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					    4-H Tips ‘n Topics
                University of California Cooperative Extension, Shasta County 4-H
                1851 Hartnell Avenue, Redding, CA 96002 530-224-4900 Fax: 530-224-4904

    Volume 7, Issue 5                                                                  DECEMBER 2006 / JANUARY 2007

Making Meetings Matter                                                                                        IMPORTANT DATES
      Marianne Bird, Sacramento Co. 4-H Advisor                                                         • DEC. 20 - VALLEY COUNCIL MTG.
All of us have been to them: meetings that are      •   Create an agenda to meet your goals.            • DEC. 25 - OFFICE CLOSED
boring, unproductive, or frustrating. Some of           Think through how you’re going to get to        • DEC. 26 - OFFICE CLOSED
us have even led a meeting or two like that.            your outcomes. Listing “marketing” on
Whether it’s our community club, executive              the agenda, opening it up to discussion,        • JAN. 1 - OFFICE CLOSED
board, or program committee, meetings need              and hoping people come to agreement             • JAN. 9 - VALLEY CLUB MID-YEAR
to be worth our time. As president or commit-           may not be the best path to creating a                     REVIEW
tee chair, you’re responsible for creating the          product. A good example of a goal-
tone and outcomes for the gathering. Some               focused agenda was January’s Leader’s           • JAN. 17 - VALLEY COUNCIL MTG.
thoughts for meeting leaders:                           Council meeting. An Executive Board             • JAN. 18 - BBQ MEETING
                                                        goal is to increase youth involvement at
•   Know the purpose of your meeting. All                                                               • JAN. 20 - IM LIVESTOCK JUDGING
                                                        Council, and they created “club hosts”
    meetings need to have a reason behind                                                                           DAY
                                                        and allowed time for structured sharing
    them, and “meeting on the third Thursday            to foster youth participation.                  • JAN. 22 - SHEEP LDR’S MTG. 7 P.M.
    of the month because we always do” is
    not a good one. Why are you gathering?          •   Honor people’s time. Come prepared.             • JAN. 24 - LEADER ORIENTATION IN
    To plan? Make a decision? Learn? Have               Begin and end when you say you will. If                     MCARTHUR. 5:30 P.M.
    fun?                                                the group’s work is getting bogged down         • JAN. 24 - IM COUNCIL MTG.
                                                        with things that could easily be done out-                  **IM COMM. CENTER
•   Know what you need to accomplish.                   side the meeting, delegate and report
    Before you meet, list what the meeting will                                                         • FEB. 3 - IM FAVORITE FOODS
    produce. For clubs, maybe it’s a chance                                                                        DAY
    for kids to practice presenting or a deci-      Good meetings don’t just happen because             • FEB. 11 - SDF MANDATORY STEER
    sion about what service projects to adopt.      people get together; they’re planned. If                        TAGGING
    Maybe for the camp committee, it’s an           you’re sitting at the head of the table, there’s
    agreement on a marketing strategy and           homework to do before the group ever gath-          • FEB. 24 - VALLEY COUNTY
    individual commitments to take on tasks.        ers. It makes the job of leading so much eas-                   PRESENTATION DAY
    Leaders should plan meeting outcomes            ier.
    and, at the end of the gathering, have the
    group assess whether or not they’ve ac-                                                                      INSIDE THIS ISSUE
    complished what they set out to do.
                                                                                                         County Wide News                    2
                                                                                                         Livestock Information               2
                                                                                                             Judging, Sales, Etc.
Tax Deduction for Volunteers                                       Two Counties OK -                     Club and Project Connection         3
Just a reminder to all the 4-H     expenses must be incurred       Two Clubs NOT OK                      Club and Project Connection Cont.   4
adult volunteers. If you itemize   while participating in a 4-H                                          Fundraising, Scholarships, Awards
                                   event or function or must be    A 4-H member may participate
when filing your tax returns,
                                   directly related to 4-H. In     in projects in two different coun-    IM Favorite Foods Day Information   5
you may be entitled to make
                                   order to take these deduc-      ties at the same time, but can
some deductions for expenses
                                   tions, volunteers must keep     only be a member of one club.         Registration Forms:                 6
relating to 4-H.
                                   accurate records of qualify-    The Community Club where en-              IM FFDay & Livestock Judging
Specifically, volunteers may       ing out-of-pocket expenses      rollment fees and paperwork           IM Achievement Night Snapshots      7
take deductions for gas and        with the dates and nature of    were submitted determines
mileage, out-of-pocket ex-         the expenses, as well as the    which county the 4-H member           Regional, State and National News   8
penses, telephone bills, and       amounts. Be sure to check       will participate in fairs and
                                                                                                         Internship Opportunities            9
meals and lodging if away          with your tax consultant if     achievements.
from home overnight. These         you have any questions.                                               January Calendar                    10
                                                                                                         Recipe Card                         11
    County wide News
    IM Livestock Judging Field Day                                                   Attention Valley Club
    This event will be held Saturday, January 20. Registration is at 8:30           Secretaries & Treasurers
    a.m. Judging starts at 9 a.m. Poster pictures will be used for beef,
    sheep, swine and horse judging, the same as last year. Participants         Our mid-year review is Tuesday, January 9 at
    will be required to give reasons in all classes. Registration forms are     5:30 p.m. This year it will be held at Shasta
    due January 12 at the IM Fair office or the 4-H office. Forms can be        Meadows Elementary School at 2825 Yana
    found on page 6 of this TNT. Contact Stacy Schneider at 336-6832 or         Avenue in Redding. All Valley club secretaries,
    the 4-H office with any questions.                                          treasurers, and the adult who assists them are
                                                                                to attend this meeting. Be sure to bring the fol-
    Awards:                                                                     lowing:
    Top scoring individual in overall species, for each grade division, will
    receive a medal and top reasons score for each grade division will               • Minutes
    receive a medal. Certificates will be awarded through third place.               • Ledgers
    Based on total scores of all species, teams of 4 youth per club, per             • Checkbook
    grade division will be awarded a certificate.                                    • Receipts
                                                                                     • Receipt Book
                                                                                     • Reconciliation Sheets
                            VALLEY COUNCIL
                            Wednesday, December 20                              A snack and drinks will be available. Please no
                      Christmas Potluck and Gift Exchange                       siblings!
                            (council meeting to follow)
                              6 p.m. / gift - $10 limit                         West Valley Sand & Gravel
                             Wednesday, January 17                              Donates to 4-H
                                   7-9 p.m.
                                                                                The 4-H program would like to thank West Val-
                    INTER MOUNTAIN COUNCIL                                      ley Sand & Gravel in Cottonwood for donating to
                                                                                our 4-H families 10% off all their products. Pops
                            Wednesday, January 24                               & Son Trucking will also give 10% off delivery.
                       New Leader Orientation 5:30 p.m.                         Council encourages you to take advantage of
                            Council Meeting 7 p.m.                              these offers. If you would like an informational
         **NEW PLACE: IM Community Center, 37177 Main Street, Burney            flyer, contact your community leader or call the
                                                                                4-H office.

    Prospect Sale at UC                         Anderson FFA Market
    Davis                                       Hog Sale                                    CSU Chico Livestock
    UC Davis is sponsoring a Prospect           On February 17, the Anderson FFA            Education Events
    Sale on Sunday, January 28 on cam-          chapter and Schillinger Farms of Indi-
                                                                                            There are several upcoming livestock
    pus. Viewing is at 11 a.m. with the         ana will be conducting a sale of 60
                                                                                            learning events that the Chico State
    sale starting at 12 noon. Great op-         plus pigs born November to January.
                                                                                            Farm is organizing. The following are
    portunity to see and evaluate quality       The sale will be held at the Anderson
                                                                                            tentative dates:
    lambs, pigs, and goats as a project         High School Farm. Registration is
    field trip. Contact Jan Carlson at          from 8 to 9 a.m. with bidding from 9        •    February 3
    530-752-6792 or e-mail her at               to 12 p.m. If you would like to pre-                 Swine Education Day                      order, contact the 4-H office for the                Registration at 8 a.m.
                                                form or for directions to the farm.
                                                                                            •    February 17
    CSU Chico Livestock Judging Camp                                                                 Beef Education Day
    Chico State’s first annual Livestock Judging Camp will be held on January 5 and                  Registration at 8 a.m.
    6. This camp is designed to assist youth, 14-19 years, in excelling in livestock
    judging. The focus on the camp will be to enhance evaluation skills, interpreting       •    February 24
    and applying performance data, and improve reasons. For more information,                        Sheep Education Day
    please contact Celina Johnson at 530-898-4147 or e-mail her at crjohn-                           Registration at 8 a.m. Also, visit Chico State’s website for more livestock opportuni-
    ties at

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Canyon 4-H Community Service Project Report
Submitted by David A. - Canyon 4-H Reporter
At our October meeting all members voted to take on an erosion control project as our
community service. We were there for 2 days with employees from Natural Resources
Conservation Service (NRCS) and had a lot of fun. We spread seed and fertilizer.
We used hand spreaders for the seed and the fertilizer. Then the next day we spread
straw over the top to prevent run off during the rain. Some of the straw was spread by        Canyon 4-H helping
                                                                                              NRCS with an erosion
hand and some was spread by using a gas powered hay spreader. It was great to                 control project
watch the straw go flying when it went through the machine. We will be going back
soon to help plant trees and bushes around the pond as a finishing touch. The pond pro-
jects was at the Carol Weissman Ranch in Happy Valley and was a 2-acre project.

Twin Palms October Community Service
Submitted by Dani Plake - Twin Palms 4-H
Twin Palms 4-H members went to Oakdale Heights Residential Home to carve
pumpkins with the residents for Halloween. It was really fun to watch the residents
laugh at us while we got all dirty from the pumpkin insides. The residents got to
pick out the designs they wanted on their pumpkins. This was a really nice way to       Twin Palms 4-H decorating
spend a Saturday morning. We are planning on going back and doing some                  pumpkins with the residents of
                                                                                        Oakdale Heights.
Christmas crafts with the people there.

Golden Acres 4-H Reports on “4-H Fun Night”
Submitted by Josh Street and Connor McCone - Golden Acres 4-H Historian and Reporter
Oak Run and Golden Acres 4-H were in charge of “4-H Fun Night.” We had a blast
as usual. We had a pumpkin decorating contest, a scarecrow contest and a pet ther-
apy booth. We had a great turn out. Thank you to the Nash Ranch and Safeway
Stores for donating pumpkins for the event, and to Oak Run and Golden Acres 4-H for
donating prizes for contests. And a big thanks to all the 4-H clubs that helped make
this years’ “Fun Night” a safe place for our youth to meet new friends and have fun.

Game booth: Lone Tree (Jail)
Food Booth: Golden Acres (Pie Booth)

SCARECROW CONTEST                                                    DECORATE A PUMPKIN CONTEST

Junior Division:   Jade Whitney - Oak Run                            Junior Division:   1st place - Hannah Knowles - Swede Creek
Inter. Division:   Bridget Ward, Dani Plake, and Sierra Bixler                          2nd place - Audrey Wallers - Twin Palms
                   - Twin Palms                                      Inter. Division:   Cameron Renihan - Cottonwood
Senior Division:   1st place - Louie Licon - Twin Palms              Senior Division:   1st place - Devin Merritt - Golden Acres
                   2nd place - Jessica Street - Golden Acres                            2nd place - Josh Street - Golden Acres

                                                                                                                           Page 3

4-H Natural Horsemanship Project
Submitted by Emily Wright - Millville 4-H
This summer Gail Bloxham, a Tehama County 4-H leader, hosted a Natural Horsemanship Camp for 4-H kids. It was located
at Cottonwood Creek Equestrian Center, and for six weeks every Saturday we met and worked for three hours on our skills for
partnering up with our horses. It was fun and we learned so much.
The reasons I am choosing to join this project is that I am not much of a show person and I just like spending time with my horse.
I am a level 2 student in Parelli and I have been working with my horse for three and a half years. If this sounds like you,
please consider joining this new project.
Because of the great interest in this summers’ program, Tehama County will be providing a Natural Horsemanship 4-H project
open to the surrounding counties. The first meeting is Saturday, January 13, 10 a.m. to 12 noon, at the Cottonwood Creek
Equestrian Center, 18550 Evergreen Road. No horse at this meeting. It should be a lot of fun and we hope to see you there!
For more information you can contact Emily Wright or Cheri Mowers-Wright at 275-8862. You may also contact Gail Bloxham
at Cottonwood Creek Equestrian Center at 347-0212. For a list of activities at the center contact the 4-H office.


Exciting Fundraising Opportunity                                Statewide 4-H College Scholarship
There is an exciting fundraising opportunity 4-H has devel-     High school seniors and those in college are eligible to apply.
oped in conjunction with the live-action movie Charlotte’s      Scholarships are available in a number of various categories and
Web coming to theatres December 15. For every ticket            award amounts. Applications are available at
purchased to Charlotte's Web through                            4hresource/ir/index.asp. Deadline: April 30., a donation of $1 will be made by
Hollywood Movie Money to 4-H to support our state 4-H           2007 Golden Clover Awards
                                                                These awards are awarded in recognition for outstanding achieve-
Charlotte’s Web features the 4-H Emblem many times, and         ment and recognize 4-H members, volunteers, and groups in various
the themes portrayed speak directly to the great work           categories. Nominate someone or nominate yourself! Award ap-
that 4-H does in developing youth – building friendships,       plications are available at
commitment to goals and having fun! This is a great way to      clover/index.asp. Deadline: August 31.
not only raise money for our 4-H program, but also an
opportunity to tell people about the value of the 4-H           Funding Opportunities Through PG&E
Youth Development Program. Remember tickets must be
purchased through the website.                                  Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has an active Contribu-
                                                                tions Program ( providing grants
                                                                to non-profit organizations, that meet the funding criteria, located
Community Service Funding                                       in Northern and Central California.
General Motors (GM) and the GM Foundation support with          The program focuses on grant-making within 4 areas: 1) Environ-
funding a variety of activities in the communities where they   mental stewardship; 2) Aid to schools including public schools serv-
operate and sell their products. The foundation’s philan-       ing pre-school and K-12 students, universities, teacher training, af-
thropic and community relations mission is to enhance the       ter-school programs, and kids safety training; 3) Emergency pre-
quality of life in the communities where they do business,      paredness including efforts to improve community and family disas-
consistent with their business goals and objectives. GM's       ter preparedness, nonprofit emergency planning, and recovery
target areas of focus are:                                      projects; and 4) Economic vitality-including efforts to retain and
1.   Education                   5. Arts & Culture              expand jobs in local communities, workforce development pro-
2.   Health & Human Services     6. Environment & Energy        grams, and policy planning activities
3.   Civic & Community Relations 7. Diversity                   Wherever feasible, PG&E targets a large portion of funds for pro-
4.   Public policy                                              jects or organizations that assist underserved communities Grants
                                                                are made for either general operations or specific programs so
For more information visit
                                                                community partners can receive the greatest flexibility in meeting
gmability/community/guidelines/index.html. Requests for
                                                                the challenges. Contact: Gigie Barne, Charitable Contributions
funding are accepted year round.
                                                                Grants Administrator, PG&E
                                                                accepts requests for funding year round.
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REGISTRATION DUE (mandatory): Friday, January 26
WHEN: Saturday, February 3
WHERE: IM Fairgrounds - Ingram Hall
THEME: “Mardi Gras”

9-10 a.m.        Check-in and set up entries. If you would like to set up the evening before, please contact Peg Teasley,
9:30 a.m.        Judges’ Orientation AND opportunity to take pictures of member’s entries.
10 a.m.          Judging begins in all divisions. All adults are to stay out of the judging area. Each member is to stand by their
                 food entry, serve each judge a sample, and answer any questions. Members with multiple entries will be told what
                 order to rotate for the judging of entries. Members must remain with the entry, if feasible, until all judging is
                 completed for that specific category. Members with multiple entries may not be able to stay with each
                 particular entry. When members are dismissed from their final class, they are to go to the designated area or to
                 the reception area. Following the completion of all judging, the foods are will be open for viewing and picture
                 Exceptions - Members are not required to remain with their entries for Edible Centerpieces, Card Table
                 Displays, or Decorated Cakes during judging.
                 Foods Challenge Contest - All members are invited to take part in this contest to see how knowledgeable they
                 are about foods and related subjects. This contest will be open at 10 a.m. Bring a pencil and take the challenge!
12 p.m.          Buffet lunch is served after all judging is complete. Awards will follow. Each family attending is asked to
                 bring an additional salad or main dish for 10 people. Members are encouraged to use their “Favorite Foods
                 Day” entries for this lunch. Please do not eat your entry until the potluck begins.

Market Animal Category - Any member enrolled in a market animal project (beef, sheep, swine, rabbit, or poultry) can enter a
food item using meat from their market animal species. A nutritionally balanced menu card (menu and recipe) must be included
as well as a complete place setting. The place setting and menu are expected to the event theme. Entry in this division must
have more than one step in the preparation process. Example: slice of ham (not acceptable) VS casserole with broccoli, rice
and ham (acceptable).
RECIPE CARD - page 11 of this TNT
PLEASE NOTE - Adult leaders and parents will NOT be allowed in the competition area until all judging is completed. There will
be Junior/Teen Leaders and older members available to carry participants’ entries to category tables, help with assistance and
answer questions following check-in.
Please work with members ahead of time on their table settings and displays. Each participant is responsible for setting up his
or her own display(s).

Food entries - Danish system of judging (blue, red and white ribbons) will be used for 4th grade and above. Medals awarded to
top scoring entry in each category, each division. Primary participants will receive participation rosettes for all categories en-
Demonstrations - Gold medals will be awarded to those who receive qualifying scores. Those scores are determined using the
same score sheet that is used at County Presentation Day.
                                                                                                                     Page 5
                                   INTER MOUNTAIN FAVORITE FOODS DAY
                                             REGISTRATION - MANDATORY
                                        DUE JANUARY 26 (IM Fair office or 4-H office)

  NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________

  CLUB:     ________________________________________________________________________________________

  GRADE (as of 1/1/07):      ______________________                 PHONE: _______________________________________

  YEARS IN PROJECT:          ______________________

  GRADE DIVISION (circle):           Primary (K-3)     Junior (4-5)       Intermediate (6-8)       Senior (9-12)

  Please check the category(ies) you are entering: (** Projects are open to any 4-H member) See page 11 for recipe card.
  _____ 1. Hot Dish (Main)           _____ 8. ** Edible Centerpiece
  _____ 2. Salad                     _____ 9. ** Quick Bread
  _____ 3. Dessert                   _____ 10. ** Formal/Informal Card Table Display
  _____ 4. Yeast Bread               _____ 11. Market Animal
  _____ 5. Food Preservation         _____ 12. ** Beverage
  _____ 6. Dairy Food                _____ 13. ** Appetizer
  _____ 7. Decorated Cake            _____ 14. ** Demonstration Talk: (please circle: Individual or Team player)

                                        Event Date: Saturday, February 3

                                 INTER MOUNTAIN LIVESTOCK JUDGING DAY
                                             REGISTRATION - MANDATORY
                                        DUE JANUARY 12 (IM Fair office or 4-H office)

            Judging Classes will be offered for beef, sheep, swine and horse. Reasons will be required in all classes.

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________

CLUB:     ________________________________________________________________________________________

GRADE (as of 1/1/07):      ______________________             PHONE: _______________________________________

AGE (as of 1/1/07):        ______________________

GRADE DIVISION (circle):          Primary (K-3)      Junior (4-5)       Intermediate (6-8)       Senior (9-12)

Page 6

                                             Page 7
  Regional, State, and National News
  Club/Project Community Service Idea                                   Can You Meet The Challenge?
  America the Beautiful Fund is offering grants of FREE SEED to         Those of you who have been around 4-H for a long time know
  nourish and beautify your community. As part of our mission           that one of goals has always been to help build good citizens.
  to save and protect the natural and historic beauty of Amer-          The Mission and Direction recognizes three focus areas for 4-H
  ica, they are providing grants of free seed for local planting        - Citizenship, Leadership and Life Skills. With a commitment to
  projects to inspire people this year to plant a garden in honor       the 4-H definition for citizenship - “acting with informed con-
  of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Jamestown             cern for self and others” - the Citizenship Service-Learning
  Settlement “the seed of America.” As the American Indians             Advisory Council offers a challenge to every club in California
  shared their plants with the Jamestown Settlers, so we now            to develop and carry out a service-learning project as part of
  advocate plants as a means to create a beautiful America.             their year plan. For more information visit:
  For more information, please contact the 4-H office.        

 State 4-H International Program
 The California State 4-H Interna-    teens from Sunday, July 22 to            4-H Record Book Discussion List
 tional Program announces two         Saturday, August 18. For more                   Great Resource!
 exchange opportunities for 4-H       information visit
 members and leaders during the             Join the new 4-H Record Book discussion list! The
 summer of 2007 – the month-          anese/index.asp. Or are you              California 4-H Record Book Support Group pro-
 long Japanese Exchange Hosting       interested in traveling to Aus-          vides a place for 4-H volunteers, staff and mem-
 Program and the month-long           tralia from June 20 to July 19           bers to discuss the 4-H Record Book, as well ask
 Outbound Ambassador to Aus-          on an agricultural exchange?             questions and receive feedback from others
 tralia Program. Is your family       For more information visit               around the state and from the Incentives and Rec-
 interested in hosting a student            ognition Advisory Committee. For more informa-
 and sharing your life and culture    ralia/index.asp.                         tion or to join the list, please visit:
 with a Japanese teen age 12 to                                      
 17? California is currently look-    Deadline is January 3.
 ing for families to host Japanese

Leader Recognition Program                                            Sac. County 4-H Horse Symposium
Now in its 27th year, the National 4-H Wildlife and Fisheries         Range View 4-H is once again hosting this spectacular event on
Volunteer Leader Recognition Program, co-sponsored by the Fish        February 3- 4, at the Rancho Murieta Equine Complex (Northern
and Wildlife Service (FWS) and the National 4-H Headquarters,         California’s premier equestrian facility). You are cordially in-
annually honors and recognizes 4-H Volunteer Leaders who assist       vited to attend this event and share in the knowledge. The Horse
4-H members in learning about wildlife and fisheries conservation     Symposium is a great educational event for 4-H members, lead-
and management. The selected volunteer leaders receive na-            ers, and parents alike. The Symposium feature some of the most
tional recognition, including an all expense paid trip to the North   renowned clinicians in the horse industry. Additionally, this is a
American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference to be              great opportunity for 4-H Horse Projects throughout California
held March 20-24 in Portland, Oregon. At a formal banquet             and beyond to meet, network, and share stories and ideas while
and reception, attended by the nation's natural resources lead-       learning from some of the best in the horse business. For more
ers, winners will be recognized with plaques and awards. To           information please visit and click on the
nominate a volunteer leader, the nomination form must be com-         2007 Horse Symposium link. For a list of clinics contact the
pleted by the volunteer leader and signed off by the appropriate      Shasta County 4-H office. State 4-H Equine Field Day is March
County Extension Staff and the State 4-H Program Leader. Only         17, at USC, Fresno.
one nomination per state is permitted. The application is avail-
able at                2007 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest
20064-HWildlifeFisheriesVolunteerNom.doc. Nominations must
be received on or before January 8.                                   Topic: Pollinator Conservation This contest is conducted by the
                                                                      Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc., and pro-
                                                                      vides monetary rewards for 4-H’ers. Essays are due February
                                                                      16. For more information visit
                                                                      or contact the 4-H office.

  Page 8
 California Focus                     Session Proposals Needed for                               Winning County/State
 Program                              State Leadership Conference                                Fair Photos Needed
 The dates for the 2007 Califor-      The 4-H State Ambassador team is recruiting edu-           National 4-H Council needs winning
 nia Focus Program are June 22-       cational session proposals for the 2007 4-H State          photos from state and county fairs
 26. All registrations occur online   Leadership Conference being held August 2-5, at            2002-2007 to create the 2009 4-H
 through the county 4-H office.       UC Davis. This year's theme "4-H Wants YOUth:              Calendar. The winning photos will
 Registration is open until           Laughing, Learning, Living and Loving" conveys             be on display at the National 4-H
 January 29. For more informa-        the multi-faceted aspect of 4-H programming. For           Conference Center and also posted
 tion, contact Pat English at         more information visit                                     on the National Council web site. or 530- Workshop pro-             Photos not selected will be returned
 754-8520.                            posals are due March 2 to the State 4-H office.            by Aug. 2007. Winning photos no
                                                                                                 sooner than December 10, 2007.
                                                                                                 The deadline for submission is
 Primary Rabbit Project Members Wanted                                                           March 1. For more information and
                                                                                                 the criteria, please contact the 4-H
 Modoc County is planning its First Annual Cal-Ore Primary Show in May 2007. Shasta
 County Primary members and leaders enrolled in the rabbit project are invited to
 attend. For more details, please contact Paula Henckel at 233-6403 or 233-2301.

State Fashion Review                                               Applications Available for State
The Revue will be held May 26 at UC Davis as part of
State Field Day. It is open to one county winner, determined       2007-2008 4-H State Ambassador applications are now avail-
by each county, in each age division in each category (total       able online. 4-H State Ambassadors are selected to represent
of 18 possible per county). Age divisions (as of 1/1/07)           the California 4-H Youth Development Program, plan the State
are Junior (9-11), Intermediate (12-13), and Senior (14            Leadership Conference, and complete a service project. More
and up). Entry categories are Traditional, Recycled, Pur-          information is available at
chased, Embellished, Needle Arts and (new for 2007)                ship/ambassador/. Applications are due March 31.
Handbag Challenge. In all categories, the outfit is modeled
by the member during judging and the fashion show. There
will also be educational workshops and activities. Each            Applications Available for National
county sending entry’s must provide judges. Information            4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador
from 2006 and a brief handout for 2007 are available at Com-               The 2007 National 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador appli-
plete information will be available in January. Contact Sue        cation form is now posted on the National website at
Moore with questions or to volunteer at                   Look under "About" ..."Teen                                               Ambassadors". Applications are due February 1.


Intern with Cal Focus                                              Intern at National 4-H Conf. Center
The state 4-H program is         out this 5-day conference in      The National 4-H Center in            blies, and arranging logistics. In
seeking young adults who         June. A newsletter notice is      Chevy Chase, Maryland offers          addition, PA’s are trained and
are interested in an intern      available at                      internship opportunities for col-     licensed as certified Washington
opportunity with the Califor-        lege-age adults. The Program          D.C. Tour Guides.
nia 4-H Youth Development        urce/updates/attach/2006D         Assistant position provides some
Program. Each summer the         istrictLeaderNewsletterarticle.   professional development, lead-       Applications are due January
California Focus Program         doc.                              ership, and community experi-         27 and can be downloaded at
recruits and trains young        A job description and the         ence, as well as developing ef-
adults for leadership roles at   application are available on-     fective team skills. The P.A.’s key   assistant.aspx.
California Focus. Leaders,       line at                           role is the implementation of the
with at least one year of col-     programs at the National 4-H
lege or one year of work         ocus/index.asp.                   Conference Center - greeting
experience, join the leader-                                       and orienting visiting groups,
ship team to plan and carry-     Deadline is January 15.           leading workshops and assem-

                                                                                                                                    Page 9
                                             JANUARY 2007

      Sunday        Monday              Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday           Friday             Saturday

               1                   2                 3                 4                  5                  6
               New Years Day

                   Office Closed
7              8                   9                 10                11                 12                 13
                                    Valley Clubs
                                   Mid Year Review
                                      5:30 p.m.

14             15                  16                17                18                 19                 20
                                                     Valley Council        BBQ Meeting                           IM Livestock
                                                       Meeting                                                   Judging Day
                                                       7-9 p.m.                                                   8:30 a.m.

21             22                  23                24                25                 26                 27
                Valley Sheep                         IM New Leader
               Leaders Meeting                         Orientation
                                                       5:30 p.m.
                                                     IM Council Mtg.
                                                         7 p.m.

28             29                  30                31                This is your copy of Tips ‘n Topics issued by the
                                                                       University of California Cooperative Extension of
                                                                       Shasta County.
                                                                       Pat Weliver, 4-H Program Representative

                                                  December Dates 2006
                                   Wed., December 20 - Valley Council Meeting 7-9 p.m.
                                   Mon., December 25 - Office Closed - Merry Christmas
                                           Tues., December 26 - Office Closed

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