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The Benefits of Breastfeeding


									                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

       Infant bottle feeding or breastfeeding schedules quickly alter as your baby grows. Solid food is introduced
                              during the first year, and breast milk or formula is decreased.
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                Breastfeeding Laughs - A Humorous Look At The Benefits Of Breastfeeding
                                                  By Deanna Mascle

   More than a few heated discussions have broken out between mothers who breastfeed and those
who have chosen the bottle over the breast. While there are documented physical and emotional
benefits of breastfeeding, bottle feeding mothers contend that the benefits of breastfeeding can be
reproduced during bottle feeding sessions and breastfeeding is not worth the inconveniences and
discomfort. A mother's personal choice ultimately decides if her child will be bottle or breast fed. Rather
than argue the facts, let's take a humorous look at some of the benefits of breastfeeding your baby.

One great perk of breastfeeding is that you get to wear sexy, easy access, nursing clothes. Most
nursing clothes are designed to allow your infant easy access to the breast. This feature is a great
convenience, but it also can lead to inadvertent breast flashes in public if your nursing clothes are not
properly secured after feeding your infant. If you find people following you around while out in public,
check your shirt.

You get to join the stylish trend of baby wearing. Breast fed infants often nurse more frequently than
bottle fed infants. This can lead to the feeling that your child is always attached to your breast. Baby
wearing can be seen in malls, grocery stores and parks across the nation. Baby slings, swaths and
holsters are sold that encourage a nursing mother to flaunt her baby wearing style. Some even offer
anytime access to the breast- a very nice perk for the infant.

Another wonderful benefit of breastfeeding is the delightful experience of public breast feeding. Curious
onlookers and the not-so-subtle glances of those hoping to catch a glimpse of an exposed breast add
to the excitement and tension of trying to nurse your hungry infant in public. Many women cringe at the
thought of public breast feeding, choosing instead to nurse their infants in bathroom stalls and the back
seats of cars. Public breastfeeding for some is an invitation to be free and let it all hang out. Heaven
help the poor soul who makes a snide comment or stares too long at this hormonal, sleep deprived

This brings us to the classic sore nipples. There is just no other experience that compares to allowing a
hungry infant to chomp, suck, chew and grab a breast that is plagued by bruised, cracked and sore
nipples. No amount of prenatal education or coaching by the La Leche League can prepare you
properly for sore nipples- it must be experienced to be appreciated.

Viewing the unpleasant aspects of breastfeeding with a little humour can help breastfeeding mothers

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

cope. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience and has documented health benefits for both mother
and baby. The potential pain and humiliation of breastfeeding an infant are endured with a smile by
those women who choose to breastfeed their baby for the wonderful physical and emotional benefits of

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                                                 A Glance at Breastfeeding
                                                     By Rika Subana

So, you want to regain your figure after delivery your baby? Well, it is one of many benefits of
breastfeeding. But before we go deeper into breastfeeding stuffs, let’s find out what it is. Breastfeeding
is giving human breast milk to infants to meet their nutritional needs. Breastfeeding your baby (directly
from your breast) can only be done by you. It can be done exclusively or can be supplemented with
bottle feeding.

By doing breastfeeding, you provide breast milk which is the best source of nutrition for the first 6
months of life. Breast milk contains appropriate amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat, and
provides digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and hormones that infants require. Breastfeeding also
gives your baby antibodies from you that can help the baby resist infections. Even more, many experts
recommend that you should do breastfeeding your baby within the first 30 minutes of life.

Here, some benefits of breastfeeding for your baby:
•Breastfeeding has all the nutrients that a baby needs.
•Breastfeeding can easily be digested by the baby.
•Breastfeeding protects the baby from illnesses by providing immunity.
•Breastfeeding is readily available for the baby and is always at the right temperature.

And, these are some benefits of breastfeeding for you, mother:
•Once you master the art of breastfeeding, feeding baby will be very convenient for you. You will not
need to worry about washing and sterilizing bottles, preparing feeds, boiling water, etc.
•Breastfeeding will help you regain your figure faster than if you were not breast feeding.
•Breastfeeding also reduces the risks of breast and ovarian cancer.
•Breastfeeding acts as a natural contraceptive (but you should not rely on it) and helps you space your
babies by delaying conception.

When you do breastfeeding, you must find the perfect position for you and your baby. Try several
positions until you find the perfect one for you and your baby. The biggest thing to worry about in
feeding baby is getting a proper latch. This will help you avoid sore nipples. This can be related to

by urique -

Rika Subana (Urique is her nickname) is an Indonesian, married, and had formal education in
Communications. A former reporter and country editor, she is now a freelance writer on parenting and
fashion. Rika is the owner of Baby Feeding Guide ( She can be
contacted at Baby"
target="_blank">>Baby Feeding Guide

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