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                                                        The Power Of Postcards
                                                                  By Kaitlyn Miller

Whether it’s marketing or selling your products and services, the most popular, not to mention
effective, choice for most business owners are full color postcards. Despite the entry of many
marketing tools including those that are sophisticated like those running LED lights or electronic
brochures that cater to the tech savvy generation, most business owners still prefer postcard printing
as their marketing tool.

But why is it that print postcards are still the most preferred marketing tool? Simply because full color
postcards has been tried and tested for many generations. It has been one of the most bankable
marketing tools that have ever been conceptualized.

Full color postcard printing is one of the most indispensable promotional materials mainly because it is
cheap, easy to do, and it is, by far, the most effective. Needless to say, if you intend to reach the
widest target audience without that significant dent in your war chest, then full color postcards would be
your best option.

Consider why postcard printing is valuable for your business:

1. Postcard printing is simple and cheap. It does not take a genius to design one and the cost of
producing one is not as prohibitive as the other marketing tools. It can be full color postcards that
targets the younger generation or sepia-inspired to evoke nostalgia among the older ones. A postcard
printing company can help you design your message into something that can actually be seen and

2. Postcards appeal to the emotions. Remember the last time you received a postcard from a friend
who is traveling somewhere in Europe? Do you remember the rush of emotions after seeing the photo
or where or who it came from? Well, postcards have this effect. It stokes emotions like anticipation or
enthusiasm. People’s emotions are very powerful and this is what you want to engage in with your

3. Postcards are souvenirs. Why do you buy postcards when you are traveling? Because it captures a
particular unforgettable moment in one splendidly done card. Regardless of the postcard size or color,

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they are definitely something that you will keep. Postcards used as a marketing tool also have this
effect. Studies done by postal services suggest that they are six times more likely to be read.
Compared to direct mail letters which can be mistaken for credit card or electric bill, with their colors
and graphics, postcards can immediately capture the interest of your target audience which then leads
to the possibility of getting your message read.

4. Postcards are changeable. You can design them any way you want. With the help of your favorite
postcard printer, you can come up with different designs that would capture your target audience’s
attention. All it takes is for you to know your objective and your postcard printing process can
immediately begin.

A lot of business owners have attested to the power of postcards; but as a word of caution, it is not
always a panacea. A lot can also go wrong with this marketing strategy. For instance, your design
might be too cluttered that it loses its meaning or its colors are too mixed up that it defocuses from your
main message. It can also be ill-timed. A lot of factors can spell disasters, but with careful planning,
these risks can be avoided. Nevertheless, because postcards are cheap and easy to do, you can
always do a trial and error until you get that perfect marketing tool.

5. Postcards let you to easily track your success. Leads and even sales can be easily identified when
postcards are mailed to your target clients. A special code or a powerful call-to-action can help you
keep track of your clients’ response.
Nevertheless, despite their tried and tested strength as marketing tools, postcards cannot guarantee
that you’ll have more sales, or increase in ROIs. But with carefully planned postcard printing collateral,
your chances of marketing success can surely improve.

For more information, you can visit this page on postcard printing and full color postcards

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                Make You in Charge: Technology and Convenience for Postcard Mailing
                                                     By Carla San Gaspar

The world we live in today seems to be very busy, too busy that sending postcards would just feel like
another waste of time. Imagine having your own postcards done and sending it to hundreds of people
without it even touching the palm of your hand – wouldn’t postcard mailing be a chore you’d like to
really get off your hands?


Though technology has been continuously hurling us with newer ways to communicate with people
across the borders, sending messages through postcards is still considered the best way to converse
with people across the globe.

Postcards are a practical, more intimate, and more direct way of sending out messages that will not be
replaced by any other type of technology anytime soon. So while electronic postcards exist, people will
always check, sort, and read their physical mail.

Each of us may come up with our own personal ways to use postcards, but the top uses for post cards
are as follows:

1.   You may use it for writing someone while you are on vacation.
2.   Others use it for their collection and reference.
3.   Most of the time, we use it to advertise, a service, a product or a tourist destination.
4.   Postcards are also used for invitations or club cards.


While technology have made a lot of things more convenient, there are numerous innovations too that
bore out of it. Mailing your postcards is easier if you truly want to sent out your message in a print
medium that can arrest your audiences. Postcard-users can rely on mailing services for massive
mailing campaigns.

• Do everything online, get more for what you paid in less, work from home, and have your postcards
mailed right off the presses – without lifting another finger.

• Postcard mailing services is the process wherein your postcards are sent out to the individuals
whose addresses appear on your list. The postcards you had printed can automatically undergo the
process of address ink-jetting, CASS certification, pre-sorting, and more.

• Tabbing can be applied to your postcards to render them more durable against harsh mailing
conditions. Also, indicia are also placed as markings for paid postage. These and more can be easily
done and attended to by your printing company.

• If you don’t have a mailing list yet of your clients and prospects – the same service can be found in
mailing services. It will duly complement your tasks as it brings you mailing lists for businesses or
residences, by location or demographic. Your choice can ba as specific so you know your message it

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sent to the right crowd.

Complete Package

You would think that it would be hard to find companies that offer you to print, design and mail all at
once for your postcard. Yet all of these are possible to do it all online. You can simply type in the right
keywords and you’re off to a good start in your search. And it certainly won’t take long.

Online printing and postcard mailing will surely spare you from the hassle of going through the manual
and long process of sending out your postcards. Because of postcard mailing services, the process of
sending postcards is just as intimate and effective – with less the effort.

More topics on postcard mailing can be found at Postcard Printing - U Printing

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