The Four Keys To A Good Brochure

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                                             The Four Keys to a Good Brochure
                                                           By Kaitlyn Miller

Every business has a brochure. You see thousands of them in every hotel lobby. So how do you make
your company’s brochure stand out? Well, you have to know the basics of good brochure design.
Here are a few tips to help you out as you plan your next brochure printing project:

Judge a Brochure by its Cover
It may not be true for books, but brochures are judged by their covers. A brochure is only as effective
as its cover is attractive. The front of your brochure has to have enough enticing information to suck
the reader in right away. Think of someone standing in front of that giant rack of brochures in a hotel
lobby. How is he going to choose a brochure to pick up? By the way the cover looks! The only way
your brochure will be picked is if it has a very effective cover. Put some text that tells the reader that
your company can offer exactly what he needs. And make sure to include more than just words, too.

Good Organization is Key
A brochure that is nothing but great words about your company will not work. There has to be an
attractive visual aspect to it as well. You have to use borders and lines and other techniques to break
things up a bit. Try to create contrast in the sections of your brochures: use different colors and
different shapes. Use a variety of text box sizes so that all of your information doesn’t begin to look the
same. And remember to include headings for each section of your brochure. Often, they will be the
only things that a customer actually reads.

Pictures are Good
Including pictures and images in your brochure is a good idea, too. In fact, it is almost essential. And
you don’t want to just throw in some clip art pictures and call it good. Use clear, colorful images that
pertain to your business. If you can have actual, live pictures of people using your product, that is
great! Just make sure they are taken with a good camera that will produce a good picture. A poor
quality picture is worse than no picture at all.

Know Your Customers
Directing your brochures at the wrong people is the very worst thing you can do. Make sure you know
what type of people you are targeting when you design your brochures, and every piece of material for
that matter. This should help you as you decide what type of enticing information to use on the cover,

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and what type of color and images to use. This is by far the most important aspect of any brochure.
After all, it’s all about the customer.

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                                  How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?
                                                           By Sandy Reed

? If there is one thing most of you would agree on it's that few people have ever come across a
situation made worse by having too much money. We all know in the business world more clients =
more money.

In a study conducted by Dartnell and McGraw Hill the following statistics were discovered.

80% of all sales are made only after 5 or more contacts.

48% of all salespeople give up after the first contact.

25% give up after the 2nd contact.

17% give up after the 3rd or 4th contact.

This study indicated that 90% of the salespeople give up before 80% of the sales are ever made!

Are you part of the 90%, or are you one of the persistent 10% who end up getting the sale? Our
company brochure has helped keep us in the 10 percent category. Here are five tips to help you
create a dynamic brochure for your business.

It goes without saying that your brochure should look professional, but here are five more keys to a
client-capturing brochure.

1. Your brand should be front and center. What is a brand anyway? A brand is a logo, slogan, or other
means of communication that identifies your business. Can you guess what the brand is of Allstate
Insurance or McDonalds? I bet you immediately thought of "good hands" and "golden arches" didn't
you? That is the power of a brand, and it should be communicated on all your company's business
cards, stationery, and brochures.

2. Your Unique Selling Position (USP) should be stated clearly on your brochure. Why would someone
hire you versus your competitor? This may require some research, but it is time well spent. Your USP
will be communicated throughout all your marketing materials. It will clearly tell your prospective
customers what skills, services, and/or products you have to offer and how they are better than your

3. Use compelling headlines and subheads. All of your headlines and subheads should strike an
emotional chord with your target audience. Here are a couple of examples. Which one would compel
you to take action?

Let us help you. - or - Let us work our magic!

How about:

This is something you really need. - or - This is absolutely essential to your success.

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Enough said...

4. Client testimonials are a must in a successful brochure. They give you credibility to prospective
customers; let them know how you have served others, and how you can serve their needs.

5. A clear call to action is critical. What do you want your prospective customers to do? Do you want
them to call you TODAY? Do you want them to visit your website first, so they know what you have to
offer? Be sure and tell them what the next step should be - and make it big, bold, and front and center!

We have been using a brochure in marketing our construction business for several years. Clients have
called who kept that brochure for over two years before they were ready to meet with us. Second only
to referrals, it has been the most powerful marketing tool we have utilized.

Sandy Reed is the President and Founder of the International Association of Women in Family
Enterprises (IAWIFE).  She is a professional business coach, writer, and co-owns her own
successful family business.  If you're ready to take your family business to the next level of
success, join her members at to receive support, share your gifts and vision, and
connect with wise women.

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