4.50 versus $9.50 from last year. Will get a sample and then four opinions and then
based on that, will order 120 hats. Will also consider a separate hat to sell for profit.
Kim contacted High-5 for costs/samples. Second hat would cost the buyer $5 - $10 - $15
for gold, silver, bronze tier respectively. May want to consider getting into a partnership
with High-5 on this. Silver Level: Good quality golf shift. Cost is $30.90 through
$36.90 dependent on size. Ladies and mens samples will hopefully be available by next
meeting for consideration.

Communication: Fall/Winter Book: Advertisers update included with agenda. Most are
reupping for the Ad Campaign. Need to add Baileys, CEFCU, Meister & Shane, and
Turner-Hicks to attached list as reupping. 42% have returned letter to reup. Kim has
contacted all advertisers from last year. Can also download form from website and send
to Owens Graphics.

Denny’s Bulletin Board: Denny O’Boyle not present.

Booster Projects: 1. Fall Concessions – Dave Shindley to help. Money in budget for new
steel window. Dave to contact Jim Whitley on this. Steve Lockridge from Echo Valley
has donated a solid condiment table and metal condiment dispensers to IVC. He will also
donate an ice maker if the Athletic Booster Club decides to go with fountain drinks
instead of canned drinks as refreshments for Hot Hoops. 2. 2006-2007 Sports
Representatives – Kim will contact Denny O’Boyle on this to set this up and get a place
to hold the gathering. Goal is to get more REPS. 3. Hot Hoops & More: Athletic
Booster Club to run concessions. Is July 22, 2006 here at IVC. Money made is
earmarked for bleachers on the athletic fields. Will use the trailer also for concessions.
Requested use of golf carts from Dave Hirtz. Dave Shindley, Mark Norris, and Jeff
Gauwitz to put up posters advertising the upcoming event. 4. Golf Outing – Jeff Gauwitz
will Chair, Paul Buob to assist. Mark Norris will ride cart and deliver drinks. Cheryl
Buster also volunteered to help.

Fund Raisers: Debi Reed here to present Hood Display idea. See attached Sales
Package. Hood Cover is 3D, machine washable, will protect the hood, will fit any car or
truck except for a hummer and full-sized hummer, mini-cooper, and jaguar. Minimum
order is 500 but only need to sell 267 to break even at $149.99. Add a platinum level to
membership tier, then include the cover in the price. Can get a discount if order more
than one. Alumni might also be interested. There is no obligation to buy. No money
needed to preorder. When shipment comes in, then pay. To promote this year with
actual shipment for 2007-2008 school-year. The Athletic Booster Club requested Debi
contact Steve, owner of company, and get price for ordering only 200 or 300. She will
try to get demo. Was tabled until next meeting when she can get back with pricing.

New Business: 1. Paul Buob requesting whether payment from Chillicothe Independent
on Farewell Tour Tee Shirts was received? Kim will look into this. 2. Jeff Gauwitz
wanted to know if there is going to be a sign along ball fields about placement of IVC
teams at State Tournaments. Cheryl Buster stated the IVC Art Teacher will help design.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at 7pm. Kim will contact The
Dockside to reserve a room. Kim will be unable to attend meeting. Shawn Garner will
preside in his absence. Kim made a motion to adjourn. Curt Buster seconded.

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