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       Table Of contents

       1.    Introduction
       2.    Things you need
       3.    Setting up a site
       4.    Content
       5.    Monetizing
       6.    Pumping Traffic
       7.    Super Duper Viral Effect
       8.    Useful Tips
       9.    Conclusion

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       I am not a clickbank ‚guru‛ to show you fake screenshots of my earnings, and talk about my ‘once-upon-a-time-

       Now, coming to the point, ‘Minute Domination’ will teach you exact steps that I am using to generate $300-450 a
       day just from linking / uploading songs without using Youtube. Now you’re just thinking, these words have been
       repeated by every other product maker out there, so how do I differ from them?

       Well, ‘Minute Domination’, taken as a concept, can be twisted into several other ways which you’ll soon discover
       inside the ebook. It combines several other viral techniques to get best bang for the buck. Minute Domination can
       be used in entertainment niche, but not limited to weight loss, dating and others.

       Further chapters in, I will actually show you exact website set up I’ve used and how I effectively monetized the
       traffic and etc. Now, enough on this introduction part. Let’s get more serious now 

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                    Things you need
       • A domain name. Use “.tk” free domains.
       • A Movie website/wordpress blog theme.
       • $5 for buying a twitter status update.
       • A CPA account

       Preferred CPA networks
       o Blamads
       o Leadbolt
       o Adscend Media

Bankboss Media
                     Setting Up a Site
       • Firstly, like mentioned earlier, acquire a free domain name such as dot tk
       • Later, install wordpress and configure it. In my case, I’ve used this theme since,
         my music content was related to Justin Bieber. I’d recommend you check out
         that site and get a desirable music theme.
       • Make sure to rename your website title to ‚High Quality songs download‛
       • Change your Permalinks to : /%category%/%postname%/
       • Add different categories-Rebecca Black songs, Justin Bieber songs, 50 Cent
         Songs, etc.

Bankboss Media
        Go to Daily hot songs , do some research and pick your favorite artist.
        Sort the songs by ‘popularity’ and ‘chart size’
        Now once you’ve decided which artist you want to promote, head over to your wordpress
          Create a new page for that artist, and edit your recently published post to have a text Link
           saying ‘Download this song in Premium quality for FREE' or a image linked to that specific
           page you created.
          Now you might ask this question, if you provide them the song, then wouldn’t it be illegal
           to leak songs without the artist’s permission?
          Absolutely you are right, so what we’re going to do is, instead link them to a music sharing
           site like GrooveShark
          Note: we are only acting as a mediator and we’re not spreading anything illegal.
          For example, if I am promoting Justin Bieber’s songs then I’d link them to a page like this
          Similarly, you’d do it for your respective artist.

Bankboss Media
                 How legal is it?
       It is absolutely legal as we are not providing
       Illegal downloads. We are linking them to a
       legit website, like groove shark. So there’s
       nothing illegal in that.

       Note: If you feel unethical then you can link to
       trial downloads and etc.

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        This is the most important part. We are going to lock our
         content with a content locker, which are usually found on CPA
         networks like mentioned earlier.
        So, the user has to complete an offer, to view/download the
         song. Depending on the payout rate you can earn anywhere
         between $2 to $8.50 per qualified lead.

       That’s basically it, for content and monetizing part.
       Spending just 10-15 minutes per day can do that trick!
Bankboss Media
       Tip: Do not limit yourself to just music niche.
       You can literally do it with software trial
       downloads, movie trailers, news articles and
       what not.

Bankboss Media
       So now you’ve set up a wordpress site with a
       desirable theme, know what content to set up
       and how to monetize it, now let’s look into
       traffic generation part.

Bankboss Media
                   Pumping Traffic
       • Cheapest and the most effective way for this is using services
         on Fivver. Particularly, this service
       • That service is from a reputable Fiverr community member and
         has a high turnaround time since your website is potentially
         seen by 5,000+ twitter followers and 12k+ facebook fans.
       • Now, I know you’re thinking whether 5k twitter followers is
         enough or not. Let me tell you this, the next part will blow your

Bankboss Media
           Super Duper Viral Effect
       • This is the best part which pulls in thousands and thousands of quality traffic
           from twitter.
       •   Check out this website
       •   What you’re basically doing is, at first, locking your content with a tweet. So, the
           person has to tweet your website before they can get any content.
       •   The system works very well, and there’s no need to signup. All you do is:
           - add the url to what your giving away,
           - add the tweet message,
           - add the url you want traffic to go to from the tweet.
           You then choose your button, or make your own, and that’s it. You get a little
           piece of code, and your done.
       •   Now think of the possibility, where a person with 5k twitter followers tweets your
           website, then their followers have to tweet further to unlock the content and so
           on and so forth. The possibilities are just astonishing!
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                        Useful Tips
        Always use a flashy wordpress theme
        Acquire a free domain name from dot tk. We don’t need .info’s
         and expensive .coms
        Adscend Media and Blamads are the best content locking
         networks at the moment.
        Always look for the hottest trend in songs.
        Use attention-grabbing names such as ‚high quality‛, ‚premium
         sound‛, and etc.

Bankboss Media
       This is a totally doable method with only very little time required.

       I am averaging a conversion rate of 13% on a $6.30 payout offer. That’s 13x$6.30 = $81.90
       from just one artist.

       So, you see the possibilities are just endless. Now, it is your time to take part in this!

       I would like to see you as a successful person in this venture.

       All the best regards,

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