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					                                Exclusive Offering
                         2002 Raytheon Hawker 800XP
                                      Serial Number 258581

                     Aircraft Solutions PLUS
                        Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers

        Teterboro, NJ                   Reading, PA              West Palm Beach, FL          Orange County, CA
       (201) 462-4118                  (201) 462-4123              (561) 242-2610               (949) 340-7743                          Dallas, TX               
                                                     (214) 366-0133
                                                  Marketing Headquarters
                         Aircraft Specifications

                     2002 Raytheon Hawker 800XP
                Serial Number: 258581 Registration: XA-ICF

AIRFRAME HOURS: 1,067                       LANDINGS: 572

ENGINE TYPE                          MODEL                             TBO
Honeywell                        TFE731-5BR-1H                          OC

ENGINE STATUS                          LEFT                          RIGHT
Serial Number                       PH-107707                      PH-107708
Hours Since New                        1,002                           1,067
Cycles Since New                        540                             572

Airframe Maintenance Program:               FACTS
Engine Maintenance Program:                 MSP

APU TYPE/MODEL                  S/N         Hours Since New         Next Inspection
Garrett GTCP36-150W            P-688              592                  12 Month

                              All inspections current, A check @ 844 hours, E
Last Major Inspection:        and F check @ September 2004, Long Range 3rd
                              O2 bottle, Thrust Reversers.

       Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers

•   Collins VHF 422 (2) COM                      •   Collins HF 9000
•   Collins VIR 432 (2) NAV                      •   Magnaster C2000 FFONE
•   Collins Proline 21 FDS                       •   Collins ADF 3100 4 Tube EFIS
•   Collins Proline 21 Autopilot                 •   Collins TWR 850 CLR Radar
•   Collins TDR 94D (2) XPNDR                    •   ENCAL Installed
•   Collins ADF 462 (2)                          •   Collins 4000 Radar Alt
•   Collins DME 442 (2)                          •   4000 TCAS II w/CH 7
•   Collins ADC/AHC 3000                         •   Honeywell Mark V EGPWS
•   Collins GPS 4000A (2)                        •   Universal CVR 120

Color:           White overall with Blue and Fawn trim.

         Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers

This single owner aircraft incorporates a
luxurious fireblocked 8 place interior
with five single seats and a three place
divan in Royal Hide Greige leather. All
woodwork is finished in a high gloss and
the cabin is carpeted in “China Sea”.

The Forward cabin is configured with
four club style single seats transitioning
to the aft section with two facing single
seats on the left side and a 3-place
divan on the right.

Onboard entertainment is provided by
an Airshow 400 unit and DVD player
with two 13.8” monitors. Other features
include two 110VAC power outlets in the
cabin as well as fax and computer ports
(for email).

The aircraft is configured with a full size
lavatory with hot water located in the aft section of the cabin.

                                                    A baggage compartment and
                                                    galley are located in the forward
                                                    cabin area, just behind the flight

                                                                              File Photo

         Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers
•   RVSM Approved
•   FM Immunity
•   8.33 spacing coms
•   Airshow 400
•   Fireblocked passenger interior
•   DVD player w/ 2 13.8” monitors
•   110VAC cabin power outlets (2)
•   Fax/Email Ports
•   Long Range 3rd oxygen bottle

                                                                            File Photo

Price:        MAKE OFFER
Availability: Immediate

Updated: 10/19/05


         Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers

Jet Aviation, founded in Switzerland in 1967, has grown steadily over the years to
become the leading business aviation service company in the world. More than
3,500 employees serve our customers at 60 facilities and stations in the United
States, South America, Europe, the Middle and Far East, and with over 160
aircraft in the fleet of managed and owned aircraft, Jet Aviation serves every

As our global growth continues with the addition of new or expanded facilities
and services, we are constantly evaluating each stride to ensure that we continue
to provide our customers with an ever-broadening menu of complementary
services combined with the highest level of customer support.

Today, Jet Aviation provides:

   •   Aircraft acquisition, sales and brokerage services
   •   Global executive jet charter services
   •   Aircraft management services and extensive international support for
       corporate flight operations
   •   Fixed Base Operations (FBO) and corporate aircraft handling
   •   Completion services (outfitting and refurbishment)
   •   Maintenance and repair services
   •   Avionics services
   •   Engineering services
   •   Airline handling, including passenger handling, technical assistance and
       line maintenance

Business Aircraft Acquisitions, Sales & Brokerage

The acquisition of a facility in Dallas, Texas, in 1999 added an aircraft acquisition
and sales division that further enhances Jet Aviation’s ability to serve its
customers’ wide-ranging needs. Today, Jet Aviation maintains aircraft sales
offices in Dallas, TX, Teterboro, NJ, Orange County, CA, and Palm Beach, FL.
The aircraft acquisition and sales team, with extensive industry experience, is
able to assist with every phase of the aircraft transaction process.

Aircraft acquisition services include market evaluation, operating cost
comparisons, analysis to determine the fair market value of an existing aircraft or
a suitable replacement, tax-free exchanges, leasing and finance options.
Furthermore, Jet Aviation handles the coordination of pre-purchase inspections,

         Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers
contract details, as well as demonstration flights, and all closing details, to assure
that your interests are fully protected.

Jet Aviation provides sales brokerage services for any turbine aircraft and, with
the company’s worldwide presence, contacts, extensive advertising and
marketing capabilities—enhanced by an advanced, proprietary database and
transaction management system—our client’s aircraft receive optimum market

Client Circle of Benefits

                     For nearly four decades, Jet Aviation has been providing
                     maintenance, completions and engineering services, fixed
                     base operations, along with aircraft acquisition/sales, charter,
                     and management on a global basis. This extensive range of
                     services provides a “Client Circle of Benefits” that is designed
                     to meet our customers’ needs in every possible way.

In business today, maintaining a close working relationship is the cornerstone of
exemplary customer service. At Jet Aviation, we strive toward that goal by
offering services that complement each other. In so doing, we have created the
opportunity for our customers to deal with a single supplier, and an opportunity
for us to build an enduring relationship with our clients. This is the very best way
for us to understand your needs and to serve you even better in the future.

Sensitivity to our customers is something that has driven Jet Aviation’s success
from the outset. Although we have experienced significant growth in the past,
and will continue to expand our capabilities in the future, rest assured that
maintaining these important customer relationships is something that will never

         Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers
           Aircraft Solutions PLUS
           Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for aircraft Sellers and purchasers

           Value Proposition Matrix
     Jet Aviation Benefits                    Value to Aircraft Seller                   Value to Aircraft Purchaser
Global Presence
• Over 60 facilities and stations        Greater market exposure and                 Access to Jet Aviation facilities and
  worldwide                              expanded sales opportunities                services throughout the world
• More than 3,500 personnel

Along with aircraft Sales, Jet           Increased aircraft marketability by         A single source provider able to
Aviation’s global Services include:      virtue of aircraft acquisition simplicity   accomplish all aircraft management,
• Transaction Assistance                 and aircraft management capabilities        operations and maintenance
• Completions                                                                        requirements
• Management Services
• Staffing
• Charter
• Maintenance
• Fixed Base Operations

Transaction Assistance
• Global aircraft Transaction &          • Increased aircraft appeal &               • Simplified and streamlined
  Registration expertise                   marketability                               purchase process
• Can assist Sellers and Buyers from     • Simplified sales process                  • Simplified entry into service
  different countries & cultures
• Acquisition assistance:
    o Aircraft Needs and Mission
    o Aircraft searches
    o Purchase price/ terms
    o Aircraft financing
    o Tax consulting
    o Aircraft operating company /
       entity formation

Aircraft Completions
Extensive capabilities in:               • Increased aircraft appeal &               •   Simplified purchase process
• Aircraft engineering                     marketability                             •   Simplified entry into service
• Interior and Avionics Installation /                                               •   Potential acquisition cost reduction
  Modification                                                                       •   Jet Aviation’s Engineering and
• Paint services                                                                         Maintenance standards protect
Preferential Terms for Modifications                                                     aircraft resale value
and Paint services when conducted
in conjunction with aircraft purchase

                      Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers
           Value Proposition Matrix - continued
     Jet Aviation Benefits                    Value to Aircraft Seller               Value to Aircraft Purchaser
Aircraft Management
• Professionally trained personnel       Increased aircraft marketability due to:   • Simplified entry into service for
  operating at the highest industry      • Ease of entry for Buyer—especially         aircraft operators
  standards                                “First Time Aircraft Buyer”              • Guaranteed reduction in DOCs
• Jet Aviation purchasing power          • Seamless transition of aircraft          • Preferential Management Terms /
  provides reduced cost for:               already on a Jet Aviation certificate      Fees
    o Insurance
    o Fuel
    o Training
    o Ground Handling
    o OEM services

Staffing Services
Personnel sourcing through JPI           Increased aircraft market appeal           Ease of aircraft entry into service

Charter Services
• Simplified access to Charter           • Increased aircraft market appeal         • Simplified entry into charter service
  Services through enrollment on Jet     • Increased number of potential              and charter operating process
  Aviation Charter capability              aircraft Purchasers                        through Jet Aviation Charter
• Transfer of aircraft on Jet Aviation                                                capability
  Charter capability to Buyer with No                                               • Charter revenue reduces aircraft
  Charge for Conformity                                                               operating costs
• Charter revenue through Jet
  Aviation Charter Services
            ~~~~~~~~~~                                ~~~~~~~~~~                                 ~~~~~~~~~~
• Discounted Charter Services &          • Seamless sourcing of supplemental        • Seamless sourcing of supplemental
  Privileged Travel Card pricing           lift                                       lift
  during Pre-Purchase Inspection         • Reduced charter travel expense           • Reduced charter travel expense
  and Sale process.                        during sales process                       during sales process

Maintenance Services
• Comprehensive Pre-Sale                 • Identifies Pre-Purchase Inspection       • Aircraft “Technical Review Analysis”
  “Technical Review Analysis”              “financial risk”                           can determine the desired Pre-
                                         • Allows Seller to improve aircraft’s        Purchase Inspection
                                           technical status / appeal                  level/requirement
            ~~~~~~~~~~                                  ~~~~~~~~~~                                ~~~~~~~~~~
• Preferential Terms for Pre-            • Increased aircraft market appeal         • Potential acquisition cost reduction
  Purchase Inspection, Maintenance                                                  • Jet Aviation’s Engineering and
  and Avionics upgrades when                                                          Maintenance standards protect
  conducted in conjunction with A/C                                                   aircraft resale value
            ~~~~~~~~~~                                 ~~~~~~~~~~                               ~~~~~~~~~~
• Guaranteed Maintenance Costs           • Increased aircraft appeal,               • Eliminates maintenance cost risk
                                           perception of value and, possibly,
                                           selling price

                     Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers
Total Capabilities Matrix

      Unparalleled Benefits creating Value for Aircraft Sellers and Purchasers