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26-29 August, 2004
Dokuz Eylül university, Izmir, Turkey                                           MEMORANDUM

Kari A Sirkka, Satakunnta Polytechnic, Finland, chair
Ulla Lundh, Linköping University, Sweden
Jana Mareckova, Palacky university, Czech Republic
Theo Verhees, Provincial Hogeschool Limburg, Belgium
Ruud Heijnen, Hogeschool Zuijd, the Netherlands
M Dolors Bernabeu, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Samiye Mete, Dokuz Eylül universitasi, Izmir, Turkey
Katiuscia Cottafavi, Modena University, Italy
Luigi Alberto Pini, Modena University, Italy

Monica Manfredini, Ferrara University, Italy
Peter Wimpenny, the Robert Gordon University, Scotland

1. Opening the meeting
Dean Gulseren Kocaman (PhD,RN) opened the meeting by welcoming ENNE- coordinators to Dokuz Eylül
university. She also introduced some of the staff to the visitors.

Samiye Mete presented information about the university, nursing curriculum and the Turkish health care system.

2. Changes in ENNE coordination

The meeting committed a quiet moment to respect the memory of ex-coordinator Anne Rietveld who passed away in
spring 2004.

New persons among ENNE coordinators were introduced and welcomed to the network: Samiye Mete (representing
the hosting university), Ulla Lundh (Linköping university, replacing Kajsa Funkesson), Ruud Heijnen (Hogeschool
Zuyd, replacing Ed Soons). Modena University had two representatives: Katiuscia Cottafavi (ENNE-coordinator) and
Luigi Alberto Pini (ERASMUS-coordinator).

3. News from partner institutions
Each partner passed the meeting a brief statement about the most important events concerning the ENNE- activities
in their university.
      Linköping): more benefit for ENNE network concerning utilisation of PBL applications within the group
          expected; increase of student and teacher mobility within ENNE network
      Barcelona: completion of nursing curriculum on PBL; visiting other Spanish universities to share PBL theory
          and experiences; move to new building; three teachers in exchange (Scotland, Italy, Czech Republic);
          student exchange (1 from Sweden + 1 from Scotland; 4 students were sent out); international PBL-
          conference including ENNE-coordinators’ meeting on schedule for Barcelona beginning of September 2005

        Hasselt: next year completion of PBL curriculum; utilisation of ENNE regarding dissertation and nursing
         research on nursing curriculum on bachelor level; students received from Czwch Republic and Scotland
        Heerlen: strong movement of nursing competences nationwise has a big impact on nursing curriculum
         overall (project learning, competency-based education, portfolio system); decrease of student exchange in
         Europe taken place (more focused projects)
        Modena: PBL area enlarged in the first year to 3 courses, second year completely on PBL; network on
         PBL-teaching in Italy in order to promote PBL-teaching
        Olomouc: three new Socrates agreements signed (Barcelona, Hasselt,Linköping); 4th international nursing
         conference will be held in September 2004 including ENNE representation in programme
        Izmir: as a new member required attempts to get into the network; sharing of curricula and PBL applications
         by means of research projects (teaching or studying cultures); first year being able to use Socrates-
         exchange fundings for student and teacher exchanges; challenge to promote language skills among
        Harjavalta: new PBL -curriculum development for part time students going on (program starting February
         2005, making program shorter for students and combining competence-based learning); IP application was
         not successful to get grants

4. Intensive Programme 2005 in Satakunta Polytechnic, Pori, Finland
No funding was granted by Socrates program. The meeting supported the idea of doing extra efforts to organise the
IP in Finland on the partners’ own costs (travelling + € 250-300/ student participation fee).

It was decided that the coordinators will find out possibilities for funding as well as start marketing among students in
order to find candidates attending the IP as soon as possible – however at latest by 15th October 2004.

As to organising the IP, the following suggestions were stated:
          April was suggested as the best time for the IP
          IP could be limited to one week program + weekends (before and after) for travelling
          the contents of the program should focus on:
                  o nursing competences (generally in partnering countries + personal competences in
                       multicultural settings)  cultural awareness, understanding minorities
                  o active participation instead of sharing plain information (role plays on nursing scenarios)
          the venue could be in the nature (camp school)  Kari will survey the costs and possibilities to
              organise that
          the number of participants: 2-4 students (max 30 students) plus one teacher per partnering university

5. Future plans for ENNE network
Discussion concerning the future plans was based on Ferrara coordinator meeting’s 2003 memorandum.
ENNE collaboration is having a 2 line-problem to keep it running: 1) external & internal funding, 2) need of new
beneficial products.

The collaboration in 2004 (since Ferrara meeting) has consisted of:
             – a questionnaire about Bologna declaration/ EUI. VALL D’HEBRON
             – a questionnaire about nursing education/ Palacky university in Olomouc
             – IP-application (no success)
             – Student & teacher exchange (tutoring PBL session)
                       • Barcelona  8 students (2 SWE, 2 SCO,4 CZ, 2 FIN), 1 teacher (FIN)
                       • Hasselt  4 students (2 SCO, 2 CZ)
                       •  4 students to IP, 1 teacher (FIN)
                       • Heerlen  0 students, 1 teacher (FIN);  1 student (IT)
                       • Modena  2 student (1 FIN, 1 ESP);  0 student/teacher
                       • Olomouc  4 students (2 BE, 2 ESP)  3 teachers (1 ESP, 1 FIN, 1 UK), 0 students
                       • Linköping  2 students (2 ESP), 1 teacher (FIN)  2 students (ESP), 0 teacher
                       • Harjavalta  0 students, 1 teacher (CZ)  3 students (2 CZ, 1 IT), 1 teacher (FIN)

                       •   Ferrara  1 student (NL)
                       •   Aberdeen  4 students (2 BE, 2 FIN)

The plan for future collaboration consists following activities:
    • Sharing the expertise on PBL
              – Barcelona is going to organise PBL conference in 2005 where ENNE will be presenting papers on
                   applications and experiences on PBL
              – Izmir is working on organising student conference in 2005-06
              – Coordinator meetings will be including workshops on PBL for local teachers on annual basis
              – Organising or/and being available for training teachers in partnering countries
    • Utilising research resources:
              – Being a resource and open possibilities for students to join research projects by means of utilising
                   websites and virtual learning possibilities
    • Facilitating student group excursions (short term)
              – Strength of being a small and flexible network
              – Easiness to organise activities to share and extend dissemination of PBL expertise duee to being
    • ENNE-websites
              – Each partner will email their overall design of nursing curriculum to Kari to be placed on ENNE-
                   websites by 15th September
              – on the websites links to partner university home pages
    • Stimulating teacher- and student exchange within ENNE partners
              – Increase and encourage teacher exchange by means tutoring PBL sessions
              – Stimulate the existence of student groups/ PBL sessions in English for enabling exchange
                   students attendance and connections with the local students
              – Increase and encourage student exchange
    • Ed Soon’s proposal (stated in Ferrara 2003 and repeated now) of joining ENNE with COHEHRE network
              – the meeting was unanimous of not joining to the COHEHRE network

6. New members
Since last coordinator meeting in Ferrara 2003, two institutions had approached ENNE –network regarding
membership possibilities (Oslo university, Norway and County School of Nursing in Copenhagen, Denmark). Theo
Verhees promised to contact the institutions explaining the current situation of the network not being able to extend.
However selected partnership principle prevails (priority to new EU member countries in East Europe), and potential
partners will be invited to the PBL-conference in Barcelona 2005.

7. Main coordinator for 2004-05
Kari Sirkka was authorised to be the main coordinator of ENNE-network in academic year 2004-05.

8. The next coordinators’ meeting
ENNE coordinators’ meeting will be in Barcelona 5-7th September 2005 as joined to the PBL conference that will
take place on 8-10th September. ENNE network is representing round table sessions on various applications on PBL
within the network

Kari A Sirkka

APPENDIX. List of tasks to be accomplished in Autumn 2004

List of tasks to be done                                                          Deadline
1) e-mail overall design (max. one page) of nursing curriculum to Kari to be      by 15th September
    placed on ENNE-websites

2) explore the possibilities to organise IP by partners’ own funding              As soon as possible
       – € 250-300/ student participation fee (including program,                 but at latest by 15th
            accommodation, meals) + travelling costs                              October 2004
       – looking for candidates/ interest of participation
3) Dolors will send more detailed information about PBL-conference in Barcelona   In September 2004
   September 2005 with suggestions of expectations from ENNE partners
4) ENNE-websites will be updated with additional information by Kari              In September 2004
5) Izmir will send more detailed information about student conference in          By January 2005
   academic year 2005-06