Google Booster by Cirineo


									Welcome, my name’s Will Cooper and this is the Google Cash Booster guide.

In the following pages I’m going to explain 3 methods that I personally use to get good rankings in Google and get traffic to my sites.

When you have sites that are ranking well in Google you can promote affiliate offers, build a subscriber list, sell your own product,
get adsense clicks or even flip the site and sell it to someone else!

One of the recent sites that I sold is which currently ranks #5 on Google for the very competitive term affiliate
marketing. was receiving several hundred visitors per day when I sold it for a 4 figure sum and it only took me around 6 weeks
of not very much work to get there!

The keyword “affiliate marketing” is a competitive one and the SEO tips and methods that I’m going to share with below will help
you to rank in Google and get lots of traffic and hopefully make some money!

So let’s get started..

                                       Method 1 – Site Boosting
The old way of doing SEO was to register a new domain and get it ranking in Google so we could get free Google traffic and make
money. However starting a site from scratch can be time consuming and will take you longer to rank. Site boosting is all about
speeding up the process!

The first method I want to talk about focuses on buying websites that are already ranking in Google. We buy these websites for a
low price and then improve on the websites SEO and BOOST it’s ranking. I call it Site Boosting.

This way we can really speed up the whole SEO process and get some traffic and make some money.
From my experience most of the traffic from Google comes from the first page of Google.

Which means that for any particular keyword the websites on page 2 or 3 probably aren’t getting any traffic or making any money.

A lot of the times website owners will target a keyword, build a site and spend a few weeks building backlinks and then give up only
to find that after a few months Google starts to like the site a bit more and puts it on page 2. Well by this time the owner has lost
interest in the site and that keyword. We can then come along and buy the site dirt cheap.

We then improve upon the SEO, add some new content and build some backlinks which boosts the site to page 1 where the real
traffic is.

So what do we do first?

                                                    Keyword Research
One way that I like to do keyword research is to find a product to promote first. When I’ve chosen a product I go to the Google
Keyword Tool and set it to Exact Match and type in some broad phrases related to the product.

For example if the product I want to promote is an acne product then some broad phrases may be acne, zits, spots, blackheads,
And these are some of the results..
I like to go after keywords that I believe will make me sales. Some of the keywords I like above are..

      Acne treatment
      Best acne treatment
      Best acne products
      Acne treatments

These are buyer keywords or keywords where it looks like the searcher is looking to buy something. I wouldn’t really want to rank
for the keywords spots or acne because these keywords aren’t specific enough. I mean what does someone searching “acne” really
want? It’s probably just free information which is not the type of searcher we want to visit our site if we want to make money.

However the 4 keywords I listed above will result in targeted visitors that are more likely to buy something than the other keywords
because we know what they’re looking for and it looks like they’re ready to buy something!

With the keywords above we know exactly what the searchers are looking for, which is a product or treatment for their acne.

There are many ways to do keyword research but ultimately we are looking for keywords that A) could result in a sale. B) gets
enough traffic to make it worth while.

I have no set rules when it comes to search numbers but I’ll consider any keyword that gets over a thousand searches a month, the
more the better.

A keyword that gets 1,000 searches per month will probably generate 10-20 visitors per day for that exact keyword.

If the traffic is targeted and you monetise it well then 50 cents to $1 or more per visitor isn’t out of the question so even at just
1,000 searches per month it’s not impossible for you to make $10-$20 per day just from that site if you can figure out exactly what
the visitors are looking for and sell it to them.
And consequently a keyword that gets 20,000 searches per month could result in 200-300 visitors per day and could be a $200 per
day earner for you.

However nothing is certain and some sites will earn you more per visitor than others. It all depends on how targeted the traffic is
and how well your site is monetised and converts traffic.

We want to go after keywords that are getting searched for and are also in a buying sort of mindset.

When it comes to affiliate marketing or promoting other peoples products there’s two types of keywords we want to go after, those
that want something and those that need something.

A golf enthusiast will want the latest golf club that lets them hit the ball an extra 20 yards so conversions can be high for someone
searching best golf club this is from a searcher that wants something.

So you could go to the Google keyword tool and look for buyer keywords related to golf. There are many hobbies out there where
people are spending lots of money. This means that there are lots of want keywords out there.

On the other hand we have the need it keywords. These are people that need the product you’re searching for. If someone has a
problem such as acne and nothing they’ve tried will work to get rid of it and they’re searching for best acne products and you’re
promoting an acne product then conversions are going to be pretty high.

So look for Wants & Needs that people have then do your Keyword Research and find some Buyer Keywords that you think will
make you money.

                                            Keyword Research Method 2
The second way I like to do keyword research is by typing in some broad keywords that many people use for example..

      apply
      apply for
      best
      the best
      buy
      where to buy
      vs
      compare
      get
      get a
      get the
      where to get
      how
      how to
      how do i
      how to find
      how to get
      how can i
      how to avoid
      how to get rid of
      get rid of
      make
   make a
   how to make
   cure
   cures
   remedy
   remedies
   ways to
   way to
   stop
   quit
   why
   need
   learn
   find
   want
   solve
   problem
   solution
   solutions
   system
   systems
   instruction
   instructions
      build
      create
      where to
      where is

For example if I type remedies into the Google keyword tool this is what I get..
Typing the broad keyword remedies into the Google keyword tool gives me a bunch of great keywords where people are suffering
from something and desperately need a remedy.

If you can get some of that traffic and present them a solution to their problem then you’re going to make money. Simple.

So after we’ve done our keyword research and found some keywords that get searched and we believe will make us money the
next thing we need to do is

                                                     ..Find A Site To Buy
Before I go searching for sites to buy I like to have a list of 10 or more keywords that I would like to rank for.

Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to buy a site for all of our keywords because for some of the sites we wont be able to
contact the owners so having 10 keywords we would like to rank for gives us plenty of site owners to contact.

So let’s say for example that I like the keyword gout remedies which gets 5,400 exact global searches per month. I will then go
through page 2 and 3 of and look for sites where the homepage is ranking and it’s just a mini-site where it’s clear that
the owner once wanted to rank for the keyword gout remedies.

I don’t try and buy sites where a page is ranking for the keyword for example I like to buy
mini-sites where it’s the homepage ranking on page 2 or 3 and the site seems to be a mini-site with a few indexed pages that was
setup to target the keyword gout remedies.

So looking through page 2 and 3 of Google for the keyword gout remedies these are the sites that I like..

Just for the keyword gout remedies I found 6 potential websites that we could buy and would instantly have a page 2 or 3 ranking
in Google that we could boost up to page 1! This is SEO on speeeeed!

Now the next thing we need to do is buy one of the sites and this means contacting the owners and making an offer.

To get their contact details we can look on their sites for their email address but to be honest most mini-site owners wont put their
real info up to the public and 90% of the time the contact info you find directly on these sites will be fake.

So we need to do a who is lookup using

Type the website’s url into the search box on like below.
And you will be presented with their contact details..
Now sometimes it will say “Domains by proxy” or something similar, this means that the website owner has their real contact
details hidden behind a proxy with who-is privacy which is an addon you can purchase when you buy a domain. But you as you can
see there is an email If you send an email to that address then it will likely get
forwarded to the domain owner.

Not all websites have who-is privacy on and many times you’ll see the domain owners real address and contact details that you can
use to get in contact with them!

So now you know how to find a website owners contact details the next thing you need to do is email them and send them an offer
to buy.

I always make a lowish offer because it’s highly unlikely that these websites on page 2 or 3 are making the owners much money or
any at all. So for one of these gout remedy websites I would send an email to the owners offering them $100-$150.

This isn’t a lot of money but many site owners that have a website that isn’t making any money will be happy to sell a site that
they’re not interested in any more just so they can get some cash, you could even offer them less than $100.

Hey, if you had an old site that wasn’t making you any money and you had no plans to continue working on it wouldn’t you accept a
hundred dollars? It’s better than letting the domain expire.

Sometime the owner will come back with a counter offer which I will consider. The keyword gout remedies gets 5,400 searches per
month. If I was in the top 3 in Google I could expect 40-50 visitors per day. If each visitor was worth just 25 cents to me then I would
make around $10-$15 per day or $300-$450 per month from that keyword so I don’t mind negotiating with the owner and paying a
bit more than my initial $100 offer based on those calculations.

I recommend you only pay what you feel comfortable paying. Just remember that there are plenty of keywords out there so don’t
feel pressured if a site owner comes back at you with a counter offer that you feel is too much. If you feel it’s too much then move
onto the next keyword!
Here’s how I would structure my email to the owner..

SUBJECT: I would like to buy your site

Dear, XXX

I came across you website and I like the domain, I would like to make you an offer for the site.

I can offer you 10 times it’s monthly earnings or if it’s not currently making you any money then I can offer you $100 for it.

If my offer interests you then please reply and let me know.

Thanks and take care.


I tell them in the email that I can offer them 10 times it’s monthly earnings but we know that it’s probably not making any money

To save time I would send an email to all of the website owners for the keyword gout remedies at the same time and see who
replies. Then when you get some replies you can see who’s interested in selling and then decide which site you want to buy.

When you’ve agreed on a price with the site owner I recommend that you pay for the site and do the transaction through They will take your money and then only give it to the seller when they’ve made sure that you have the site.

It’s much safer than Paypal who I recommend you never use for buying sites. I myself have been scammed on Paypal and never got
my money back so I recommend you use

                                                    Transferring The Site
Over the years I’ve transferred hundreds of websites to new hosting accounts and if you’ve never transferred a site before then this
will be a stumbling block for you but don’t worry because it’s really not that difficult.

When you buy a site the owner will need to transfer the domain name to your domain account. For example if the domain was
registered on Godaddy then you will need a Godaddy account so that the seller can transfer the domain from their Godaddy
account to yours.

You will also need a hosting account. I recommend Hostgator. After the seller has transferred the domain they will then need to
send you the website file for you to upload to your hosting account.

First off ask the website owner if they know how to transfer their site over to your web-hosting account. If they know how to
transfer websites then that’s good but if they don’t then I recommend you get them to transfer the domain to your domain account
and then send you the website files and then you can follow the videos below to upload all the files to your host yourself.

These videos will show you how to transfer a Wordpress website and all the contents from one webhost to yours, if the website is
not Wordpress based but html based then the process is even easier.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

After you’ve bought a site and had it transferred to your web-host and domain account it’s time to start boosting!

                              Boosting The Site To The First Page Of Google..
Now first off we need to look at on-site SEO.
I recommend that all the pages that are indexed on the site when you buy it should be left on the site. Don’t go buying the site and
deleting everything!

If the site hasn’t got Wordpress on it then I recommend that you install it.

If it is already Wordpress based then here’s how I recommend that you structure your site…

I like to make the sites that I buy an authority for it’s keyword. On the Homepage you will have your Presell or Money content that
targets your main keyword but your site will also have pages that target very tightly related keywords to your main one and each of
those pages of content will link back to the homepage.

Adding this extra content shows Google that your site isn’t just a throw up minisite like everyone else is creating.

Here’s an example layout of a site..
To find other relevant keywords to write content for I go to the Google keyword tool and type my main keyword.

I typed in gout remedies and this is what Google gave me..
Don’t worry about search volume for these keywords as they are just away to add supplemental content to your site and grow it
larger to make it an authority for your main keyword.

Plus although I just said don’t worry about the search volume for these keywords you’ll also find that because you’re linking to
these pages from the homepage that they’ll get indexed and ranked and bring you additional traffic which is great!

So on my homepage I would be targeting the keyword gout remedies and then I would write an article for each of the keywords
above and post them to my site. In the sidebar of the site I would link to each of these pages and also each of these pages of
content will link back to the homepage inside the article with the anchor text gout remedies.

So that’s how I structure my website. Don’t be worried about the site dropping it’s rankings by changing the site. All the content
that the previous owner had will still be indexed but you’ll just be changing things around a bit and adding new content.

When it comes to Wordpress plugins I recommend the..

    Google XML Sitemaps plugin
    All In One SEO pack
    Si Captcha Anti Spam

These can all be found by going to Plugins, clicking add new and then searching for the plugins above and they’ll show up.

The All In One SEO Pack allows you to change the Meta title’s and descriptions for each page on your site. For SEO purposes I
recommend that you leave the homepage title the same as what the previous owner had as long as it has the keyword in it.

If the homepage indexed title is really terrible then feel free to change it but if it’s not that bad then leave it alone.

When you add new posts on your site you’ll see the All In One SEO Pack box where you can enter your title and description that will
show up in Google’s index. Make sure that your title and description has the keyword you’re targeting in it.
For example if you’re writing an article for the keyword remedies for gout as supplemental content for your site then you would fill
out the All In One SEO Pack box something like this..

As you can see I’ve include the keyword remedies for gout in the title, description and keyword box.

What you write in the All In One SEO Pack box underneath each post is what will show up in Google when the page gets indexed.

Here’s an example site I set up to show you how I structure my websites. –

Please check-out the example site I setup above so you can see exactly how I would setup my site. (The site above is not real and is
just an example I set up for your purposes.)

By structuring your websites like this you will have your homepage that has your money content where you promote a product and
you will also have lots of other indexed pages that show to Google that you’re putting some effort into your site.
These other pages will also get indexed and bring you some traffic, they may even click through to your home page and end up
buying what you’re promoting but the main focus of this extra supplemental content is to build up your authority and grow your
site which is good for SEO.

So that’s the on-site SEO. Just structuring your site like this will help to boost your site in the rankings because over time as you
write more content your site will gain more authority and move up in the rankings.

The faster way to boost your site is with..

                                                       Off Site SEO
Off site SEO or building backlinks is what’s really going to boost your sites in to the top of Google.

One thing that I like to do is create a Facebook fanpage for my site, it only takes 5 minutes to do.

Just go to and create your Facebook fan page and make sure that the fan page links
back to your site.

The next thing that I do is go to and buy some Facebook fan page likes.

There are sellers on there that will deliver 300+ likes to your fanpage for just $5.

Firstly you’ll be getting a free backlink from Facebook but this also tells Google that there are fans of your website and it adds a bit
of authority to your site. Plus if you want you can add a widget to your site which shows how many likes your fan page has. I’ve
done this in the example site above. This makes your website look more legit and can increase conversions of the product you’re

The Facebook widget will look something like this..
You can create your own Facebook widget for your site at

Also on Fiverr I like to look out for people selling..

      .Edu/.Gov links
      Link wheels
      Link pyramids
      Blog backlinks
      High pr backlinks
      Senuke X services
    Social bookmarking
    Article submissions
    And any other people selling backlinks

Fiverr can be a cheap way to get lots of backlinks to your site without you actually having to do anything. Just do your research first
and look for sellers who have good feedback and reviews.

Outside of buying links from Fiverr there are a few things I like to do..

                                            Link Building Method Number 1
The first is to get backlinks from forums. To find these forums go to Google and search for “keyword” + forum… For example.

Gout + forum and Google will return you all he forums it can find about Gout. If you then want to find more forums to get more
backlinks you can go even broader.. For example health + forum or remedy + forum. This way you’ll never run out of forums to get
backlinks from.

When you have your list of forums the next thing that you should do is create an account on them and find a recent thread and
make a helpful post.

After you’ve made a helpful post you should leave the forum and then come back a couple weeks later when the thread is off the
first page and edit your post and leave a link back to your site with the keyword you’re trying to rank for as your anchor text. For
example I would go and edit my post and leave a link back to my site that says gout remedies.

90% of the time if you leave a link straight away your post will get deleted by the mods but if you wait a couple of weeks for the
thread to die down and then edit your post there’s a good chance that your link will go unnoticed by the mods and will stick!

If you find a few hundred forums then this can mean lots of great backlinks to your site!
The reason that I love forum backlinks is because there are usually very few outbound links on the page and Google know that
forums are usually moderated so forum links are pretty valuable.

Forum links are great for boosting your site and I’ve gotten some pretty good rankings from using forum links alone, plus this is
something that is easy to outsource if you want to hire someone to do this for you.

                                            Link Building Method Number 2
The next way I like to build backlinks is through the Unique Article Wizard program but I use it a bit differently to most people!

The Unique Article Wizard (UAW) program is a very large collection of blogs where you can post an article to with a link back to your
site. These blogs are divided up into categories and you if you write an article for the health category your article will go out to all
the blogs in the UAW network that are in the health category and you can include a link back to your site.

Most people underutilise the UAW program. If they have a site on acne they will just write and submit articles to the acne category
in UAW but what they don’t realise is that by doing this they are only going to get backlinks from the acne collection of sites. By
only submitting to 1 category you are limiting the amount of backlinks you will get for your site.

What I realised is that the link back to your site doesn’t have to be related to the article.

What this means is that you could write an article about acne and submit it to the acne category of sites but you could link back to
your site about bicycles. The link in your article doesn’t have to be related to the article content.

So what I do is try to get backlinks from every single blog in the UAW network. I do this by writing an article for every single
category that the UAW program offers with a link back to my site.
So with my gout site, instead of only submitting to the health category I would write an article for every single category in the UAW
network and have a link back to my site about gout. So I’ll write articles about acne, entertainment, business and they’ll all have a
link back to my gout site.

This way instead of getting links from only the health category I will be able to get thousands and thousands of links because I’ll be
getting backlinks from all the websites in all the different categories!

There are about 150-200 categories in the UAW network. So write and submit a different article for each category with a link back
to your site with the keyword you’re trying to rank for as your anchor text. This is a great way to get a ton of backlinks from
thousands of different sites.

This method was a big part of the reason that I got to page 1 in Google for the keyword affiliate marketing so quickly.

Go to the Unique Article Wizard site.

                                           Link Building Method Number 3
The third program that I use to improve my rankings is called Build My Rank (BMR). BMR is another large collection of blogs but all
of these have Page Rank which makes them more powerful.

With BMR you simply write 150 word or more posts and submit them. Each post will then go out to one of their high PR blogs. So
unlike with the UAW where one article will go out to thousands of websites with BMR 1 post goes out to one blog and you can
submit up to 10 posts per day. So the maximum backlinks you will get is 10 per day with BMR.

However don’t be fooled by this low number. I’ve found BMR pretty effecting in boosting my sites rankings. I’ve never used it alone
on any site but I use it in combination with UAW and the other link building methods I listed above with great success.
To write 10 posts will only take an hour or so per day but after just 1 month you’ll get 300 pretty good backlinks that will definitely
help to boost your ranking in Google.

Build My Rank is definitely something you want to add to your arsenal if you’re doing SEO.

Here’s the Build My Rank website.

                                 Link Building Method Number 4 – Advanced
So this last method is quite advanced and you only really need it if the other methods aren’t quite doing the job.

This method is to buy Homepage backlinks on sites that have PR. A good place to buy these links is from Look out for Homepage backlinks.

Basically there are people building up link networks of websites that have a PR of 2-6. You will pay them a price of between $47-$97
to have your link on their collection of sites with PR. As long as you keep paying every month your link will stay on there

These links can be a great way of boosting your site and they are powerful!

However I suggest you build backlinks with the other methods I’ve told you above first and then if they don’t get you onto the first
page or top 3 then look into buying some Homepage backlinks to boost your sites.

                                                            Quick SEO Tip

Sometimes it’s good to STOP building backlinks! When you build links to your site Google puts your site into evaluation and either
your site wont budge or it will drop slightly will it’s being evaluated. Before you go buying Homepage backlinks I recommend that
you completely STOP building backlinks for 2 weeks to let your site settle and then see where it ranks.
During this 2 week settling period I’ve noticed that my site will usually jump and move up in the rankings to its real post-evaluation

It’s just like when muscle builders take days off to let their body rest and get better. By the end of their resting period they’re
stronger than before!

So after you’ve used the link building methods above STOP and give your site a couple of weeks to settle to see it’s real ranking. This
is when the real boost happens. Then if you feel you need to you can continue to build backlinks or buy some Homepage backlinks.

Personally I like to spend 4 weeks building backlinks and then stop for a week.

Or 6 weeks building backlinks and stop for 2 weeks.

So this is how I build backlinks and do my off site SEO. These link building methods are very helpful in boosting your recently
purchased site from page 2 or 3 right up to page 1!

So here’s a recap of the Site Boosting method.

    Do keyword research and find a keyword where it’s likely that the searcher will buy something.
    Have a list of 10 or more keywords you would like to rank for and then choose one of those keywords and look for the sites
     on page 2 and 3 that are minisites and have the Homepage ranking for the keyword.
    Get the site owners details from
    Send an email to the website owners and then wait for a reply.
    See who replies and then negotiate a price with one of the website owners.
    When a price is agreed make the purchase through
    Have them transfer the domain to your account and send you the files of the website and then upload the site to your
    When you have the site make sure that Wordpress is installed, if it’s not then install it yourself. Install the All In One SEO
     Pack, Google XML Sitemaps and Si Captcha Anti Spam plugins to your site.
    Do extra keyword research and grow your site by writing articles for other tightly related keywords.
    Add a new post at least once a week to show that your site is alive.
    Create a Facebook fan page for your site and link it back to your site. Then go to and buy some Facebook
     likes for your fan page.
    Also on buy some backlinks to help boost your site. Look for .Edu/.Gov links, Link wheels, Link pyramids, Blog
     backlinks, High pr backlinks, Senuke X services, Social bookmarking, Article submissions and any other backlink sellers that
     have good reviews.
    Find forums and get backlinks back to your site the way I told you.
    Use the Unique Article Wizard program to get backlinks to your site using the method that I told you.
    Submit 10 short articles to Build My Rank every day to get backlinks to your site.
    After doing all this STOP building backlinks for a week or two and let your site settle. It should be on the first page now but if
     you feel you need to boost it’s rankings even more to get one of the top spots you can continue using BMR and UAW and
     forum link building for another month and then let the site settle again for a week or two or you could buy some Homepage
     backlinks to your site from. - there are also other backlink packages
     you can buy through the link above that will help to boost your site!

And that’s it.. This is how you quickly rank for competitive keywords that can make you lots of money by buying sites that are
already ranking well for a keyword and then boosting them up to the top of the search results!

This is a much better and more effective way than registering a new domain and starting from scratch!

                                              How To Monetize Your Site
There are many ways to monetize your site. I always like to promote an affiliate offer first, if the affiliate offer is doing well and
making me money then I may even consider creating my own product and promoting that instead. That way instead of getting a
50% commission on a product I can sell my own and get 100% of the sale and also other affiliates may start to promote it too.

Here’s a few ideas of how to monetize your site..

      Be an affiliate for a product.
      Adsense.
      Promote an Amazon product.
      Sell your own product
      Offer something free in exchange for their email address and build an email list that you can sell stuff to in the future.
      Sell adspace.
      Sell the site on

If you can get the site making money then you can sell it on or if you can at least get it ranking high you could sell it on
Flippa as a potential earner without even having to monetise it yourself!

Some of these monetising methods will make you more than others. It’s important that when your site is ranking high and getting
traffic that you test different methods of monetising your traffic to try and increase your earnings per visitor.

My favourite ways above are to promote affiliate offers and build an email list. You can do both at the same time.

I would only consider using Adsense if the average cost per click according to adwords was pretty high and my site was getting lots
of traffic.

                                             What You Need To Remember
This site boosting method is all about taking a website that is already ranking well and making it better in every way. You grow the
site and add more content and build more backlinks to it. Even after you’ve written a supplemental article/post for all of the tightly
related keywords you found you should continue to add a new post to the site every week just to show Google that your site is alive
and that someone is actively putting effort into it.

                                                        Another Quick Tip..
Allow comments on your site. Check your site daily for comments. When someone writes a non spammy comment you should
publish it. When someone leaves a non spammy comment and you as the admin reply to it Google sees this as a sign of value for
your site. Google want to send their visitors to sites of value, if they see that you reply to comments this will boost your authority.

I was once in position #7 for a keyword. Well one day I logged in to my WP-Admin area and found that the page had over 100
comments only 4 of them weren’t spam so I published those 4 and replied to them. The next day I saw my page had moved up to
position #3 for it’s keyword overnight.

If your site isn’t getting any real comments then you could do a sort of F.A.Q and leave a few comments yourself on your own site
and then log in as an admin, publish them and then reply to them. This is sort of sneaky but will work if you’re not getting any real
comments of value on your site.

                                             Conclusion To Site Boosting..
Site boosting is a great method of getting fast rankings, getting traffic fast and making money faster than you could with a new
website. When it comes to SEO time is of the essence. We want to get traffic and make money fast. Site boosting is how to do it.

If after 1 year you bought just 5 websites that each got 10,000 searches per month and you could boost them up to the first page
and in to the top 3 positions then your websites could generate you 1,000+ visitors per day if you include all the long-tail traffic
you’ll get. These 1,000 visitors per day could generate you 100 subscribers per day or more if you get just a 10% optin rate or if 40%
or 400 of your targeted buyer traffic clicked through to your affiliate offer and just 2% made a purchase that would mean 8 sales
per day. If you get a $30 commission that would mean $240 per day on autopilot from just 5 websites!

Well what if you worked on 3 websites at a time and after 1 year had 25-30 sites.. I’m sure you can see how this can add up to you
making a hell of a lot of money if you take it seriously and put some effort in to it.

Just 5 sites really isn’t very many and you could be making yourself a nice chunk of change every day which you can then invest into
other websites and outsourcing all the work to employees. All you’ll need to do then is decide what keywords to go after, buy a site
and then let the employees get to work boosting while you chill out on the beach..
But before you start planning any holidays you need to focus and put some effort in if you want to see the money roll in.

I hope you see great success with the Site Boosting method!

                              Method 2 – Alternative Domains
Now a lot of people will only buy a .com .net or .org domain and I used to be like this too until I bought a .tv domain and got it
ranking number 1 in Google for a keyword that gets over 40,000 searches per month!

As you can see from the pic below this site is getting me about 700 visitors per day from the number 1 spot!

It’s also generating me around 80 new subscribers per day which is just above a 10% conversion rate which I’m working on
increasing at the moment.
So don’t believe it when someone tells you that a .tv or a .me etc wont rank in Google. These are a great way to get an exact match
keyword domain that is left on the table because people prefer the .com .net and .org extension.

One thing that I suggest you do if you buy a .tv or .me or any other domain extension is add it to your Google webmaster tools
account and set it as a US country domain if you want to rank in

This is because .tv is actually a country extension for the island of Tuvalu so add your .tv domain to your account and set it as a US domain so that it will rank in

I would personally prefer a .com .net or .org but if they’re not available then I recommend you don’t discount the thought of buying
a .tv or .me as I’ve used these extensions myself with great success. There are many other domain extensions other than .tv and
.me which I’m sure will work but I can only speak from my own experience and say that I know .tv and .me domains will rank!

You can buy .tv and .me domains cheaply at which is where I buy most of my domains!

Most of the good .com .net and .org’s are taken but there are still lots of great .tv’s and .me’s available!

With Method 1 and Method 3 in this Google Cash Booster guide you will have to invest a bit of money but with this alternative
domains method and buying an exact match .tv or .me domain you can get started very cheaply.

If you use the SEO tips I gave you in Method 1 on these .tv and .me domains then you’re on the right track to getting some top
rankings in Google without having to invest much money to begin with.

                              Method 3 – Parked Domain Buyer
It’s a fact that exact match domains are easier to rank in Google. For most of the good keywords you’ll find that the .com .net and
.org extensions are taken but most of the time if you visit all 3 you’ll find at least 1 where it’s a parked page. Many of these parked
pages have a link on them that says “Interested in this domain?” and if you click it, it will take you to a page where you can make an

Well if there is a link to make an offer I will sometimes go for it. I have gotten some great exact match domains for just a couple of
hundred dollars by doing this. I recently bought an exact match .net domain that gets 4,400 searches per month for just $150 by
contacting the owner and making an offer.

Right now I’m in the process of buying an exact match domain for just $2,000 where the keyword is getting over 30,000 searches
per month for a very targeted buyer keyword. Now $2k may seem a lot but it really isn’t when you consider that when I reach the
top 3 of Google the site could make me hundreds of dollars a day.

Buying these exact match domains is a sure fire way to get ahead in the rankings fast as EMDs are just easier to rank. So if you find a
keyword you like then just have a quick check because you may find that the .com .net or .org is for sale.

If the page is parked but there is no link to make an offer then you can go to and get their contact details
and send them an email letting them know that you noticed that they’re not doing anything with the domain and make an offer for

Exact match domains are great but unfortunately for the good keywords most of them are taken so by becoming a parked domain
buyer you should always be on the look-out for these EMDs that are parked and for sale!

Sure you will have to shell out some cash to get them but if you can get a good price on an EMD then it’s worth it.

When you get one of these EMDs you can then use the SEO strategy I gave you in Method 1 to get it ranked at the top of Google

                                                         What’s Next?
Well the next thing you need to do is to take ACTION! You can use what you learnt in this guide to make a lot of money for yourself
or you can let it slide and move on to something else. The smart people reading this now will take action and will be on their way to
making a lot of money. Others, hopefully not you will close this pdf and go and look for something else to buy and they’ll return to
it in a years time and wish they had got started and put some action in a year ago!

I hope you found my Google Cash Booster guide helpful. Anyway I’m going to stop talking now so you can start taking action!

Thanks for reading.

Will Cooper


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